Shane Says He Will Not Seek a Rematch with State Representative Susan Lynn in 2020


Conservative Mt. Juliet businessman Aaron Shane has decided to take a pass on a Republican primary rematch with Rep. Susan Lynn (R- Mt. Juliet) in the 57th District. Lynn won their primary battle by a 66-34% margin in 2018. Nevertheless, many expected Shane to wage another campaign against the incumbent in 2020.

“Over the last few months I’ve been asked by several organizations and many voters in the 57th District whether or not I will be running for State Representative again in 2020. The answer is ‘No,’” Shane said in a written statement.

Shane noted that while he appreciated the encouragement he has received for a second race, “the timing of another campaign simply isn’t right for me and my family.”

“My wife and I recently bought another business, which will take up a considerable amount of time over the next several years as we grow and expand it. Additionally, our kids are young, and I feel that committing to something as all-consuming and important as running for political office right now would be difficult to balance against the time I want to spend with my wife and kids during these critically important years in our lives.”

Shane indicated that it is his hope that by making his plans clear at this point it will enable others to consider a campaign against Lynn. “Tennessee is enjoying great prosperity and we are making progress in improving our schools, protecting our values, cutting taxes and keeping our communities safe,” he said. “But we will not continue that progress without new vision, fresh energy and dependable conservative leadership. Now, more than ever, we must have representatives who can help restore the public’s trust and confidence.”

The 57th district is a solidly Republican area. Lynn is heavily favored to retain her seat in 2020 at this point.






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One Thought to “Shane Says He Will Not Seek a Rematch with State Representative Susan Lynn in 2020”

  1. Jim

    Too bad, somebody needs to replace Rep. Lynn before she make a complete idiot of herself!

    She’s one step behind Sleepy Joe Biden when it comes to making embarrassing, self-incriminating, verbal gaffs! The leftist media never records/reports it because she makes them look good!