Tennessee Volunteers Football Player Banks Arrested, Tells Police ‘Where I’m From, We Shoot at Cops’



When Tennessee Volunteers linebacker Jeremy Banks was arrested Sept. 15, he told UT police and a civilian, “Where I’m from, we shoot at cops,” according to Fox News, citing a newly released video.

The UT Police Department released the video Tuesday, Fox News said. The 20-year-old was arrested Sept. 15 after being stopped for allegedly making an illegal U-turn, according to Fox News.

Banks had a warrant for his arrest issued on Aug. 21 for failing to appear in court in July for a misdemeanor driving with a suspended license charge, according to the Knoxville Sentinel.

He later apologized, Fox News said.

WBIR acquired the video from the UTPD. The video is here.

WBIR said the video showed Banks mostly cooperated and was respectful, but made the shooting comments and then insulted the officer.

Banks remains on the team, WBIR said. Coach Jeremy Pruitt said in a statement that Banks’ behavior was unacceptable and the program would handle the situation. He also said:

I’m determined to do what I can to help Jeremy grow up and become a better man. Our team and staff respect our law enforcement and we will continue to educate our players on how to carry themselves at all times.”

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6 Thoughts to “Tennessee Volunteers Football Player Banks Arrested, Tells Police ‘Where I’m From, We Shoot at Cops’”

  1. john

    Donors, attendees, administrators, and MONEY have so corrupted university football the only cure right now is to close it down. wait 10years or more before starting it again but with AMATEUR and SCHOLASTIC safeguards.
    to the other commenter: Yes they would find an excuse to give full scholarship to MS-13 gangbanger. Plus pressure professors to give a passing mark in classes. ALSO I saw the same mentality as far back at the 1970’s when I attended a UofT institution.

  2. Pissed Off Nashvillian

    UT would recruit MS-13 if they played football.

  3. Betty

    Maybe UT should have hired a coach rather than a nanny. The tax payers of Tennessee are paying for a scholarship for this guy and others are demanding that he be paid. Disgusting, enabling waste and a sorry, embarrassing sports program/daycare center.

  4. Austin Pate

    Real loser punk!

  5. Randy Pace

    Coach Pruitts comments were equally as concerning.

  6. David S. Blackwell

    Please explain to me why such he is a student at a University.