Tennessee Firearms Association Says Walmart Is No Friend to Gun Owners


The executive director of the Tennessee Firearms Association wants all gun owners in the state to know about what he calls “Walmart’s increasing anti-gun stance.”

In a column posted on the TFT website Tuesday, Executive Director John Harris said Walmart is no longer “a truly ‘American’ store.

“Even worse – if that is possible – all gun owners should know that Walmart has openly stated that it is now in ‘partnership’ on gun control issues with Everytown for Gun Safety which appears to be one of Michael Bloomberg’s ‘shell’ gun control entities that pushes for sweeping gun bans and Red Flag laws!” Harris wrote.

“So, what is Walmart telling Americans? It is saying it is now in partnership with the gun control fanatic – Michael Bloomberg – and the various corporate shells that he apparently creates to hide his participation in the gun control and gun abatement movement from the public.”

As ABC News reported Tuesday, Walmart officials announced they will limit the sales of guns and ammunition at their stores. The store will also discontinue sales of certain types of rifle ammunition.

People on the left side of the police aisle were elated with Walmart’s choice.

On his Facebook page Tuesday, U.S. Rep. Steve Cohen, a Democrat representing Tennessee’s Ninth Congressional District, praised Walmart’s decision.

“Kudos to Walmart, the world’s largest gun retailer, for working to protect their customers and reduce access to certain guns and ammunition,” Cohen wrote.

“When will NRA backed politicians realize that no amount of money can justify inaction? We are in the midst of a gun violence epidemic.”

Harris said on the TFA website that Walmart “increasingly adopts policies designed specifically to make it harder for Americans to purchase firearms, to purchase ammunition, to purchase firearms accessories, and even to carry in its stores.”

“Walmart now proudly proclaims on its own website that it is a ‘charter member’ of the ‘Responsible Firearms Retailer Partnership’ which was co-formed by Walmart, ‘Everytown for Gun Safety’ and Michael Bloomberg’s ‘Mayors Against Illegal Guns’” Harris wrote.

“Walmart knows or should know that ‘Everytown for Gun Safety’ is an American nonprofit organization which advocates for gun control and against gun violence. Everytown was founded in 2006, combining Mayors Against Illegal Guns and Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. Everytown for Gun Safety is largely financed by Michael Bloomberg, who also founded the group.”

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “Walmart” by Mike Mozart. CC BY 2.0.







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6 Thoughts to “Tennessee Firearms Association Says Walmart Is No Friend to Gun Owners”

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  2. Pissed Off Nashvillian

    The same businesses that cave to the anti-gun Left sell alcoholic beverages. Alcohol kills 88,000 Americans every year and 3 million worldwide. That doesn’t seem to bother them.

  3. Horatio Bunce

    Agree on the Chamber of Corruption…

    Seems like with all their creepy face-recognition cameras, they could catch the criminals ahead of time. Tired of those in my face and tired of having to run the gauntlet of solicitors at their front entrance. The stores in Hamblen County are full of illegals, but I guess all those cameras only catch certain kinds of criminals. Why they want to alienate law-abiding citizen purchases where they are videoed and provide i.d. for every purchase already, who knows? Think they are afraid of liability when one of these false flag patsies tie their ammo purchase (somehow?) to Wal-Mart? Well, why are they still selling liquid Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma by the gallon in the lawn and garden department?

    May they go the way of Dick’s Sporting Goods. They will realize their ammo customers don’t only buy guns and ammo.

  4. Sim

    How many shooters would walk into a place full of cops with guns and open fire on people???

    How many shooters would walk into a place full of citizens with guns and open fire on people??

    People will never be “AS SAFE” as they will be when “Guns” are “Everywhere”,

    For the simple reason, there are more “good people” than there are “bad people”.

    “Self defense” or even “Defense of others” is legal without regards to your location, not just at Home, obviously, that requires carrying your gun.

    The first person people call when there is a shooter, is another person with a “Gun”, the Police.

    Which is why shooters pick places where guns are prohibited, or “Soft Targets”,

    Eliminate soft target, and shooters will become very rare, especially after some are killed by 5-20 citizens returning fire.

    Best way to fight “Fire” is with “return Fire”.

  5. Silence Dogood

    Target and Amazon never did sell guns or ammunition, as far as I can remember. So it is off to Rural King for those items or to my small business owned gun store. Another reason to remember the Chamber of Commerce is a big part of the 2A fight to strip Americans of a way to defend ourselves from Government and Big Business.

    1. Betty Boren

      I personally believe that is a big mistake by Walmart. I wish Gun Owners would not trade with them. That would be the biggest hurt on them. That is most of their business in the South. I believe.