Patrick Hampton on ‘White Privilege’: ‘I’m Fighting for Unity’


Chattanooga resident Patrick Hampton, an African-American who doesn’t accept “white privilege” as settled science, gave other blacks an important message to ponder on a livestream Tuesday, likely one they hadn’t heard from any other media.

Hampton delivered his message to people who believe in “white privilege,” via Tony Boston’s Facebook livestream.

Boston interviewed Hampton and various other African-Americans in the area, many of whom said institutional racism is real.

Hampton’s message was direct and to the point.

“We can keep fighting for equality, or we can keep fighting for unity. I’m fighting for unity. Because unity is where we are going to get that opportunity,” Hampton told members of Boston’s audience.

“We have to have a code of ethics moving forward, even with the police. They say the police are the problem. When have I heard the black community say ‘All right, we need to stop selling crack in our community? We need to stop shooting each other?’ I’m not coming on here trying to disparage black people. I’m just describing their behavior. When I describe black people’s behavior they take that as I’m going against black people. I’m simply explaining what their behavior is and what needs to change.”

Hampton also touched upon the issue of mass shootings.

“In Chicago, just last week 70 people were shot. Where are the black leaders saying ‘OK, this needs to stop?’ But as soon as a white police officer arrests someone we are all up in arms.”

As The Tennessee Star reported, Hampton, vice president of the Chattanooga-based Hamilton Flourishing, says the theory of “white privilege” cripples blacks, forces them to accept self-defeat, and does nothing to make them realize their fullest potential in life.

Hampton gathered screenshots of a “white privilege” training seminar for public school teachers and sent them to the media. These screenshots infuriated the public.

This theory, Hampton went on to say, divides people and does not produce positive outcomes.

As reported, Hampton also said “white privilege” ultimately creates a culture of low expectations for black children and makes those same children bitter toward their white teachers.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
Photos by Patrick Hampton. 




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  2. Habu

    Folks, you need to listen to this gentleman. He speaks the truth, like it or not.