Democrats Are ‘Fishing’ for Impeachment of President Trump, Rep. Green Says


Democrats’ insistence on an impeaching President Donald Trump are “endless fishing expeditions,” U.S. Rep. Dr. Mark Green (R-TN-07) says.

On his Facebook page Thursday, Green said, “President Donald J. Trump released the transcript of his call so every American can see there is no evidence of wrongdoing. The Department of Justice reviewed this “whistleblower” complaint and found no reason to take action.”

He also tweeted, “The American people put us in Congress to do their work. These endless fishing expeditions only distract and waste precious taxpayer dollars. Instead of trying to impeach the President, we could be addressing the debt, fixing our broken healthcare system, and securing our Nation.”

Green also tweeted, “This is what President @realDonaldTrump said it was, and what the President of Ukraine said it was—a friendly conversation. (1/2)”.

“Once again, Democrats reveal that impeachment is not really about our country, but about their own imperative to maintain power, reverse the will of the people, and undermine the President. (2/2)”.

On Monday, the Republican congressman appeared on Fox News’ America’s Newsroom to say the president is correct in calling for a Ukrainian investigation of Joe Biden’s son Hunter, The Tennessee Star reported.

“Joe Biden admitted to pressuring with a billion-dollar loan threat the government of Ukraine to fire an investigator who maybe was getting a little close to the $3 million payment that went to Biden’s son, routed through two different countries,” Green said. “Maybe they were getting too close and that’s why the billion-dollar bribe happened. That’s O.K. to the Democrat party? Their concept of right and wrong is upside down.”

Robert Romano, Vice President of Public Policy at Americans for Limited Government, has pointed out some problems with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment drive, as The Star reported. That includes the transcript of the president’s conversation with Ukranian President Volodymyr Zelensky not showing any proof of collusion or coercion.

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Jason M. Reynolds has more than 20 years’ experience as a journalist at outlets of all sizes.

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