Stephen K. Bannon Produces ‘Claws of the Red Dragon’ Film on Danger Posed by Huawei Technologies, Chinese Communist Party


“Claws of the Red Dragon” is an explosive film executive produced by Stephen K. Bannon which exposes ties between the controversial Huawei Technologies company and the Chinese Communist Party, based on the 2018 arrest of Huawei Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou.

New Tang Dynasty Television recently made the announcement of the film, which will be released in September.

The trailer is available here.

New Tang Dynasty Television Canada President Dr. Joe Wang said, “In the White House, Mr. Bannon was a key architect of the Trump Administration’s policy toward China, and he is now one of the most vocal and respected visionaries in Chinese Communist Party/China matters, working tirelessly to expose the ideological and economic war that Beijing has waged on the West for decades. We are incredibly fortunate to have a global leader of Mr. Bannon’s stature, who is also an award-winning political documentarian, supporting our production.”

Steven W. Mosher, President of the Population Research Institute, in December said in The Tennessee Star that the arrest of Meng could help improve negotiations between the United States and China.

China’s leaders see her arrest as a deliberate provocation, intended to provoke them into the kinds of overreactions that would blow up the trade negotiations.

They view it, in other words, as a strategic deception.

Anyone who has read their Sun-Tzu knows that deception is the primary category—the default position, if you will—of Chinese strategic thought. And the ancient strategist’s famous dictum, “All warfare is deception,” obviously applies to trade wars as well.

China knows that the president’s advisors are divided between the globalists, who hope for a win-win agreement on trade, and the nationalists, who want to disengage America’s economy from China’s. They fear that the nationalists have arranged the arrest of the Huawei executive precisely because they want to undermine the trade negotiations, and send China’s economy over a cliff.

Huawei Technologies faces allegations from Western nations over allegations of intellectual property theft and espionage, The Star said.

Calling it a national security threat, the U.S., Australia and New Zealand banned the company from building state of the art 5G telecom networks.

Security concerns about Huawei and other Chinese telecom equipment providers are mounting after U.S. prosecutors charged the company with allegedly violating U.S. sanctions on Iran and stealing trade secrets from T-Mobile.

Huawei has denied allegations of corruption and said it has strong safeguards against corporate graft.

In a statement on its website, Huawei says it has a “zero-tolerance” policy on graft.

But experts who have studied Huawei’s business practices say the company’s statements are contradicted by its conduct.

“The unfortunate reality of Huawei’s activities on the (African) continent is that they have a proven track record of engaging in corruption and other dodgy business dealings,” said Joshua Meservey, an Africa expert at the Heritage Foundation and author of a recent report on Chinese corporate corruption.

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Jason M. Reynolds has more than 20 years’ experience as a journalist at outlets of all sizes.





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3 Thoughts to “Stephen K. Bannon Produces ‘Claws of the Red Dragon’ Film on Danger Posed by Huawei Technologies, Chinese Communist Party”

  1. Howie Mezrak

    It is better to get the ancient peoples to consider their communist oppressors akin to their long term magog oppressors, which they actually are, because a new democratic regime would still be kinder on minorities no matter how vile their heritage. If we persist in coddling their ancient oppressors, we will only harden the resolve of the ancient civilizations against us. The Shanghai Pact is all about ancient civilizations decimated by the magog millenium trying to reclaim their patrimony. Gibbon loved the Turks because he was one through his Lapp Finn Viking lineage. Fred Koch is the Khan of Magog because of his American Indian, Hun, Lapp and Finn lineage. The magog are not a race but actually a political schizo-bipolar horde of social fugitives, drawn to militaristic and police aggression with their volpomammic birth myths. The magog lineage of the deep state makes them support Uyghurs, Rohynga, Chechni, Bozni, Turqi, Paki and Saudi against the Chinese, Russians, Jews, Kurds, Greeks and Armenians. For all who claim ancient civilizations failed because they lacked Anglo Saxon patents, let them learn that Samuel Slater stole British textile intellectual property for the USA and the Alien Property Custodian appropriated German intellectual property during both world wars. The oligarchs have gouged out little inventors by calling them patent trolls, doing muchg more damage to intellectual property than China. In a keynote speech at the International Conference on Cyber Security July 23, 2019 at Fordham, Barr said that in order for law enforcement to have access to encrypted communications, Americans need to accept the risks associated with backdoor, maybe his real problem with Huawei was it would not allow back doors. Google used to tell regulators it would someday use hash matching to detect pirated material on your personal computer and delete it, just imagine if they use the same algorithms and sence of fairness they now use to detect supposed fake news. The deplorables destroyed their own brains with football and alcohol, so they should stop blaming others.

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  3. CMinTN

    Steve Bannon just gave an interview on Epoch Times American Thought Leaders. It wasn’t posted on their site yet, but was already on youtube.