Banks, Boogeymen, and Birds Are Waiting for You at the Movies


Brian Banks:

This movie tells the true story of Brian Banks (Aldis Hodge), a highly acclaimed football recruit, who had his football dreams taken away from him by a false rape accusation charge. Despite a lack of evidence, he received 10 years of prison and probation. However, years later and after an overturned conviction, Banks is released from prison and tries to fulfill his football dreams.

This inspiring drama came out Friday and has received mixed ratings from Rotten Tomatoes movie critics. They scored this movie at 57 percent while fans voted it a 92 percent.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark:

In the small town of Mill Valley, the Bellows family has had a long history there. The family lived in a big mansion on the outskirts of town. In this mansion, a young family member named Sarah Bellows (Kathleen Pollard) turned her scary life events into a book. Soon teenagers discover this book and the stories become all too real after finding Sarah’s book in the old mansion.

This horror film came out Friday and has received positive ratings from both fans and critics. Rotten Tomatoes movie critics have scored this movie at 80 percent, and the fans voted the film at 70 percent.

Angry Birds 2:

The popular mobile app turned big-screen movie is returning to theaters with another harrowing journey to tell. Angry Birds 2 hits theaters August 14 in the dog days of summer to tell a story of friendship, compromise and unity.

Red, Chuck, Bomb and the rest of the crew are asked by a green pig to put their problems aside and unite to fight a common threat: The aggressive birds. On the island, the aggressive birds have created a device that will alter the way of life for the angry birds and pigs. In order to stop this, these two common foes team up and try to destroy the device.

This kid-friendly movie has been received well by critics. Rotten Tomatoes movie critics have given this movie an 83 percent. However, fans who rated on the popular movie rating site gave the film a 67 percent.

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