Senatorial Candidate Sethi Names County-Level Campaign Leaders


Republican U.S. Senate candidate Dr. Manny Sethi on Thursday announced the campaign’s grassroots support in all 95 counties.

“I am so honored to have support in every corner of Tennessee,” Sethi said in a statement. “From Mountain City to Memphis, and Turtletown to Tiptonville, these grassroots leaders are eager to elect a conservative outsider to the United States Senate. I look forward to adding to this list in the coming months as we work towards victory next August.”

Sethi is running for the seat being vacated by retiring U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN).

“It is a remarkable accomplishment for a campaign to have this level of broad grassroots support this early in a campaign,” said Forrest Barnwell-Hagemeyer, Sethi’s campaign manager. “Conservatives from across the state are hungry for a fresh voice to take on the Washington establishment and support our President. It’s clear that Dr. Manny is the choice of Tennessee conservatives.”

Sethi is an orthopedic trauma surgeon and the founder of Healthy Tennessee, a nonprofit organization that works to promote preventative health care across the state.

Raised in Coffee County, Sethi received his undergraduate degree from Brown University and his medical degree from Harvard Medical School. After college, as a Fulbright Scholar, he worked in Tunisia with children suffering from muscular dystrophy.

He is married with two children, and his family attends McKendree United Methodist Church in Nashville.

Last week, Sethi announced his support for President Donald Trump in the wake of Democrats’ efforts to impeach the Commander-in-Chief.

“The left continues to push for division instead of unity. These impeachment inquiries are nothing more than partisan theatrics. I support President Trump fully and urge Democrats to end this charade.”

“I urge Republicans like Mitt Romney not to join the Democrats, but to stand firm in supporting our President.”

A list of Sethi’s team members in each county follows.

Kathy Adams – Grainger

State Executive Committeeman Rob Ailey – Sevier

Chris Allison – Madison

Cheryl Brown Bailey – Maury

Mitchell Baker – Shelby

Chris Bancroft – Rhea

Les Barnaby – Campbell

Patrick Basler – Jackson

Peter Beasley – Marion

State Executive Committeeman Jerry Beavers – Wilson

Joe Begley – Sullivan

State Executive Committeeman David Bishop – Grainger

Jerri Etta Bishop – Grainger

Dwayne Bledsoe – Hancock

Shirley Boren – Cannon

Sam Boyd – Chester

David Birdsong – Davidson

Rama Brunswick – Cocke

Jim Buchanan – Unicoi

Owen Burnett – Putnam

Dennis Bynum – Putnam

Denise Caffey – Cannon

Jonathan Cantrell – Bradley

Sarah Cantrell – Bradley

Dick Cecil – Washington

Neil B. Chaffin – Davidson

Yvonne Chapman – Shelby

Daniel Chauncey – Claiborne

Scooter Clippard – Davidson

Haley Collins – Union

Ralph Darnell – Hawkins

County Commissioner Gary Deaton – Madison

Fred Decosimo – Hamilton

Kevin Desmond – Knox

Duane Dominey – Davidson

Steven Dube – Giles

Bruce Duncan – Scott

Mike Dunn – Smith

Harvey Durham – McNairy

State Executive Committeeman Robert Duvall – Davidson

Sharon Earley – Blount

Johnny Edwards – Lauderdale

John Eyster-Hamilton

Lisa Eyster – Hamilton

Chrissy Farmer – Sumner

Dr. Hal T. Farmer – Sumner

Gene Fenley – Houston

Peter Ferris – McMinn

Joan Fine – Cocke

Alex Fornsbach – Hardin

Karl Fornsbach – Hardin

Barbara Forrester – Roane

Stanley Forrester – Roane

Steve Frank – Cumberland

Pete Frederick – Hamilton

Laura Frederick-Hamilton

Ken Frye – Smith

Bill Gaines – Unicoi

Sissy Garner – Lawrence

Lisa Gary – Williamson

Rosine Ghawji – Shelby

Tammy Graber – Marion

Vince Gray – Stewart

State Executive Committeewoman Barbara Gregson – Cumberland

State Executive Committeewoman Rebecca Griffey – Henry
County Commissioner Rusty Grills – Dyer

