Steve Gill Talks to OANN’s Neil McCabe About Antifa’s Influence Behind the Dayton Mass Shooter and Their Protected Status


On Tuesday’s Tennessee Star Report with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am, Gill talked to Neil McCabe of One America News Network about the recent mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio and the shooters disturbing background.

Towards the end of the segment, the men discussed Antifa’s protected position that is evident through the media coverage and their billionaire backers. McCabe warned that Antifa is armed and dangerous.

Gill: Joining us on our phone lines from One America News Network Neil McCabe. And Neil, a big horrific weekend of news and we’re getting more and more details of the shooters in the El Paso and Dayton, or should I say Toledo areas. We now learn I have to go to the internet to learn stuff, that the Dayton killer was in a pornogrind band. I don’t even know what that is.


McCabe: Oh, you haven’t lived.

Gill: (Gill bellows) This guy was a sicko. The Dayton guy was a sicko but the media as you know Neil is already turning their attention back to El Paso the Antifa affiliated left-wing whack job social atheist, you know satanist in Dayton, OK that doesn’t fit their agenda. That doesn’t fit their agenda so all their going to talk about is El Paso.

McCabe: Before we talk about that I will tell you that the pornogrind music scene is very big in upstate New York on the Canadian border.


Gill: Well that certainly explains why Michael took three leisure suits with him.


McCabe: They’re powder blue. (Inaudible talk) Antifa is not just a political street gang. These guys are armed to the teeth. If you check Google Antifa gun club you will find out that there’s a network of 20 or 30 of these Antifa groups around the country that regularly go to the range, talk about using as part of their resistance. And it does not surprise me that some of that played out in Dayton because I’ve seen it first hand.

I saw it firsthand about a month ago here in DC. I saw it three days after the election when an Antifa mob went after secret service officers in front of the White House and basically separated one secret service officer away from the rest of his comrades. They didn’t realize it and they were going to take him out. It looked like they were going to beat him to a pulp and his guys realized what had happened and they pulled him away.

These people are violent. They are very serious. They have a sense of entitlement which means, with this moral imperative that they carry with them in this resistance to not just the President but to the President’s agenda and his supporters. They really have no limits.

Especially when you consider that the normal limits on these kinds of nut jobs would say, law enforcement and local law enforcement a lot of times is connected with them politically or at least sympathetic to them politically. And of course, the media is all in. You have guys like Chris Cuomo who on most nights can be fairly reasonable for a CNN host. And Chris Cuomo actually defends Antifa as patriots. It’s crazy Steve.

Gill: Well and the other element that as you kind of went through the litany of whats supporting the, promoting them, and encouraging them is money. I mean they are well funded as the big billionaires of the left are funding every nitwit group in America. Including the Antifa folks and they are well funded in addition to all the other things you mentioned.

McCabe: Well remember, Senator Tim Kaine’s son was arrested as part of an Antifa mob that was violently attacking Trump supporters during the 2016 campaign. So the number two on the Democrat ticket, his son was violently intimidating Americans at a political event. It barely made the papers!

And then of course, I forget the rapper who, an old school rapper who was giving an interview and they asked them about Black Lives Matter, he said, “When you’re arrested and the lawyer from the top law firm in that city shows up to represent you and to get you bail. You are not a revolutionary.” And so its like, the idea that being such a hardcore revolutionary and agree with the editorial page of the New York Times and the Washington Post, that’s not exactly going against the establishment.

Gill: Well in so many of these cases Antifa plays their violent actions on the streets in places that is ‘snowflakeville’. They’re doing it in Portland. They’re doing it in San Francisco. They’re doing it in these places where they’re surrounded by supportive ideological snowflakes. They’re not doing this stuff where people do have carry permits and might shoot back if they come up and start swinging their bats around.

Are we going to see more violence, not just in terms of the nut cases going into the no go or gun-free zones and shooting them up? Are we going to see more violence in the streets as this confrontation with Antifa steps up as they start getting outside their safe havens?

McCabe: Absolutely. Especially when you have this guy Christopher Ray who is an acolyte and mentee of James Comey who’s running the FBI who goes out his way to point the finger at conservative groups and sort of associate conservatives and Republicans with fascist and Nazi elements. And really lays Antifa completely unspoken of. And the way Ray just sort weighs in. The guy never gives a press conference.

The guy never answers questions. The guy ignores congressional oversight, but he shows up at all the right times to point the finger at conservatives. And I think it’s very telling that you’re going to have the FBI ignore what’s going on on the left. I have seen (Scoffs) crazy violence from these Antifa guys that I have never seen in the streets in my whole life as a reporter, as someone in the Army.

I was on a ship for three years and the Coast Guard and I saw some fights at some liberty ports and I never saw the flat out violence that these Antifa guys are perfectly comfortable exhibiting. And the fact that it plays out in Dayton, the guy took down his Twitter handle that he’s a leftist. He’s supporting Elizabeth Warren. And it’s almost like I know more about how to build a nuclear bomb than I know about this shooter in Dayton because of the cover-up by a so-called free media.

Gill: And again, whether it’s him wearing the demonic satanic patches. Even the hoodie he was wearing the night of the shooting was embracing some band that was a satanic kind of music. His mom had posted Antifa supported stuff.

His father, his sister, his mother all registered Democrats and yet that’s being buried as the media screams racism, racism, racism to try and distract from the real story. And of course in Chicago over the weekend you had seven to nine killed 40 people wounded. I guess it was just more of the white supremacists and Trump supporters that were out looking for Jussie Smollett shooting things up in Chicago over the weekend.

McCabe: There was a case in Oregon where an African American woman shot and killed her brother who has been a basketball star playing college basketball there. Shot two others and so she walks in, shoots three people and that’s going to count as a mass killing. So when people wonder how did we get the 250 mass killings when I’ve only heard of about seven. The reason is that every time there’s multiple rights? And so there are all of these instances like you’re describing Chicago. So let’s say there’s a drug deal that goes bad in Detroit, three people are shot. That goes down in the books as a mass killing. And that just keeps ringing up the numbers. But I don’t…

Gill: Well one of the hospitals over the weekend had to stop taking patients when they hit over a dozen because of a gang-related shooting. You know, shooting at each other. You’re right, we have another four or five mass shootings in Chicago every weekend that bump the numbers up.

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