Republicans Win Both House Races in North Carolina

by Eric Lendrum


Republicans managed to successfully hold both seats in the House of Representatives from North Carolina that were up for grabs in special elections Tuesday, marking three consecutive wins in special elections to the House this year.

In the 3rd congressional district, left vacant after the death of incumbent Walter Jones in February, Republican state representative Greg Murphy defeated Democrat Allen Thomas. In the 9th district, Republican state senator Dan Bishop defeated Democrat Dan McCready.

Of these two races, the 9th district was seen as the more competitive, and considered a bellwether for the 2020 presidential election. The seat was held by Congressman Robert Pittenger since 2013, until Pittenger lost the primary in 2018 to pastor Mark Harris.

Harris then narrowly defeated McCready in the general election in 2018, by a margin of just over 900 votes. However, Democratic activists began accusing the Harris campaign, without evidence, of election fraud due to the close margin; the North Carolina State Board of Elections ultimately refused to certify the results, thus calling for a new election. Harris chose not to run again, and Bishop won the nomination. The 9th district remained without a representative during that time.

President Trump held a rally for Bishop the day before the election in Fayetteville, where he encouraged voters to support Bishop, while accusing McCready of “disloyalty” due to his support for “sanctuary cities.”

As of Tuesday night, Bishop held a lead of more than 4,000 votes over McCready with 99 percent of precincts reporting in. He also significantly improved on Harris’s performance by flipping two counties that went for McCready in 2018 – Richmond and Cumberland counties – while also significantly closing the gap in Robeson County, reducing McCready’s lead from the 13-point margin he held in 2018 to a one-point lead in this election.

These races were the second and third special elections, respectively, for the House of Representatives this year. In May, a special election was held for Pennsylvania’s 12th district, vacated by the resignation of incumbent Representative Tom Marino (R-Penn.). The seat was won by Republican Fred Keller, keeping it in Republican hands.

These elections now put the Republicans at 199 seats in the House of Representatives, meaning that they need to flip 19 seats in order to take back the majority in 2020.

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Eric Lendrum graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara, where he was the Secretary of the College Republicans and the founding chairman of the school’s Young Americans for Freedom chapter. He has interned for Young America’s Foundation, the Heritage Foundation, and the White House, and has worked for numerous campaigns including the 2018 re-election of Congressman Devin Nunes (CA-22).
Background Photo “North Carolina Capital” by Chanilim714. CC BY-SA 3.0.





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14 Thoughts to “Republicans Win Both House Races in North Carolina”

  1. Henry

    I hope and pray 🙏 that North Carolina wakes up and votes straight Republican Party. It’s time to end the INSANITY!

  2. Stanley ziel

    Trump across the board

  3. CrustyOldGeezer

    I want North Carolina Citizens to ALWAYS keep in mind, that californians ELECTED THE PROPLEMS they now have.

    From Homeless, the filth in the streets to government corruption, illegals having MORE RIGHTS than Citizens AND the Wildfires because the politicians policies that prevented fire suppression methods that were decades old and WORKED.

  4. Patrick Davies

    Good job, North Carolina,, real proud of you.

  5. Hal Lemoyne

    CONGRATULATIONS South Carolina

    🎆❤👍TRUMPenceReTRUMPlicans2020👍❤🎆 successfully US Landslide Reelected assuredly Amen & Amen!!!

  6. Henry

    I hope this is a precursor to November 2020!

  7. CHRIS

    I predicted that Warren and Sarsour had a plan since the Supreme Court Justice HOAX. Watch and see. The plan has ALWAYS been to get the nomination and hand it over to Clinton.

  8. FactChecker

    Joe’s too old……Bernies a Commie and Elizabeths a little crazy……



    1. Emma Charles

      I agree dems do not have a candidate to beat Trump
      No one is qualified. They are too evil. They have harassed Trump for 3 years relentlessly
      They will still lose 2020 in spite of all the lies and conspiracy. The SWAMP will be erradicated. Thank you Jesus.

      1. Kathy marshall

        Amen Im not putting Demicrates down im talking about the evil lieing killing swamp demicrates. I just want one demicrate that votes explain to all of us why if your a careing person that has grandkids or military FAMILIES or the elderly why in Gods name would you vote demicrate your saying its ok to kill babies and to agree on socialist life and you dont want any one with guns to protect your loved ones. You dont want to eat meat any mire or drive cars. Wake up you vote demitard your voteing for all this. IF your gay. No education. Want to be controlled by others. Then vote. So many of you demitards think if your poor you have to vote dem that repulicans are for the rich. Wake up again if demicrates are for the poor why are they rich and your still poor. Your all like dogs on a cain. They throw you a bone you kiss there ass they promise you things they no you want to hear and they dont do it cause your still poor. They are rich rich rich cause of you guys that vote for the people that use you as puppets. Name one thing a demicrate says there going to do for you. What have they done for you please tell us . You All can hate our President but if your a normal human being youd love all the great things he has done. Thank God he isnt a Democrat cause it was them that fined us $500 a year for not having insurance. They forced you to get it.
        I guess if it didnt happen to you . You wouldnt understand

      2. Georgia