OANN’s Neil McCabe Joins the Tennessee Star Report to Discuss the ‘Squad’ and Problems for Pelosi


On Tuesday’s Tennessee Star Report with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am – Gill and Leahy talked to One America News Network’s Neil McCabe about the “squad” and recent claims that Trump is a racist. The three also discussed the Democratic Party’s denial in accepting that Russian collusion didn’t exist, and their continued calls for an unwarranted impeachment.

Towards the end of the segment, McCabe described how major Jewish donors of the Democratic Party are becoming upset with Speaker Pelosi and urging her to control AOC. He also noted that there has become a rival split within the Democratic caucus.

Leahy: Our guest now, Neil McCabe, One America News Network with us every Tuesday morning at this time. Welcome, Neil.

McCabe: Good morning men. Good to be with you.

Leahy: So tell us the real story of how people in Washington, Washington insiders, how do they look at Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ilhan Omar and her left-wing squad.

McCabe: Well I think the President was doing master trolling. Obviously some of the cable networks, not One America News, but some of the others were sort of hyping this in the completely wrong direction. But what’s really going on inside the caucus is that this “squad” of four congresswomen is creating tremendous problems for Speaker Nancy Pelosi in three areas.

The first area, probably the most obvious, is impeachment because there’s no reason to impeach President Trump. And the polls are all against impeachment but everyday people are coming into Pelosi’s office telling her we must impeach the President today. And she’s trying to fight this off but it’s becoming increasingly more difficult. And we saw that at the press conference yesterday where they’re demanding impeachment. And of course the donor base, the donor class they want impeachment and so it’s creating tremendous problems.

Leahy: So let me just go on that impeachment thing. So apparently, according to their definition of high crime and misdemeanor, an unkind Tweet fits that category?

McCabe: Exactly. And of course this tremendous resentment towards Adam Schiff and other members of the Intel committee who basically promised the rest of the caucus that there was actual evidence of collusion with the Russians and then there was the obstruction of justice. And the obstruction of justice in a lot of ways is more absurd than the Russian collusion because you have examples of say, Robert Mueller and his wife bought a membership at a Trump golf course.

After six months they wrote a letter to Trump saying, “Hey we’re not using this, can we get a refund?” Trump said, “No refund.” And there was a fight back and forth with letters and lawyers got involved. In the end, Trump didn’t give Mueller his refund. So when Mueller was named special prosecutor, Trump says, “Wait a minute. I had this very bitter and acrimonious exchange with Mueller, and now he’s got fifty FBI agents. This can’t be right.” Mueller said that Trump’s complaining about this or bringing it up was obstruction of justice.

Leahy: This is the first I’ve heard of this. Steve, have you heard of this?

Gill: I had not heard about that. Just the appearance of impropriety which is the term you would regularly use in terms of legal investigations and legal disputes. An attorney has an obligation to avoid the appearance of impropriety. And if that doesn’t look like impropriety I don’t know what would.

Leahy: Why has that not been reported out there?

McCabe: Well it was in the Mueller report! If you read the Mueller report and you see the different cases that they cited of obstruction of justice. There are other things but let’s stick to the matter at hand. The second problem Nancy Pelosi has is antisemitism because particularly Congresswoman Omar what she has said, what she has tweeted, these videos that pop up, it’s crossed the line.

Gill: And yet the Democrats wouldn’t condemn her. They watered down their condemnation and just generally condemned hate. They didn’t even specify her hateful language that again if you’re going to try to impeach Trump for this Tweet, she should be removed from Congress for what she specifically said.

McCabe: And donors, there’s one conversation that Pelosi had within the last two weeks with a very heavy Jewish donor and Pelosi made two points to this contributor. One, “She’s just a kid and she doesn’t know what she’s talking about. She doesn’t understand the words that she’s saying. She’s just inexperienced.”

And the donor said, “She’s a 40-year-old woman and a member of Congress.” The second thing Pelosi said was, “There’s a difference between criticizing Israel and criticizing Jews or being anti-Semitic.” And this donor came back at Pelosi and said, “This is different because Omar criticizes American Jews and that has nothing to do with Israel and it’s anti-Semitic.”

This is going completely the wrong way for Pelosi. It wasn’t happening six months ago but those calls are now coming in and that’s creating problems for Pelosi.

Gill: You know, part of the other problem with what happened yesterday Neil is they were claiming that Trump colluded with Russia. That’s been disproved. They’re standing up there and just flat out lying.

McCabe: Right, and the American people have moved on I mean obviously…

Leahy: Yeah.

McCabe: If we were in peak Mueller, say June, July of 2017 when Pence was hiring his own lawyer … and everybody was sort of prepping for the big Watergate moment. Now it’s 2019 and everybody recognizes it as a hoax. And so you have the problem of racism because you have, just as there are people every day coming to Pelosi saying, “We must impeach the President today.”

The other people coming into Pelosi’s office every day are the moderate Democratic congresspeople who are saying, “Stop her (this is AOC), stop her from calling us racists. And we hate it. We’re not racists. Biden’s not racist. None of us our racists. And we have to deal with this every day.” And Pelosi can’t stop AOC.

One of the reasons why she can’t stop AOC is because AOC does not go to the Democratic caucus meetings. She has her progressive caucus meetings that she and the Justice Democrats have set up as a sort of a rival court going on on Capitol Hill. And so the split between the Democratic caucus is real and it’s becoming functional because the progressives don’t even go to Nancy Pelosi’s meetings anymore.

Gill: Neil, let me ask you about this whole racist thing. One of those that are in the “squad” that stood up there yesterday so outraged is Ayanna Pressley from Massachusetts, the African American woman that’s part of this “squad.”

McCabe: Right.

Gill: That’s calling Trump a racist and calling everybody else a racist. Just earlier this week, in fact, Breitbart had a great story about it, she intoned at the NetRoots Conference that “black faces need to speak as black voices. That brown faces need to speak as brown voices.”

The most racist kind of commentary you could make that you’ve got to tow the line. You can’t think for yourself. You got to say what we want you to say. You better talk black if you look black and if you don’t you’re not really black. If somebody stood up and said, “Look you better vote white if you’re white. You better talk white if you’re white. You better act white if you’re white.”

There’s no question it would be condemned as racism. She may be the biggest racist we’ve seen on the national stage in a long time and the media’s not even talking about it. And frankly, the Trump administration isn’t even pointing it out.

McCabe: Well you know, in Boston, the Irish politicians say “Vote Gaelic, not garlic.”

(Gill and Leahy laugh)

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