Nashville Mayor David Briley Tweets How-to Video in Spanish Telling Illegal Aliens How to Avoid Capture by ICE


Metro Nashville Mayor David Briley, who is in a run-off election to renew his term, is helping illegal aliens to avoid federal authorities.

Briley tweeted a how-to video in Spanish on avoiding capture by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency: “If you or a family member have an encounter with ICE, it’s important to know your rights and have a plan. Watch this video to learn more:”.

A translation follows.


I am Mayor David Briley. I know that many immigrant families in Nashville are worried about the recent news announcing possible activities of immigration agents.

So far we do not have any report of such activity. However it is important that everyone is prepared. Please know your rights and make a plan for your family.

You have rights in the United States regardless of your immigration status. You have the right not to open your door unless the agents have an order signed by a judge. You have the right to remain silent and not sign papers before talking to a lawyer.

The Coalition for the Rights of Immigrants and Refugees of Tennessee [TIRRC] have several resources to help you make a plan. Please visit their social media or call 615-414-1030.

To all families that are afraid, I tell you that you are welcome. In Nashville we are happy to have you here and we will do our best to keep you families safe.


Then, Briley tweeted: “Everyone deserves to feel safe in America — no matter where they come from — and @realDonaldTrump‘s ICE raids in Mississippi today are a disgrace to our values as a nation. I will continue working to ensure Nashville is a welcoming place for all residents.”

Briley is not doing well in polling in the mayoral run-off election, according to a story by The Tennessee Star.

Nashville mayoral candidate John Cooper has a 33 percent lead over his opponent David Briley, the incumbent.

This, going by a poll Cooper and his campaign staff reportedly commissioned, according to various news sources.

According to the Nashville-based NewsChannel 5, the Global Strategy Group conducted the poll and found 59 percent of respondents favored Cooper while only 26 percent favored Briley.

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Jason M. Reynolds has more than 20 years’ experience as a journalist at outlets of all sizes.
Photo “David Briley” by David Briley. Background Photo “David Briley Video” by David Briley.



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31 Thoughts to “Nashville Mayor David Briley Tweets How-to Video in Spanish Telling Illegal Aliens How to Avoid Capture by ICE”

  1. […] made it to the run-off mayoral election against John Cooper in early August, The Tennessee Star reported that Briley tweeted a how-to video in Spanish, advising illegal aliens how to avoid capture by ICE […]

  2. Ronnie

    Well hopefully there goes any chance for this idiots re election

  3. […] Fox News based its story on The Tennessee Star’s coverage of Briley’s Spanish-language tweet telling illegal aliens how to avoid being detained by the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. The Star’s story is here. […]

  4. Karen Brown

    Let something happen to me or my family by an illegal and see what happens to this idiot.

  5. Thomas Fortenberry

    Will the law-abiding, overtaxed citizens of Nashville condone this adding illegals?
    Hope not.

  6. […] “You have rights in the United States regardless of your immigration status,” Briley tells his voting base illegals, according to a translation from the Tennessee Star. […]

  7. […] “You’ve rights in america no matter your immigration standing,” Briley tells his voting base illegals, in accordance with a translation from the Tennessee Star[6]. […]

  8. […] “You might have rights in america no matter your immigration standing,” Briley tells his voting base illegals, based on a translation from the Tennessee Star[6]. […]

  9. JOSE


    1. Lawrence

      Amen! Briley can’t choose which laws to follow and which ones not to follow. How did he pass the bar and even graduate law school?…his lawless actions should be met with an arrest for aiding & abetting those who have illegally entered the USA. (ie. the legal term is Illegal Alien)

  10. […] to The Tennessee Star, the mayor's video alerted immigrants to resources offered by the "Coalition […]

  11. […] to The Tennessee Star, the mayor’s video alerted immigrants to resources offered by the “Coalition for the […]

  12. […] to The Tennessee Star, the mayor’s video alerted immigrants to resources offered by the “Coalition for the […]

  13. David Staton

    Isn’t this obstruction of justice?

  14. M. Flatt

    The word “pander” doesn’t refer to a larger bear-like creature from China.

    What “Mayor” Briley is doing is called “virtue signaling”. He’s trying to tell folks that he’s sensitive and compassionate about those poor souls coming up here to “seek a better life”. It doesn’t make sense to try to build a power (voter) base among people who cannot LEGALLY vote, so he’s trying to look good to the masses. He’s living in a fantasy world if he thinks this will help him.

    By the way, most of these people are not fleeing terrorism or the drug cartels. What they’re leaving is a land where criminality is normal, which is why it’s no big deal for them to illegally enter this country. They are used to having to manipulate the “officials” or get around the “rules”, so sneaking past CBP agents is standard operating procedure (SOP). What makes these “progressives” think these “immigrants” will follow the law after they get here? If your life is based off of one major crime, why bother with the rest of the law?

    Those of us that want this sort of thing to stop are not bigots or racists. We want the “social contract” to be enforced. The simple trade of following the rules in exchange for social benefit is all we want. When these people refuse to follow the rules, the rest of us should remove the social benefits of safety, security, and “peace of mind.” To not do so is for us to eventually forfeit those benefits ourselves.

  15. Judy

    Shame on you Mayor Briley. This is not a sanctuary city. You are breaking the law…kiss being the Mayor of Nashville good bye!!!

    1. Gary

      I think his IQ must be in single digits the first thing he has got to understand is that the very description of what they are told you what should happen, they are illegal immigrant that means that they are here against the law stupid put their ass back where they belong

  16. William R. Delzell

    ICE has several bigots among its membership that like to abuse and molest immigrant children from families that come across the border. Most of these families are law-abiding citizens fleeing terrorism in their own countries which U.S. foreign policy helped to create in the first place–e.g.: our support of dictators like the Nicaraguan Contras who supplied the bulk of the crack that fueled the crime epidemic in our country back in the 1980’s and 1990’s. Also, we have cause major environmental disasters like global warming in Central America and Mexico contributing to the northward flow of immigrants to the U.S. from the Mexican boarder.


      Where is your proof of such crazy allegations?

      1. Eric

        He has no proof.

    2. 83ragtop50

      How was the Kool-Aid you drank?

  17. Bruce

    Aiding and abetting is a legal doctrine related to the guilt of someone who aids or abets in the commission of a crime (or in another’s suicide). It exists in a number of different countries and generally allows a court to pronounce someone guilty for aiding and abetting in a crime even if they are not the principal offender.

    wouldn’t this video be aiding in a crime ?

  18. Laurie

    So breaking the law in Nashville is OK? I can see the NEW Chicago from here….

  19. Bruiser

    Isn’t that aiding and abetting?

  20. Russ

    Positions like this are the reason that he has little chance, and should have never been there to start with. Voters have to pay attention before they vote. Griping about the policy AFTER the election does little good. Damage already done.

  21. Sherry

    There’s something wrong when you try to shame a mayor for telling people what thier legal rights are.

    1. Eric

      Illegals have no “legal rights.” They broke the law coming here. They have no rights under our Constitution.

  22. rick

    Briley is a disgrace as mayor.

  23. Overtaxed Nashvillian

    Briley wants citizens to feel safe? I guess he forgot about the 18 year old nanny who was raped by a man who was here illegally from Honduras. What made it especially heinous was that the victim was raped while caring for two children. The suspect was also linked to a second rape.