Steve Cohen Compares Donald Trump to O.J. Simpson


Steve Cohen, a Democrat representing Tennessee’s Ninth Congressional District, has made yet another extreme analogy to U.S. Republican President Donald Trump.

This time Cohen went on MSNBC and compared the president to accused double murderer O.J. Simpson.

Cohen appeared on the network to discuss the latest with the House Judiciary Committee’s attempts to impeach Trump.

Host Steve Kornacki asked Cohen about a new report from The New York Times. The report said Trump’s Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross Jr. threatened to fire National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration employees who contradicted Trump’s claim that Hurricane Dorian might hit Alabama.

Trump reportedly displayed a map altered with a black sharpie to make this claim.

Ross disputed the report.

Cohen’s responded, “You know, the Sharpie thing is amazing, Steve. When they asked him (Trump) at his press conference and he gave the same look when he was asked about paying off Stormy Daniels, checks, the doe in the headlights look of, I have no idea who did it, but he never did say, ‘I’m going to find out who did it.”

“He’s done about as much to find out who did the Sharpie thing as O.J. Simpson has done to find out the murderers.”

Earlier this month, as The Tennessee Star reported, Cohen went on CNN and called Trump “the worst person in the world.”

As reported in July, Cohen embarrassed himself as former special counsel Robert Mueller wrapped up his testimony before the House Judiciary and Intelligence committees.

According to a video on C-Span, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, a Democrat representing New York’s 10th Congressional District, brought the hearing to a close, but before he did he requested everyone remain seated and quiet.

At that point, Mueller got up to leave.

A person out of the camera’s line of sight applauded, regardless, for a few seconds. Then that person stopped after realizing no one else had followed his or her lead.

According to journalists and one Capitol Hill employee who posted on Twitter, that person was none other than Cohen.

Cohen recently sought attention for himself by nibbling on Kentucky Fried Chicken during a formal congressional hearing.

Cohen also said last year that now U.S. Sen. Marsha Blackburn should jump off the Harahan Bridge in Memphis.

Cohen said on television this year that Trump is a “paranoid, delusional individual” who needs professional help.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “Steve Cohen” by Sarah Reese Jones. 




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2 Thoughts to “Steve Cohen Compares Donald Trump to O.J. Simpson”

  1. Harold

    Cohen said on television this year that Trump is a “paranoid, delusional individual” who needs professional help.

    I think that’s a perfect self-assessment.

  2. Traditional Thinker

    And once again, bozo the clown speaks. No offense to the original who was no doubt intelligent.