Neil McCabe from OANN Talks to the Tennessee Star Report About Liberals’ Disdain for the Law


On Tuesday’s Tennessee Star Report with Steve Gill and Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am – Gill and Leahy spoke with weekly special guest and former Breitbart colleague, Iraq war veteran and current Army Reserve Sergeant Neil McCabe.

Now a well recognized Washington-based reporter for One America News Network, McCabe spoke to the Report about how corporate America is now putting their left-wing political agendas ahead of normal business practices. Towards the end of the segment, the men discussed how liberal historians are selectively ignoring history.

Gill: Neil McCabe and the One America News Network team are apparently the new loves of President Trump.

McCabe: Hey guys, how you doing?

Gill: It’s nice to be wanted isn’t it?


McCabe: I hope it’s not just some summer romance.


Leahy: Oh, that’s good Neil.

McCabe: Maybe we’ll still be in touch after camp ends you know?

Gill: I would say, based upon his marital track record. Make good while the making good can be good.

Leahy: (Leahy laughs) Oh boy.

McCabe: Well,  I do know and I’ve said this before. I do know that One America News was on at the campaign headquarters at Trump Tower. Even if people say working at the White House aren’t watching Trump, I’m pretty sure many people working at the Trump White House actually want jobs at Fox.

But you know, a lot of people have come up to me and tell me that their uncle, or their cousin, or their mother, or their dad watch One America News. And a buddy of mind works at the Office of Management and Budget and I was at the White House and he was showing his Dad around.

And his Dad asked to take a selfie with me in front of the White House and later on the guys like, “My dad didn’t ask me for a picture. He asked you for a picture because you’re with One America News.”

Leahy: You’re a celebrity, Neil. You’re a celebrity.

McCabe: They are very grateful. He was very grateful.

Gill: One of the things America News Network again has been filling a void, much like the Tennessee Star of a consistent conservative, fact based oriented news coverage. And you don’t have to look very deep with most of the other mainstream news outlets to see that they’re putting their propaganda first and the news second.

The New York Times having to discipline an editor and change a headline because the left didn’t like them getting caught telling the truth for a change. That’s what people are rejecting. And there just aren’t many other sources that they can find. And to One America New’s credit, you guys are filling that void.

McCabe: Yeah, let me just say this before we talk about current events. There was an open letter and more than 200 CEO’s who signed an open letter that basically said that they were going to direct their company so that it was no longer focused on profits. And it was actually going to be focusing on things more important than profits. And I was thinking about all those shareholders. All those employees.

What is the point of this company if it isn’t profits? And it seems like if you’re in the news business you should want to be in the news business. You should want to break news. You want to get news. You want to tell people stories and you want to find out what’s really going on.

And that’s you know, that’s why I thought people got into the news business. But I feel a lot of people want to get into the news business because they want to push an ideology or they want to transform the country to sort of meet their left-wing culture. And it’s just bonkers.

Gill: Yeah, it’s pretty sad when the giants of the industry are now social justice warriors first. And I saw that story about the letter the 200 executives wrote. I don’t know much about the law Neil, I’ve practiced a little bit over time. I’m a lawyer by trade.

That would seem to be Exhibit A in a derivative shareholders lawsuit to prove that the corporate executives are not fulfilling their corporate responsibilities to the shareholders and putting profits ahead of their political propaganda. That could be Exhibit A in a great shareholder’s derivative lawsuit.

McCabe: Well yeah, because they’re basically, not only are they admitting it, which everyone sort of assumed was going on. But what it comes down to is that they are not afraid. They are not afraid of the law.

Leahy: No, not at all.

McCabe: They’re not afraid of retribution. They are not afraid of backlash. And so they say things, it’s like when I’m around DC and I hear, I love listening to the Republican staffers on Capitol Hill talk about how much they hate the conservatives. And I keep thinking that they treat me like I’m one of the servants.

They’ll say anything in front of me because they know nothings going to happen. You know we’ll see. We’ll see what’s going to happen. I think the President has had a relatively good summer. I think that that campaign rally in Manchester, New Hampshire was absolutely over the top great. We’re seeing with this tax led by Scaramucci that the White House is pushing back very effectively and this guy can be exposed for the monster he is.

Leahy: Why would anybody listen to the 11-day wonder (Leahy chuckles) Scaramucci?

McCabe: Well down south we say, “Any stick will do if you want to hit a dog.” So it really doesn’t matter. It’s like Amarosa is a train wreck. Everyone knows she’s a train wreck and when she turned on the President, they treated her like she was Margaret Thatcher. (Leahy laughs) It doesn’t even matter what someone’s credibility is.

Leahy: But hey, here’s the good news. The New York Times is on it. They’re re-writing history. Right now their big deal is the ‘1619 Project’ to show that America was based entirely on the concept of racism and slavery. Did you see that?

McCabe: You know, and it’s weird right? Because really if you think about it, remember that great speech Tom Kean gave when he was the governor of New Jersey. I think it was the ’88 Republican convention and he said, “This country was founded by religious zealots and gun nuts.” (Leahy chuckles) It’s so true.

It’s like the whole revolution started because the English were coming to take away the guns. And why somebody would think that this isn’t part of our DNA is beyond me. And I did a report on Maryland, and of course, Maryland was founded as a sanctuary for Catholics who were escaping the English civil wars and we know of course that the Pilgrims themselves were escaping from religious persecution actually on the opposite side of the Catholics.

But it’s like so many of these places in this country and you think about out west and what the Mormons built in Utah. It’s like, “Leave us alone and let us do our thing. Let us have families. Let us have farms.  Let us have businesses and we will prosper in this place called America.” And it’s like there are so many people who don’t want that to exist.

Gill: Or want to ignore the real history at a time when our Constitution was founded and you have all these ‘liberals and let’s recreate history historians’ claiming that there was a fundamental principle of separation of church and state. Which was really only in a letter by Thomas Jefferson to the Danbury Baptists trying to elucidate, “Don’t worry. We’re going to keep the government out of your religious business.”

But you had state’s that actually had state-designated religions. It wasn’t that states or individuals or communities couldn’t have a state-designated religion. They were on the books at the time. They decided that the federal government wouldn’t be able to impose it. Again, you’ve got plenty of people who simply want to ignore or re-write history to fit their agenda.

McCabe: Massachusetts was paying the bills of the congregational church until 1838. St. Johns Church across the Lafayette Park from the White House, when they bought their bell, James Monroe authorized 100 dollars towards that bell at St. Johns Church. There were tribes, Indian tribes where there were Jesuit missionaries.

Thomas Jefferson signed treaties where the federal government paid the salaries of the Jesuit missionaries. So the idea that religion is somehow the antithesis of Democracy, and it’s being taught in the schools. And how we allowed these radical left-wing unions to take over the education of our children!

Gill: Yeah, to the point that our religious liberties are now a coach can’t bow his head while his team is praying. By the way, Founding Brothers a great book by Joseph Ellis also underlines the fact that our founders were completely focused on how do we stop the scourge of slavery but they had to get a country first.

I recommend people read Founding Brothers to understand that this was a conflict from the very outset. Not a ‘let’s set up a white supremacy slave-owning nation.’  They did mean that all people should be free. They just weren’t sure they could get that done before they had a country.

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