Hunter Grills – Dyer

John Hale – Obion

Howard Haley – Trousdale

Dr. Omar Hamada – Williamson

Colonel Jim Harding – Carroll

Joni Hargrove – Montgomery

Tootie Haskins – Davidson

Kevin Hathaway – Lawrence

David Hayes – Jefferson

Reverend Jeff Heard – Bedford

Deborah Hicks – Gibson

State Executive Committeeman Larry Hillis – Dickson

Paul Holberg – Henry

Amanda Howard – Fentress

State Representative Dan Howell – Bradley

Katherine Hudgins – Rutherford

Summer Jackson – Wayne

Laurie Johnson – Shelby

Reverend Louie Johnston Jr. – Davidson

Benny Jones – Coffee

Dow Jones-Coffee
State Executive Committeewoman Amy Jones – Anderson

Martha Jones – Haywood

State Representative Kelly Keisling – Pickett

Jonah Keltner – Lewis

Nomon Kennedy – Monroe

Rodney Kilgore – Marion

Linda Klingmann – Cheatham

Dr. David Knoll – Loudon

Kathryn Knoll – Loudon

Barbara Lancaster – Franklin

Jeff Lane – Jefferson

Reverend Marty Layton – Sumner

Adam Lindsey – Tipton

Olivia Lodge – Greene

Amelia Lopez – Johnson

Lorenzo Lore – Decatur

Kyle Mallory – Stewart

Jennifer Martinez – Shelby

Richard McAlister – Meigs

Laurie McCall – Putnam

State Executive Committeewoman Cyndi Miller – Williamson

Junior Miller – White

Dean Mills – Grainger

Patricia Mills – Grainger

Lobelville Mayor Robby Moore – Perry

Larry Moorehead – Moore

Ben Myers – Warren

County Trustee John Newman – Madison

State Executive Committeewoman Terri Nicholson – Wilson

William Ogles – Monroe

Chris Orindoff – Robertson

Jerry Pangle – Humphreys

Todd Payne – Shelby

James Peach – Benton

Ross Peterson – Franklin

Patricia Plunk – Hardeman

Marty Plunk – Weakley

County Trustee Scottie Poarch – Marshall

Jefferson County Mayor Mark Potts – Jefferson

Julie Quan – Marshall

Gayle Redmon – DeKalb

Lynn Richardson – Carter

John Roberts – Coffee

Linda Robertson – Shelby

Kathy Rodgers – Van Buren

Deforrest “Dee” Schupska – Montgomery

Rieta Selberg – Shelby

Melinda Selberg – Shelby

Stephanie Sexton – Morgan

Former State Representative Tony Shipley – Sullivan

Steve Simpson – Grundy

Larry Sims – Rutherford

David Sitton – Shelby

JoAnn Skidmore – Rutherford

Sam Smith – Marshall

State Executive Committeeman Scott Smith – Knox

Tonya Stafford – Gibson

Robert Standefer – Bledsoe

Hannah Starnes – Hamblen

Zachary Stephens – Putnam

Alex Stillwell – Wilson

Kathryn Stillwell – Wilson

Richard Swink – Robertson

Mary Tackett – Lincoln

Linda Tate – Sequatchie

M.L. Tate – Sequatchie

State Executive Committeewoman Anita Hodges Taylor – Washington

Wayne Thompson – Hickman

Farrar Vaughan – Fayette

Colonel Thomas Vaughan – Warren

Ruste Via – Crockett

Bobby Waggoner – Knox

Brian Walker – Shelby

Dr. Ming Wang – Davidson

Bill Warren – Warren

Rossville Mayor Judy Watters – Fayette

Weston Watts – Henderson

Diana Webb – Overton

Donna Webb-Madison

Susan Richardson Williams – Knox

John Williams – Shelby

Rick Williams-Davidson

Lily Winglet – Macon

Former Jonesborough Mayor Kelly Wolfe – Washington

County Commissioner James Woody – Polk

Brian Wright – Lake

Bev Young – Clay

– – –

Jason M. Reynolds has more than 20 years’ experience as a journalist at outlets of all sizes.
Photo “Manny Sethi” by Manny Sethi.



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11 Thoughts to “Senatorial Candidate Sethi Names County-Level Campaign Leaders”

  1. […] week, Sethi’s campaign announced its grassroots leaders in all 95 counties, The Tennessee Star reported. Sethi in June announced his bid to replace retiring U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-TN), The Star […]

  2. Ron Welch

    Having personally known Dr. Manny Sethi for the last 10+ years, I know that he, like me, is a principled Constitutional conservative. Just this morning, I was with him again at the annual Tennessee Firearms Assoc picnic meeting just outside of Ridgetop, TN. where he spoke. TFA, lead by John Harris, only supports Constitutional conservatives. The other “centrist, tepid conservative” was not there. But perhaps it wasn’t on his campaign schedule.

  3. Wolf Woman

    Bill Hagerty is no centrist/tepid conservative. He favors Mitch McConnell and never-Trumper Mitt Romney. He is a member of the elite rhinos who talk like conservatives and think and act like democrats.

