Bill Hagerty Commentary: Democrats Call for Impeachment, While Trump Puts America First

by Bill Hagerty


Another week, another set of Democrats calling to impeach President Donald J. Trump. As usual, they are propelled by the liberal media’s latest antics. Now, 165 Democrats (and counting), including both of Tennessee’s Democratic congressmen have joined the call. That is a clear majority of House Democrats, led by Nancy Pelosi and “The Squad,” who are calling for impeachment. It’s a continuation of what we’ve seen every day since Tuesday, November 8, 2016, when the American people sent Donald Trump to the White House. Ever since that day, radical liberals have refused to accept that Hillary Clinton lost. They have focused on tearing him down, rather than working with him to make life better for Tennesseans.

Unfortunately, their calls for impeachment are more than just political talking points. Their investigations are real, and therefore, so is their waste of taxpayer dollars. The House Judiciary Committee held its first impeachment hearing last week, and the American people were once again bombarded by the Left’s political antics. It’s a disgrace and an insult to the will of the people.

They will continue their fight to impeach our President, but they won’t stop there. They want to impeach a Supreme Court Justice, who was confirmed by the Senate after the most rigorous confirmation process in American history. The radical liberals – with assistance from the media – will go after anyone President Trump has nominated or appointed, despite the fact they have been put under the most intense microscope in history, just because of their irrational hatred of our President. That’s what true socialists do.

In fact, they go even further than impeaching President Trump and his nominees. They want to change the way we elect our President by abolishing the electoral college. They’ll do anything they can – constitutional or not – to give liberal elites more power so they can advance their radical socialist agenda for generations to come. Our Founding Fathers outlined a structure that has made America a beacon of freedom and democracy across the world, but these radical liberals will change all of that. Every American should find that deeply troubling.

I will always stand with President Trump, as I did as his Tennessee Victory Chair to get him elected, as a leader on his transition team, and as his Ambassador to one of America’s most important allies. We elected him to nominate constitutionalist Supreme Court Justices and federal judges, cut taxes, reduce regulation, support our troops, and put America first. That’s exactly what he is doing.

Tennesseans are not distracted by the latest circus from the liberal national media. Instead they are focused on what matters: wages are going up, unnecessary regulations are coming off the books, the economy is growing at historic rates, and America is once again leading on the world’s stage, all because President Trump is in the White House.

I’m running for the United States Senate to help President Trump keep winning for Tennessee families. He needs a conservative he trusts to stand with him and stop these extreme liberals and their radical socialist agenda in its tracks. I am that conservative fighter, and I am ready for that critically important responsibility.

– – –

Bill Hagerty is a candidate for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate in Tennessee, former U.S. Ambassador to Japan, and former Commissioner of Economic and Community Development in Tennessee. He is endorsed by President Donald Trump.

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2 Thoughts to “Bill Hagerty Commentary: Democrats Call for Impeachment, While Trump Puts America First”

  1. william r. delzell

    Bill Haggerty is one of those new Republicans that has dragged the G.O.P. away from previous moderation to extreme bigotry in the form of racism, homophobia, sexism, and classism. He has even had a role in changing the definition of conservatism, which seventy years ago, used to mean caution and opposition to reckless foreign adventures. Now, since Goldwater, the G.O.P. has twisted conservatism into something terrible. Now, conservatism means hate for those who are either different or who are not rich like Haggerty.

    Give me Greta Tuneberg as my Tennessee Senator over Haggarty any old day!

  2. Steve Allen

    The last gasps of so many utterly foolish people. President Trump has done more for the betterment of America than they ever could hope to attain. Their idiotic socialist agenda would destroy our economy, sovereignty, and Constitutional freedoms. This display of “sore losers” is on a scale unimaginable. It only goes to show the magnitude of the disappointment of their loss to the Nationalist candidate President Trump.