Male Student in Memphis Joins Homecoming Court Wearing a Dress


The students at White Station High School in Memphis have reportedly crowned a male student to the homecoming court, and he accepted the honor while wearing a dress and holding a bouquet of flowers.

That’s right. The male student, Brandon Allen, wore a dress during the Homecoming Court ceremonies. Various news agencies even captured a photo of it.

This, according to various news agencies, who reported that school Principal Carrye Holland took pride in what happened.

“Here’s the thing: it’s Brandon’s right to run for homecoming court under Title IX. It’s the students’ choice of who they want to support as homecoming royalty,” the Memphis-based WREG reported Holland as saying.

“I’m exceedingly proud to be the principal of our amazing school. … WSHS loves and supports everyone regardless of who they are or what they believe. Thank you for the love and light from so many of you.”

SCS Superintendent Joris Ray commented on the matter on social media, according to the station.

“Shelby County Schools policy prohibits discrimination, and the District is committed to ensuring a positive and respectful school environment where everyone is treated with dignity. Homecoming queen and king is a tradition based 100 percent on student votes. As Superintendent, I support student voice and expression.”

The Memphis Commercial Appeal quoted Allen, who is gay, as saying the following:

“I decided to wear a dress because I strongly believe in the fact that I’m a queen.”

“When I won, I felt so relieved and so happy because I had been fighting for something that I wanted for the longest amount of time and then I finally got it.”

According to the paper, Allen tried to join the court for two previous years in a row.

“Allen participated in the Memphis Pride parade and festival the next day,” according to The Memphis Commercial Appeal.

“Social media posts about Allen’s crowning have drawn a mixed reaction.”

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “Brandon Allen” by Emmett Campbell. 





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4 Thoughts to “Male Student in Memphis Joins Homecoming Court Wearing a Dress”

  1. Denese

    What else can you expect from Memphis? They keep voting for the lunatic Steve Cohen to represent them.

  2. Todd Davis

    I’m sure its family is proud of it but this just goes to show you how worse Memphis is getting by the day.

  3. Sim

    Looks like “East Tennessee” will have to partition for a separate state from Nashville to Memphis,

    If our “Christians values” are going to be preserved.

  4. Rick

    Like loud boom boom rap music – look at me, look at me. Disgusting.