The Tennessee Star Report: One America News Network Gets Kudos in Tweets from Don Jr. as Fox News Steers Left

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On Tuesday’s Tennessee Star Report with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am – Gill and Leahy talked to One America News Networks Neil McCabe about recent Tweets from Donald Trump, Jr. suggesting folks check out One America News Network. McCabe touched upon the climate in DC whereas fellow journalists are looking to pitch stories to the news outlet because of their straight news style watched in the White House.

Later on in the discussion, McCabe and Gill dissected the Red Flag laws on the table and how none of these laws could prevent any mass shooting, past or present.

Gill: First, Neil McCabe from One America News Network. And Neil, getting some Tweets from Don, Jr. being supportive of One America News Network. He’s basically telling people to go watch these guys.

McCabe: Well yes. And it’s interesting when these things happen because we’re not sure if the Trump camp is just trying to make Fox jealous. But we take it all. And what I find is that people when you’re at the White House, people pull you aside and say, “At home, they only watch One America News.” And a lot of people in DC will come to me to pitch stories. As happens in this business.

Now they’re pitching stories and they tell me we need to get this in front of the President, so we want to be on One America News. It’s pretty obvious to people that One America News is on in the White House. It certainly was on in Trump Tower. I know that from people who were working on the campaign.

And I think you know, we give it to the people straight. I don’t think there’s any other way to describe it. But if you want news, you watch One America News.

Leahy: Now, what’s happening with Fox News? They seem to be, except for some of their hosts, they seem to be moving to the left and even the host when they say things, like Tucker Carlson basically is ‘on vacation’ for a week because he had the temerity to suggest that the white supremacy claims of the mainstream media and the Democratic party, the white supremacy is widespread across the country.

He denied that and I think he pointed to some evidence to support that. Apparently, he got into all sorts of trouble with folks at Fox News. What’s the story on that? I don’t want to start a rumor but is Tucker going to have to find…

Gill: I think he’s back tonight.

Leahy: Is he?

Gill: I’m not sure that that’s not fake news.

McCabe: I don’t want to proport to know what’s going on at Fox because I don’t watch it. But I will tell you this, the Murdoch sons and the Murdoch and their wives and their social set, they’re all culturally liberal people. Like they are leftists. And Roger Ailes really made them sick to their stomach and that’s why they got rid of him because they could get rid of him. They got rid of Bill O’Reilly.

Leahy: Gave him an opening.

McCabe: In the 2016 campaign, that summer what you saw is Fox tried to move sort of editorially towards the center and they got such push back that they panicked and went hard right again. At least on their hosted shows. But if you look at how many times you have Donna Brazille on?

How many times do you have Democratic senators or congressman on giving their point of view? How many times does a Republican on capitol hill have to come up to me and say, “I can’t get on Fox anymore.”

Leahy: Is that really what’s happening? That is really a dangerous sign. So, what’s the big news this week up in Washington Neil?

McCabe: Well, of course, everyone in the ‘Twitterverse’ is all aflame over somebody calling Chris Cuomo Fredo.

(Leahy laughs)

Gill: And Neil, didn’t his response prove he’s Fredo. I mean Fredo was the younger dufus brother in the Godfather. I think Chris’s response proves he’s Fredo.

McCabe: Well, Fredo is the older brother Michael suppressed. When he dropped the gun when the guy was shooting the father and whatnot. Well, what are you going to do? I think the big news in DC is that all of these Republicans who flipped to restrict gun rights as soon as the spree shootings happened in Dayton and El Paso are now having to backtrack.

And Republican voters and gun owners are waking up to the idea of how quickly the Republican’s sold them out on Red Flag laws. And now we’re watching the backtrack because these guys are back on. If Congress was in session for these spree shootings, the President would be signing Red Flag laws like today.

Fortunately, Congress is out of session and they weren’t able to react. But you have guys like Crenshaw down in Texas who’s always like this big talk, I’m a big tough conservative. He endorsed Red Flag laws so quick it was scary. John Fillim, the number two in the Senate, he’s the guy who’s always pushing for national concealed carry and he’s for Red Flag laws. And of course, Cornyn wants background checks for everything.

So it’s a realization that gun owners cannot rely on the Republican’s. And I heard there at the break, you guys were talking about the Heartbeat bill. The leader of the House Republican’s Kevin McCarthy has said, “The Heartbeat bill is too far for him.” He’s a pro-life guy but the Heartbeat bill is just too much.

Gill: Yeah, because when a baby’s heart is beating that’s just not evidence of life. When you look at the gun issue, this idea that some of the new laws they’re proposing, none of the things that they’re bringing up would have stopped any of these shootings. You’ve got folks pushing for Walmart to stop selling guns. None of the guns involved in any of the shooting were purchased at Walmart.

They want to close the gun show loophole as they call it. Which means if I want to give a gun to my son or sell a gun to my next-door neighbor we’d have to go down and get a background check. It’s not what happens in the parking lot at a gun show. If you’re a gun company and you’re selling guns at a gun show you have to run the background checks.

These are person to person transactions and there’s no indication that any of these shootings occurred with a gun that had somehow violated the “gun show loophole.” So, none of what they’re proposing Neil, would have stopped any of the shooting that has ever taken place!

McCabe: Background checks are a tragedy. The idea that some bureaucratic has to approve whether or not you can exercise a constitutional right is absurd and scary. But hey, who are these gang bangers and terrorists who fill out background check paperwork. Like, the idea that some guy who’s about to shoot up a Walmart is like going to be honest on his background check, it’s ah…

(Leahy giggles)

Gill: Or that we could predict the future. A lot of these guys legally buy weapons and then later use them in a commission to a crime. At the time that they bought the weapons, there was no indication that they were crazy. That they were nuts.

McCabe: This is true.

Gill: Now in some cases they have been crazy people. But they’ve stolen them from their parents or broken into some facility and stolen a gun. But they wouldn’t have passed a background check anyway because they’re not filling it out as they break into your home before they steal a gun. They’re not leaving their form in the front foyer.

McCabe: If there was a list of people who were too dangerous to own a gun right? Why don’t we just arrest all those people now? Why if this is such a great list, why are these people still walking the streets.

Gill: We can’t even keep radical Islamist’s who are promoting terrorism from getting on airplanes. Their speech doesn’t give us the ability to restrict them. But they want to do this to law-abiding gun owners.

McCabe: Well God bless the NRA. But they are the ones who invented the background check. Because they thought if we just give the left this, they’ll back off. And here we are.

Gill: Well and the NRA’s always been complicit in a lot of other areas as well. They always go soft when they think they can get a few Democrats on board with whatever they’re doing. They try to play both sides. And there really is only one side. And even the Republican side has gone fetal position on this Red Flags law.

Leahy: Yeah, I think so.

If you don’t already have One America News Network, call your local cable provider and watch One America News here in Nashville, Middle Tennessee.

Listen to the full hour here:

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