The Tennessee Star Report Takes Calls From Bernadette and Valerie Who Love MyPillow


On Friday’s Tennessee Star Report with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am – with Gill out of studio, Leahy and Jimmy Tidwell discussed MyPillow founder Mike Lindell’s political aspirations in Minnesota.

Later in the segment, Leahy took calls from listeners Bernadette and Valerie, who gave positive testimony of the MyPillow product.

Leahy: Wow. Big news going on today. July typically has been a very slow news month. It typically has been that. But we have seen just nonstop news here at the state and national level. The incredible pace of news. Nationally, (Chuckles) I can’t wait to see what happens here. So you know the MyPillow guy Jimmy?

Tidwell: Yeah.

Leahy: Mike Lindell. His commercials are ubiquitous right? Have you ever ordered one of his pillows by the way?

Tidwell: I have not. I haven’t even priced them. But I understand they’re pretty expensive.

Leahy: Yep, yep, yep. But they have good reviews for the most part from what I can tell. By the way, if you ever ordered a MyPillow and want to tell us if it’s good, bad, or indifferent, give us a call at 615-737-9522. We’ve actually interviewed Mike Lindell about politics.

And he’s a very conservative, Trump-supporting kind of guy. He started his business in Chaska, Minnesota from scratch a little over a dozen years ago. And been very very successful. He’s a conservative guy but he has an interesting history. He’s a crack addict. He’s a recovered crack addict.

Tidwell: Really.

Leahy: Did you know that?

Tidwell: I did not know that.

Leahy: See this is why you listen to this program, Jimmy.

Tidwell: Wow.

Leahy: Yeah, he’s a recovering crack addict. And he had kind of a messy personal life and then he became a Christian. And he employees a couple of thousand people there at this big factory in Chaska, Minnesota. It’s about twenty miles due west of Minneapolis downtown. So, it’s in the metropolitan Minneapolis/St. Paul area. And he employs a lot of recovering addicts.

Tidwell: Good for him.

Leahy: Yeah, yeah. So, he’s been very outspoken in his support or President Trump. So, he’s been talking, hinting around the edges that he wants to help turn Minnesota red in 2020. And of course, Minnesota was a state that was lost by President Trump by only 44,000 votes in 2020. And that, of course, could turn out to be very critical this election because President Trump won largely because he took over some of these sorts of Midwest rust belt states.

He won in Michigan and Wisconsin and Pennsylvania by a very narrow margin but it helped him really significantly with the electoral college victory. Now, Lindell wants to turn Minnesota red. And Bernadette, our good friend Bernadette’s on the line and wants to talk a little bit about My Pillow. Bernadette, do you have a MyPillow?

Bernadette: Good morning. Yes, I do. I have three MyPillows.

Leahy: OK. So, are they good, bad, or indifferent?

Bernadette: Oh, my god. Thank Mr. Lindell. I really bless that man. That pillow is the best product I’ve ever had in my life. I have suffered with migraine headaches and tensions in my neck and lack of sleep for years. So I broke down and spent the money on the cheap pillows. But one of my clients, because I take care of disabled people, went ahead and bought the pillow. And so she suggested that I buy.

So I broke down and spent fifty dollars on that pillow. Oh my god, it was worth it. It was worth it. I have not woke up with a migraine headache, a kink in my neck, the tension in my neck. I sleep a whole lot better. I’ve been needing it working early voting. Oh, my goodness that pillow has been coming in here because people have been driving me nuts. Yes, it does work. It really really does work. For me. I can speak for me and my fiance. It works. So I love that pillow.

Leahy: How long have you owned your MyPillow?

Bernadette: Couple of years now.

Leahy: Couple of years now. A couple of years now. OK good. And what’s different about it. How is it different?

Bernadette: It’s the way it contours and fits your neck and head. And it stays in that position all night. So you don’t have to worry about the kinks and the tension in your neck. Now once you have those horrible pillows and you get a My Pillow, it’s going to take you a minute to work out all the kinks in your neck that you put in there over the years with the horrible pillows. But once you work all the kinks out, you will never have that problem again. I know I haven’t. Wash it, and dry it and fluff it out every few days or so through the dryer. It works perfectly.

In the following segment, Leahy took a call from another satisfied customer named Valerie who was impressed by the differences she’s felt by using My Pillow.

Leahy: Valerie is on the line. And Valerie owns a My Pillow and is going to tell us whether it’s good, bad, or indifferent. Valerie welcome to the Tennessee Star Report. Tell us about your My Pillow.

Valerie: Thank you. Good morning.

Leahy: Good morning.

Valerie: I bought this for my husband in May. He was having problems sleeping. Last year I went on a women’s retreat and one of the women that carpooled with me was upset because she forgot her My Pillow. And I was kind of surprised because I didn’t know anyone that had one. And she said she can’t sleep without it. So I ended up buying one for my husband and I got one free. And I can’t sleep on a pillow because I have neck issues. But I tried it out and after a week I was able to sleep on that pillow. And my husband sleeps through the night now with that pillow.

Leahy: So you have had a very good experience with My Pillow?

Valerie: Yes. I have. I went from no pillow to My Pillow.

Leahy: So, Valerie what’s different about a My Pillow?

Valerie: I guess for me it’s just the way it forms to my neck. Because old pillows that I would sleep on, my neck was elevated so high that I would wake up and have a kink it in. This one just feels like it just molds around my head. It’s very soft. It’s definitely different. I definitely recommend it. And now when we travel, when I ordered I got one free and two travel pillows. So when we go on vacation now we have to take those pillows.

Leahy: So what’s the difference between a travel pillow and a regular pillow?

Valerie: Well the travel pillow is just smaller. It’s like a child’s size. And so it’s nice if you’re driving in the car or on an airplane you can just put it behind your neck.

Leahy: My Pillow cost what? Fifty bucks? Is that how much it costs?

Valerie: Yeah but there’s always sales and codes you can use. I mean that’s what I did. You can just go online and there’s always a sale and code. I think I got four pillows for seventy bucks. So that’s not bad.

Leahy: OK. They do have a very aggressive marketing program from what I can tell.  Everywhere you look, there he is selling My Pillows. Mike Lindell.

Valerie: I think it’s great too. Because he is a conservative. And I think if I’m going to support a company and appreciate what he’s done and how he’s turned his life around. I think it’s worth. Like the caller previously said. I think we’ve all spent wasted money on cheap pillows. Might as well spend the money on a good one.

Leahy: Now, just from a political point of view Valerie. You listen to this program so, I’m guessing you’re not a far-left liberal.

Valerie: No I’m not.

Leahy: Yeah. That’s a pretty good bet. (Leahy laughs)

Valerie: When you look at this and we’re going to know in about two or three minutes whether or not Mike Lindell is going to challenge Ilhan Omar in a congressional race in 2020. When you look at it, how would you react to Mike Lindell running for apolitical office in Minnesota? Does that interest you or not?

Valerie: I think it would be great. Especially the way the political climate is today despite what the polls say. I think people would rather see someone who supports this country and loves this country running and being in office than someone who doesn’t.

Leahy: Great.

Valerie: And I do agree with my President. That just with anything, if you don’t like where you are you should leave. That goes for the country. That goes for a job or a restaurant. If you don’t like it, leave.

Listen to the full show here.

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