New Private School in Nashville to Stress Critical Thinking and Character Education



NASHVILLE — A new private school set to open in the Nashville area one year from now will stress, among other things, character education and innovative thinking.

That school, Thales Academy, will cost less than other private schools in the Nashville area, said Director of Operations and Academics Timothy Hall.

School officials will open at a temporary incubator location in July 2020 in the area, Hall said.

About 50 parents came out to hear Hall and other school officials discuss their plans at an information session at Nashville’s West End Community Church Friday.

“This is a private school that will cost about $6,000 a year. In the Nashville market other private schools probably cost about $12,000 – $22,000,” Hall told The Tennessee Star.

“For the beginning, it’ll be K-5, maybe K-8, depending on the enrollment and how that matches out. If we have the right enrollment then we’ll create a high school and junior high school as well.”

School officials are looking concurrently for both an incubator location and a location for the permanent building afterwards, Hall said.

According to slides Hall and others showed parents, Thales Academy teaches critical thinking and leadership skills, and it also teaches students how to develop themselves to their highest potential in life.

A classical curriculum, meanwhile, stresses grammar, logic, and rhetoric.

Parents approached Thales Academy founder Bob Luddy in 2006 and asked for his help developing a better educational option for their children, the slides went on to say.

Luddy, of Raleigh, North Carolina, is CEO of CaptiveAire, a commercial ventilation manufacturer.

The first Thales Academy opened in 2007 in the back of Luddy’s corporate office, and more schools opened after that in North Carolina.

Students who attend the academy have gone on to numerous prestigious and reputable colleges and universities, according to the slides.

Anyone interested in learning more about the school should follow Thales Academy’s Facebook page or visit

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2 Thoughts to “New Private School in Nashville to Stress Critical Thinking and Character Education”

  1. 83ragtop50

    What is the per student cost in the failing Nashville public schools?

    1. Kevin

      The cost of the failing Nashville public schools will be the failure of Metro/Davidson County, and with it, middle and perhaps all of Tennessee! What happens when there is a slight downturn or flattening out of the economy, and tourist dollars dry up? Nashville can’t pay it’s bills during the most economically prosperous time in State history.

      Who bails out Metro when they default on their debts? All of the rest of us Tennesseans!

      This is why the current mayoral race is SO important! Briley and Cooper are part of Metro leadership that has gotten themselves into such trouble!