Racial Division in Chattanooga Profitable for Those Who Preach it, Says Patrick Hampton


The man who put on the presentation explaining “white privilege” to Hamilton County school teachers has allegedly sent a cease and desist letter to the man who leaked news of that training session to the public.

Robert Jackson of Robert Jackson Motivates allegedly sent the letter to Chattanooga resident Patrick Hampton late last week.

As The Tennessee Star reported, Hampton, an African-American, doesn’t accept “white privilege” as settled science. He took images of Jackson’s presentation to teachers and made them public.

Hampton addressed the situation in a text message with The Star on Monday.

“Robert Jackson is accusing me of threatening his future earning potential because I chose to expose a portion of his training. This just goes to show you the racial division sells. Robert Jackson is more concerned about making money than helping teachers and students of Hamilton,” Hampton wrote.

“What kind consultant would threaten to sue a parent of the student that he claims he wants to help? This was a public speech for our public school teachers paid for by the public’s tax dollars. We will not cease and desist and deserve a right to see the presentation in its entirety. He signed a contract that gives Hamilton County the right to see the presentation and Hamilton County Schools promised us accountability and transparency.”

Jackson did not return a request for comment Monday.

Hampton showed a portion of the cease-and-desist letter on his personal Facebook page Monday.

Indianapolis-based attorneys sent the letter, according to the image Hampton showed.

As reported, Hampton, vice president of the Chattanooga-based Hamilton Flourishing, says the theory of “white privilege” cripples blacks, forces them to accept self-defeat, and does nothing to make them realize their fullest potential in life.

The screenshots Hampton gathered infuriated the public.

This “white privilege” theory, Hampton went on to say, divides people and does not produce positive outcomes.

As reported, Hampton also said “white privilege” ultimately creates a culture of low expectations for black children and makes those same children bitter toward their white teachers.

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Photos “Patrick D. Hampton” by Patrick D. Hampton and “Robert Jackson” by Robert Jackson Motivates.





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