The Tennessee Star Report Talks to ‘Point of View’s’ Chris Berg About the Tangled Web of Ilhan Omar’s Background


During a specific interview discussion Monday morning on The Tennessee Star Report with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am – Leahy talked to good friend and host of Fargo, North Dakota’s Point of View about Ilhan Omar’s alleged illegal immigration into the United States and her questionable political affiliations associated with her background.

Towards the end of the segment, the three men dissected whether or not there was enough speculation to pursue a DOJ or US Attorney General investigation into Omar’s past. They also noted that this issue could potentially be investigated at the federal level.

Leahy: Our good friend Chris Berg who is the host of Point of View at the top television affiliate in Fargo, North Dakota caught that clip and sent it to us. And Chris, welcome to the Tennessee Star Report. Our story on that has over six thousand Facebook shares.

Berg: (Chuckles) Thanks for having me Mike. Great to have you and happy Monday.

Leahy: So tell us about Ilhan Omar. Ilhan was from Somalia. Came to the United States when she was twelve. Lived in Virginia for a couple of years. Moved to Minnesota. Married somebody. Didn’t marry them. Married somebody else. Moved to North Dakota. Went to school there. Tell us about the real story of what country Ilhan Omar is loyal to.

Berg: I mean we’re going down a big rabbit hole here. (Leahy laughs) A couple of things that I was trying to set things up for my show and I was really looking for the soundbite where she said, “I’m going to be a nightmare for President Trump.” And as I was looking for that, I caught the piece where she is talking to that audience, which by the way, you’ve been around politics a long time. You think that was an AstroTurf event there? You really…

Leahy: No. It was organized by one of the left wing groups that backed her. That’s been proven. (Berg chuckles)

Berg: But the context is we know why that group was organized because she was “coming back home.” There was Trumps Tweets from Sunday. And you had the chants from North Carolina earlier in the week. And so for her to come back underneath those bright lights and that context and still have that Freudian slip of, “Hey, when Trump put out the Muslim ban we knew how it was going to impact, my, I mean, the country I came from.” I just thought it was a pretty interesting Freudian slip considering the context she was speaking into.

Leahy: But Chris, she still has strong ties to Somalia doesn’t she? Is it true that like her brother in law is the Secretary of the Prime Ministry of Somalia?

Berg: Yeah. What’s fascinating is that she was actually arrested in two thousand thirteen for protesting the President of Somalia.

Leahy: Was here in the US in Minneapolis.

Berg: Correct. So, yeah, she was here in Minneapolis she was there apparently protesting him. Wasn’t willing to leave. She got arrested and then a few years later he ended up inviting her over to speak in Somalia. Her brother in law is now the Secretary to the Prime Minister of Somalia.

I always bring that up because could you imagine, we see how the media covers President Trump and the fact that Michael Flynn years ago sat next to Vladimir Putin. Could you imagine if President Trump’s brother in law was like the Secretary to the Prime Minister of some country. Yeah, Somalia’s not an ally right? There’s a lot of terrorism going on there so I just think it’s interesting.

Leahy: Is she conducting her own foreign policy? Did you tell me, is this true, that she conducted a meeting with the Islamist head of Turkey, Erdogan? Did she do that too? Meet with him?

Berg: Yeah this is where people ought to do some homework on her. So here’s what’s shocking is that she’s on the foreign relations committee but before she became a US congresswoman, even back in two thousand seventeen, she’s a Minnesota state representative. A Minnesota state representative and the foreign minister of Turkey called her in two thousand sixteen to congratulate her on her victory.

And then somehow she has a picture, must have been for some event in Turkey. Maybe it was at the UN. She’s got a picture of her sitting there with the President of Turkey, Erdogan. Again you’ve been around politics a long time Mike. Have you ever heard of a state representative sitting down one on one with the President of another nation let alone an Islamist leader.

Leahy: Yeah, I haven’t.

Berg: Me either.

Leahy: But didn’t she also, Steve Gill and I have been talking about this a  lot. How does Nancy Pelosi put her on the House foreign affairs committee? Isn’t that a national security risk?

Gill: I think it is a national security risk. And Chris, part of it is because we don’t really know her background. We now are seeing stories that apparently her family committed immigration fraud to get into the country by claiming they were related to another family with which whom they had no relations. We don’t even know if her name is Omar? Is it Elsey? Is it Elmie? Is it Hersey? We don’t even know who this woman is.

