Steve Cohen of Memphis ‘Failed Miserably’ Trying to Force Audience Applause for Robert Mueller


Tennessee Democratic Congressman Steve Cohen of Memphis evidently embarrassed himself Wednesday as former special counsel Robert Mueller wrapped up his testimony before the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees.

And this time the awkwardness had nothing with a bucket of chicken.

According to a video on, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerold Nadler, a Democrat representing New York’s 10th Congressional District, brought Wednesday’s hearing to a close, but before he did he requested the following:

“Before we conclude I ask everyone to remain seated and quiet while the witness exits the room,” Nadler said.

At that point, Mueller got up to leave.

A person out of the camera’s line of sight applauded, regardless, for a few seconds. Then that person stopped after realizing no one else had followed his or her lead.

According to journalists and one Capitol Hill employee who posted on Twitter, that person was none other than Cohen.

• ABC Capitol Hill reporter Ben Siegel said on Twitter that Cohen started “clapping for Mueller as he walks out of the room at the end of the hearing, but quickly stops after nobody else joins in.”

• A Twitter user going by the name Falkalicious Jess, who said she works on the Senate Democratic Policy Committee, wrote “LMAO Steve Cohen tried to start a slowclap and failed miserably.”

• Playboy Washington correspondent Alex Thomas wrote on his Twitter page that “as Bob Mueller leaves the room, Rep. Steve Cohen starts clapping then shouts ‘thank you’ to him.”

• Daily Beast reporter Sam Brodey wrote on Twitter that “there was a slow clap started as Mueller left. Started by — who else — Rep. Steve Cohen.”

• Yahoo News national correspondent Alexander Nazaryan wrote “The first half of his testimony is over. As Mueller leaves, there is clapping from Rep. Steve Cohen.”

According to The Memphis Commercial Appeal’s account of Wednesday’s hearing “Cohen used Mafia imagery” while questioning Mueller about U.S. Republican President Donald Trump.

This, as it pertained to Trump’s reported unhappiness over former Attorney General Jeff Sessions recusing himself from investigating Russian tampering in the 2016 election.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “Steve Cohen” by Steve Cohen.





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24 Thoughts to “Steve Cohen of Memphis ‘Failed Miserably’ Trying to Force Audience Applause for Robert Mueller”

  1. […] As reported in July, Cohen embarrassed himself as former special counsel Robert Mueller wrapped up his testimony before the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees. […]

    1. Chris Daniels

      Because he is a idiot

  2. Jim Forsythe

    Why would anyone applaud Robert Mueller? He is pure trash.

  3. Jose Reva

    If we all pull together and go to his district and spread the truth about him, he will NOT get re-elected.

  4. […] The Tennessee Star reported last month, Cohen embarrassed himself as former special counsel Robert Mueller wrapped up his testimony before […]

  5. Eric

    Tell us what is “democratic” about Steve Cohen.

  6. […] The Tennessee Star reported last week, Cohen evidently embarrassed himself last week as former special counsel Robert Mueller wrapped up […]

  7. Travis Cogburn

    Ashamed Cohen is from Tennessee. Poo

    1. Charles

      It is embarrassing to Tennesseans that he had enough support to get elected!!!

  8. Minnie Hallman

    Perhaps it meant that Liberal moron Steve Cohen has the clap.

  9. Pandora

    Here is a guy who will do anything to get attention. Next thing we will see him as the newest member of the “Squad.” He is a fool’s fool.

    1. Charles

      Cohen is a total embarrisment to the people of Tennessee!

  10. Ralph

    Too little too late. The process has already begun to disenfranchise Memphis from the state of Tennessee. Cohen is peanuts, nothing, a useful idiot serving to further beclown the Communists.

  11. L. P. Barnett

    Dem having some partial sanity….. That animal either does not exist or is elusive as Sasquatch. The previous post by our resident Democrat proves this fact once again. Climate change indeed!!

  12. Colonel Sanders


  13. Fireguy

    Could we see if the next session of the Tennessee legislature would name Cohen as the official “Tennessee State Doofus”?

  14. paulJ

    Of course, the focus has been on irrelevant freshmen Omar and Talib, but now I’m wondering why Rosenstein appointed an obviously senile Mueller as special counsel and what role Andrew Weissmann played in all of this. Then you have committee chairmen Nadler and Schiff and members like Cohen.
    I see Rosenstein, Weissmann, Nadler, Schiff and Cohen leading the charge on this Russian hoax and think maybe they are the ones who should “go back” where they came from? Or at least to where their loyalties are?

  15. Silence Dogood

    Cohen’s Congressional district should be ashamed to send such a clown to Congress.

    1. Chris Daniels

      I. Agree

  16. William R. Delzell

    On most issues, I agree with the Democrats against Trump, but on a few things like Mueller, the alleged Russian political interference, etc., I would have to side with the Republicans, not because I share the G.O.P. agenda–no way!–but because the Democrats have far more important issues like climate disaster, affordable health care, and so forth to deal with. Many Democrats like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi forget that the people who voted for them issued a mandate to deal with these pressing domestic problems instead of squandering their mandate on Mueller, Russia, etc.

    I would advise the Democrats to drop their investigation of Mueller and deal with pressing domestic concerns, or they could find themselves losing seats to Republicans. The Truman Administration would learn this the hard way by 1950 when they welched on their 1948 promises to promote the Fair Deal and Civil Rights instead of getting us into pointless overseas adventures like Korea (and later Indo-China/Vietnam). It was Truman’s failure to live up to his promises to support the Fair Deal/Civil Rights and to defuse Cold War tensions that eventually did him and the Democratic Party in by the 1950 mid-term elections (and by 1952 with Eisenhower’s landslide victory based on Eisenhower’s strategy of running as the peace candidate promising to seek an exit strategy from the quagmire on the Korean Peninsula.

    1. Minnie Hallman


    2. Eric

      In other words, you are convinced Trump is guilty.

  17. Rick

    Cohen actions are a constant embarrassment.

    1. Joshua Read

      “Cohen actions are a constant embarrassment.”

      Particularly, when you see the condition of the District that he represents. It’s a disaster zone

      It might even be worth it to the state’s GOP, to help primary Cokespoon with a Dem having some partial sanity