Two Sequels and an Adventure with a Twist Await Moviegoers this Weekend


In a theater near you, two sequels and an adventure you’ll want to tell you grandmother about opened Friday.

It: Chapter Two:

After a 27 year hiatus, everyone’s favorite evil clown is back to terrorize Derry, Maine. After all this time, the kids in the original movie are all grown up and have gone their separate ways. The Losers club reunites where they try to conquer their greatest fears Pennywise the clown (Bill Skarsgård).

Movie critics on Rotten Tomatoes have rated the movie at 66 percent while fans have given the movie an 85 percent.

Supersize Me 2:

Supersize Me is back after a 15-year hiatus with another film looking at the food industry. In its original groundbreaking documentary, it followed Mogan Spurlock as he ate McDonald’s for 30 days in a row. This time, the new documentary looks at Spurlock as he opens his own restaurant. The film examines if the fast-food industry is healthier than it was 15 years before.

Rotten Tomatoes movie critics gave this documentary a 56 percent. IMDB rated the film 6.2 out of 10.


This film follows an elderly woman (Sheila Hancock) who tries to accomplish a life long goal of climbing a mountain in the Scottish Highlands after her controlling husband dies.

Rotten Tomatoes movie critics gave this film a 64 percent.

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Photo “It: Chapter Two” by Warner Bros Pictures. 



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