Berg: Well I think the saddest thing Steve is, you know, I’m sure you guys have seen the clip where she’s in DC and allegations that she married her brother. I don’t know about you guys, (Chuckles) but if someone walked up to me and was like, “Hey Berg, did you marry your sister?” (Leahy laughs) It’s a pretty easy no right? (Leahy laughs) And so for like a few minutes this reporter walks on going, “Hey, did you marry your brother? Why won’t you answer the question?” And she won’t say anything to him. I just…

Gill: Well and the court documents make it crystal clear that at the very least, whether he’s her brother or not, although there’s pretty strong evidence that she did marry her brother. Cue the Deliverance music by the way as we get out of here Jimmy. (Leahy laughs)

We know without a doubt based on the court records that she was married to two guys at the same time. Was filing tax returns with one guy while she was married to another guy. There was more than enough for a attorney general investigation in Minnesota or one at the national level.

Berg: Completely agree. And that’s what I said the other day on my show. I said, “Look, with all this smoke, I don’t know if it’s going to mean that there’s fire or not. But let’s at least investigate this so that we can put this to rest.” I mean there’s so much speculation right now.

There’s so much division in this country that let’s get the facts. Lets lay them out. And if she’s here legally and if she is who she says she is and all those things, great. It is what it is. But if she’s not, then you know what? Let’s have a referral and prosecute.

Gill: But if she is here legally and she hasn’t committed immigration fraud. Perjury. Bigamy. If she hasn’t done all of this, at the very least, she is an anti-Semitic, intolerant person who doesn’t see that 9/11 was any big deal. It was just some people who did something. And she has this attitude towards Jews that’s completely intolerant. And yet you heard the clip as we came in as she was preaching tolerance and acceptance. Well unless of course you’re a Jew.

Berg: That’s a fair assessment. I mean you can’t deny some of things that she said that are anti-Semitic. And the fact that there’s such weak kneed politicians in the House right now that won’t, I mean, the resolution they put together about anti-Antisemitism and they wouldn’t even put her in that resolution by name. Yet they want to call out President Trump for some Tweets.

I just think it’s a sad day. And there’s a great piece out there Steve, where a guy said, “You know, part of what’s wrong with the situation is the media was so complicit the last three years without really covering any of these stories.”

Leahy: Yeah, they haven’t. And certainly you’ve tried to remedy that problem and as a few folks from PJ Media and Powerline Blog and Alpha News and the Minnesota Sun. Our own Minnesota Sun tried have covered that. Is it also true that after she was elected to the House of representatives in November two thousand eighteen, did she go to Somalia and give a speech there?

Berg: I think it was in two thousand seventeen.

Leahy: Two thousand seventeen. Before she was elected.

Berg: It was in that time frame. Yeah, but exactly. So her brother and so she goes over. Is invited again by this President of Somalia that she was protesting in two thousand thirteen which is sort of strange. But then ends up going over to Somalia. Gives a speech.

I think it was soon before or thereafter that her brother in law becomes the Secretary to the Prime Minister. There’s a tangled web there. Where it leads that’s the thing. We don’t know. So somebody needs to look underneath the hood here and find out what’s going on.

Leahy: How do people in Fargo, North Dakota feel about Ilhan Omar being a graduate of North Dakota State University. Living apparently according to the…

Gill: They have a great hockey team.

Leahy: Living according to David Steinberg’s report, in the same house with her real husband legally and her cultural husband and her kids all in the same place at the same time. How do people in Fargo feel about all that?

Gill: And Greg do they call their mama’s husband uncle or daddy? Again, it has to be very confusing for the children.

Berg: I mean that whole story again is, she even admitted saying hey her husband now did go back to North Dakota to stay with her but clearly there was another man living in the house that she was married to at the time legally. And by the way…

Leahy: Happy family.

Berg: One question that no one’s asked us and maybe you guys know this. I wish someone would actually ask her this question is, “What does it even mean to get married in your faith/tradition?”

Leahy: Apparently her faith tradition was Christian. (Gasps) The second time she got married it was a Christian pastor who married who married her to her alleged brother-husband. Crazy.

Berg: This is what I mean. It’s such a tangled web. I just hope that somebody’s going to actually look into it from a legal perspective from the DOJ or a US attorney or somebody and say, “Ok, there’s no there there. Or hey guys, there’s some there there.e And let’s investigate.”

Gill: Although there’s no indication that she grew up in Kentucky or rural Georgia. Did she have sex with her brother husband? (Leahy laughs) There’s a lot of questions this woman doesn’t want to answer.

Leahy: Yeah, that would be on the top of them. Chris Berg, host of Point of View in Fargo, North Dakota. Thanks so much for joining us. Keep us posted.

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