    So does he care a Mexican border wall? It’s doubtful. His concern is not necessarily Tennesseans’ safety and the well-being of our nation but is the almighty dollar. He is focused on the finances of cheap foreign labor and caters to big money people aligned with foreign countries like Qatar who don’t respect our Constitution or Judeo-Christian values. In my book, that makes him a globalist. Check out this report.

    1. Stuart I. Anderson

      No question about it, for conservatives this is a Hobson’s Choice election. Hagerty’s redeeming feature is that after contributing $2,700 to Trump’s campaign he was director of presidential appointments for Trump’s transition team after which the President nominated him to be ambassador to Japan and of course, Trump endorsed Hagerty in this campaign. I feel that Hagerty’s close relationship to Trump somewhat indicates that he won’t stray too far away from the President’s policies for the first four years of his term if Trump is re-elected President. Chairman Manny is a blank slate with no indication about anything other than the fact that he REALLY wants to be a U. S. Senator.

      I am curious, given the choices what do you recommend conservatives do in this election? Should we simply abstain in protest over our lack of choice? I say vote Hagerty.


      1. Ron Welch

        It’s a fairly long primary campaign season which should afford most of us an opportunity to go to events where the Senate candidates we will be speaking and meeting voters. IMO, it is certainly best to actually meet and talk to candidates rather than relying on what others say about them. As a Constitutional conservative myself and being a member of Tennessee Firearms Assoc, a Constitutionalist organization, I took the opportunity to hear and talk with Manny Sethi who came to our meeting and made himself accessible, which to me, is one of the most important ways to assess a candiate for office and ascertain if they agree with me and, most importantly, an objective reading of the Constitution and Bill of Rights which is to be their oath of office.

    2. Ron Welch

      Wolf Woman,
      Thanks for that link and information re: Bill Hagerty.. Based on that information and my personal knowledge of Dr. Manny Sethi, I will vote for a candidate who I know agrees with my Constitutional conservative views. Sethi for Senate!

  4. Beatrice Shaw

    How is it that State Executive members are endorsing in a primary? This is why no one trusts the GOP any longer in TN

    1. Rick Williams

      This was made possible in a change in by-laws just last year. They can endorse in any campaign above a State Senate Race. So that leaves Governor, U.S. Congress and the U.S. Senate that they are free to endorse in. We double checked with Chairman Scott Golden about the new rules when asking Tennessee Republican State Executive Committee members to join our team.

  5. Stuart I. Anderson

    Political novice Manny Sethi has produced no tangible evidence of contributions to or advocacy for conservative causes or candidates. As the Chairman of the 2016 Statemen’s Dinner and a reported friend of two past chairman of the Tennessee Republican Party, a professional colleague of Bill Frist, while his campaign is being directed by yet a third past chairman of the State GOP for Sethi, or should I say Chairman Manny, to call himself an “outsider” is ludicrous. I’m afraid under the circumstance I’ll have to vote for centrist/tepid conservative Bill Hagerty because thus far there is no proven solid conservative in this race.

    1. Horatio Bunce

      Thanks for the insight. Wondered if you would comment with all those SEC members in the list. I will say Manny’s email spam campaign smells very much like an insider – or definitely insider-run. To the point it is obvious I am not hearing from Manny, or he is channeling Ted Cruz campaign emails. “Dear friend…..give me your money…help me and Donald Trump…etc.” LOL. Bob Corker’s former state director as the senior advisor….sure, you’re an outsider.

      What do you think about making all TNGOP incumbents (including party positions) start over with a clean slate – now that Republicans have to pinky-swear to vote in primaries?

    2. Rick Williams

      Stuart, What rock are you living under. Bill Hagerty is as Establishment as it gets. Worked with Mittens Romney at Bane Capitol and then became Mitten’s Campaign Finance Chairman in the 2012 Presidential election. Bill Haslam’s Economic Development Commissioner. before Randy Boyd. In the 2015 / 3016 Presidential election he was for Jen Bush until Trump kicked his ass and then he went to Rubio and donated to him until Trump took him out. Then he just waited until Trump got the nomination and bought his way in by running The Victory Fund 2016 for President Trump. After raising all of that money for Trump he was awarded the Ambassadorship to Japan. Establishment and insider all the way. I was President Trump’s 5th Congressional District Co-Chairman in 2015 / 2016. I was volunteering for Bill Lee from April 2017 to November of 2018. I know what an outsider looks like. Bill Hagerty is NOT AN OUTSIDER. Manny Hagerty is the true outsider. One again Trump is listening to the Mitch McConnell team and getting behind another Kentucky born guy in Bill Hagerty. Mittens and Mitch cannot wait to have another one on board. Vote for Dr.. Manny Sethi if you want a true Conservative Outsider.