Questions CNN Should Ask Dems But Probably Won’t, Courtesy of GOP


CNN is set to host the second round of Democratic debates, which kicks of Tuesday night and will continue Wednesday night in Detroit, Michigan.

Ahead of the two-night event, the GOP released a set of questions it believes the CNN moderators should ask, but “probably won’t.”

The questions are:

  1. After decades of total Democrat control in urban centers like Baltimore and Detroit, what responsibility do Democrats have for the lack of progress, rampant corruption, sky-high crime and poverty rates?
  2. Whose support do you want the most, and who do you pledge to fight harder for: illegal immigrants or American citizens?
  3. Do you support allowing taxpayer-funded late term abortions for illegal immigrants?
  4. You’re in Rashida Tlaib’s home district for the debate, last Sunday she said Israel exists to the “detriment” of Palestinians. Do you agree with her repeated anti-Semitic comments?
  5. Is there a single past statement from any member of the socialist squad your disagree with? Anything they have said that you would like to condemn tonight?
  6. What do you think of Rahm Emmanuel’s comment that this group on stage has moved so far to the left that you’ve turned your back on middle America?
  7. Do you disagree with the Notorious RBG that packing the Supreme Court is a bad idea?
  8. How can you go to Detroit and look auto workers in the eye and not support the USMCA?
  9. Why do you continue to push radical policies which the vast majority of Americans don’t want like a government takeover of health care, open borders, and continuing the Russia hoax?
  10. Are Barack Obama, former Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh, and Bernie Sanders racist for calling out the problems in Baltimore?

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Photo “Democrat Debate 2020” by Noticias Telemundo.



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