Bob Corker Says GOP Has Changed Too Much


Former U.S. Republican Sen. Bob Corker reportedly said the Republican or Democratic parties have changed too much by his standards.

This, according to The Chattanooga Times Free Press, which quoted Corker’s speech this week at the Chattanooga Rotary Club.

“I was a Republican in the Senate for 12 years and we cared about fiscal issues, world leadership and free trade,” Corker reportedly said.

“I look at the Republican Party now and we are isolationist, protectionist and care nothing about keeping these institutions that have kept the world safe in many ways.”

The Times Free Press went on to quote Corker as saying he was skeptical of the Democrats’ move further left.

As reported in April, Corker said America will benefit if another Republican runs for president against Donald Trump next year.

Corker reportedly said this at the Time 100 Summit in New York.

“You could look at it and say that it would be a good thing for our country should that occur. If you had a real primary, where you had someone that was really being listened to, and of substance, things that we were talking about — and I could go through a list of them — they would actually be debated in a real way,” Corker reportedly said; adding that a less-challenging Republican opponent would get little media attention.

Corker reportedly also said Trump divides the nation.

“Typically, to unite people, you have to wish to do so, and I think that currently, the president has not found that to his benefit or to his liking.”

As The Tennessee Star reported earlier this year, Corker, an avowed NeverTrump-er, has used his previous platform as chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to criticize him. Twice last year he compared the Republican president to a banana republic for removing former CIA Director John Brennan’s security clearance and other former officials’ clearances.”

The retired Senator said he would be good as president but it is “not necessarily even on the front burner; it’s a possibility.”

The Star reported last December on how Corker longed for the way the Republican Party was before the Tea Party and before Trump. Corker also refused to say if he prefers Trump to a Democrat in the White House in 2020.

Last year, Corker said Trump was controlled by the opinions of talk-radio hosts, The Huffington Post said. He also likened Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter to tyrants, making reference to their opinions on the border wall situation.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
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11 Thoughts to “Bob Corker Says GOP Has Changed Too Much”

  1. Wolf Woman

    In the Times Free Press article, Corker says: “I tell my mom who watches cable TV that she should read the paper every morning — read the Wall Street Journal, the Chattanooga Times Free Press, Washington Post, The New York Times or the Economist — and get a real sense of what’s happening,” he said.

    So there you have it. Globalist rhino Corker sites the Leftist propaganda in the WaPo, NYT, and the Economist as sources to know “what’s happening.” Well, those rags do censor what the elite socialists don’t want us to know and beat us over the head with what they want us to think. Corker is a pitiful specimen of a Tennessee man..

  2. William R. Delzell

    I noticed that Corker did not complain about the G.O.P.’s racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, and its blind support for Israel at the expense of us patriotic, tax-paying Americans people? Let’s use tax money for the U.S.; not for Israeli Zionist bigots! .Corker, where were you when racist cops and Ku Klux Klan terrorists shot up synagogues and black churches, for example? Why were you AWOL on these issues? Why have you not taken a principled stand against bigotry.

  3. John R

    Little Bobby Corker “retired”, because he had zero chance of being re-elected. He sold out the American people with his support for amnesty for illegal alien invaders- after he got elected on a platform of being against illegal aliens.

  4. Ralph

    Good riddance to bad garbage.

  5. “What about Bob?”
    I don’t know. The man seems to have lost his mind.

    ps- My books didn’t sell that well.

  6. Ifonly

    Corker, put a cork in it. Your opinion doesn’t matter.

  7. Motsey

    Who is Bob Corker?

  8. CCW

    Does t his mean he will not be surpporting Trump for 2020, or running for Lamar’s seat? I am crushed.

  9. 83ragtop50

    This has-been RINO was should just crawl back under his rock.

  10. Traditional Thinker

    What this little fellow is not saying, is that he would like for Republicans (i.e.Rhinos)to return to the way things were when republicans shared their bed with the liberal thinkers, presenting to the people an alternative party, yet had no intentions to be seperate from the ideologies or destruction being set in place by the Democrats. I agree about Trump dividing the country, and rightfully so. He is exposing the evil corruption that has been secretly eating away at the moral fiber of this great country. And those people that are good folks are seperating themselves from those who are not. There’s your division. Now we see the truth about people for once. Keep up the good work President Trump!

  11. Randy Pace

    Perhaps if folks like Corker, Flake, Romney and McCain (God rest his soul) had done a better job, the public would not have been more tolerant and patient in draining the swamp in Washington. Better to put America’s interest first than your own self interest Bob.