Steve Gill Resigns from The Tennessee Star


FRANKLIN, Tennessee — Steve Gill has resigned as the Political Editor of The Tennessee Star, according to a statement released on Monday by Star News Digital Media, the company that owns The Tennessee Star and other news sites.

Gill has also resigned from the Board of the Directors of Star News Digital Media.

“Steve Gill is a good friend, a good man, and a great talent. We wish him well in his future endeavors,” Michael Patrick Leahy, CEO of Star News Digital Media, said.







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7 Thoughts to “Steve Gill Resigns from The Tennessee Star”

  1. D

    Another “conservative” hypocrite. How shocking.

  2. Overtaxed Nashvillian

    The Leftys are always screaming about our jails filling up. But they’ll make exceptions for people like Steve Gill and Paul Manafort .

  3. P. Donseat

    That sounds sudden. Did Mr. Gill provide a reason?

  4. Don

    Because he’s in jail for not paying child support!

    1. Megan Barry

      I too have seen the inside of a jail. But I was a public official stealing tax dollars.

  5. PaulJ

    What happened? Victim of Sharia Law?

    1. JackR

      If you consider paying child support to be “Sharia law,” then, maybe.