Boston Talk Radio King Howie Carr Joins Leahy to Talk About Warren’s Continuous Tall Tales of Victimhood


In a live report Wednesday morning from music row studios in Nashville on The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am – Leahy chatted with good friend Howie Carr who is the host of the Howie Carr Show, columnist at the Boston Herald, and former award-winning reporter.

During the show, the men discussed Elizabeth Warren’s most recent fib describing herself as a woman who was fired from a teaching gig because she became pregnant. The men went on to describe the conflicting evidence found in old meeting minutes and a 2007 video where she stated that she decided to stay home and be a mother. They went on to question why the Democratic candidates seemed to take either the position of a great American or a victim on their campaigns.

Leahy: We are joined on the phone now by our good friend, Boston talk radio king Howie Carr. Howie, Elizabeth Warren caught in yet another lie. Good morning, Howie!

Carr: Good morning, Michael. ‘Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.’ Sir Walter Scott. (Leahy laughs) Truer now probably than when he wrote it all those years ago. At least in the case of Elizabeth Warren that is.

Leahy: So she claims that she was fired from her job. Her first job back in 1970 in Riverdale County, New Jersey for being pregnant. The only problem is the school board actually that same year extended her contract for a second year and she declined that offer. That’s what the evidence shows.

Carr: Right. You know god bless the minutes of the meetings. You know anyone who’s ever covered any kind of local municipal or county government knows how boring it is when they have to approve those minutes. But it certainly has come in handy now, hasn’t it? They have minutes of the meeting.

They have the contemporary newspaper accounts about how it’s backing up the minutes. Apparently they have some people that were her former colleagues who said you didn’t get fired in those days. I think at one point you were forced out if you became pregnant.

Way back when school boards didn’t even like to hire married teachers. They preferred unmarried teachers. By 1970 that was not the case. But she admitted as much in a 2007 interview that’s what’s really killing her. It’s one thing to have these dusty minutes or newspaper accounts from 50 years ago.

But when you actually have video of somebody saying a completely contrary story to what they’re now pushing. It’s just so typical though of Elizabeth Warren. She’s doing all this stuff. Yesterday, I don’t know if you saw this, but Fox News came up with another one where she’s got two accounts.

She’s one of these people like Barack Obama was. She’s never really done anything but she’s got all these culpable memoirs. We’ve got memoirs from 2003 and 2014 where she’s talking about arguments with her parents about going to college.

But in 2017 the argument suddenly escalated to physical confrontation and her mother smacks her in the mouth. So apparently the Warren campaign is having problems trying to square those three conflicting accounts. This is the problem when you start lying. You can’t keep your stories straight.

Leahy: Well, everything about her background is a lie. You broke the story by the way about seven years ago when you and I first started investigating her false claims of Native American ancestry. You broke the story, Howie, that her recipe in the 1984 Pow Wow Chow Cookbook where she claimed to be a Cherokee was actually plagiarized from a New York Times recipe.

Carr: Right. There were two or three other recipes that came from some 1959 magazine. I think it was Better Homes and Gardens or one of those women’s magazines. It wasn’t like this was a mega effort of sleuthing to find this stuff out. You just typed in a few words into Google and the recipe popped right out at you. She did that.

She lied. You discovered the stuff, I believe, on Breitbart. The elopement of her parents. That was more nonsense. An elopement is usually where you run off in the dead of night and you get married by a JP and you consummate the marriage and there’s nothing they can do about it, the aggrieved parents.

But that wasn’t the case here at all. The Parents went over to the next town and got married by the Methodist minister in the biggest church in town. Then they went back for a party and wrote it up on the front page of the paper next week. (Leahy chuckles) It was just total nonsense. And the guy, her mentor chasing her around the desk.

That was another totally invented story from the MeToo movement a couple of years ago. She had spoken fondly of this guy who by the way had polio and been in an iron lung and needed a walker to get around. Now she’s suddenly having him lunge at her.

She’s clenching her fist and shaking and wearing brown to discourage these male predators. Again, she spoke highly of the guy at his memorial service when he died. Everybody is expendable in her life story if it advances her political career as she thinks it does anyway.

Leahy: Here’s the biggest question about Elizabeth Warren. Do you think she’s literally delusional or has some kind of mental illness that she cannot tell the truth about her own past?

Carr: No. I think it’s political expediency. It’s kind of interesting that the two Democrat front runners, now that Bernie is kind of sidelined are Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren. And Joe Biden, he tells these tall tales to make himself out to be some kind of Walter Mittyesc hero.

Confronting corn pop or pinning medals on this guy where he can’t remember the medal or the branch of the service the guy was in. It makes him look good. Elizabeth Warren, all of her tall tales make her out to be a victim. Maybe this is the real dichotomy between the wings of the Democrat party. One, they’re all liars.

But one group of liars wants to make themselves up to be noble individuals. Great Americans. And the other group wants to be victims entitled to some kind of hand out. Whether it’s a tenured position at the Ivy League or another job they didn’t deserve. It’s really weird isn’t it though?

Leahy: Very. Does Hilary Clinton look at the weakness of Joe Biden and look at the problems of the truth of her own past that Elizabeth Warren has and the health problems of Bernie Sanders. She’s been indicating that she wants to get back in again. Do you think she jumps back in the race?

Carr: I think that’s the 64 dollar question of the day. I tend to think that she’s looking at it. When Trump was Tweeting out yesterday that I hope she gets back in. Donald Trump, Jr. said the same thing. Cory Lewandowski who was on my show said the same thing. They’re kind of like taunting her. (Leahy chuckles)

And then she Tweets back, “Don’t tempt me.” I guess she was on PBS, panhandler radio, saying the same thing. So I think she’s kind of testing the waters. I mean she looks like she sobered up too. (Leahy laughs) I don’t know if you’ve seen her.

She looks like she’s been in detox. Her face is a lot less puffy and bloated than it has been in recent weeks you know? They must have her on some kind of regime or something where she can’t start knocking down the Chardonnay at nine in the morning anymore.

Leahy: Rested but not tan. And she wants to get back in is my view on it.

Carr: Oh, well I think so. I think so too. I mean look she’s in her 70’s. But look, Bernie’s 78. Biden’s about to turn 77. Elizabeth Warren, she’s the spring chicken of the group at a mere 70. Does anybody think these problems are going to end with Elizabeth Warren? It’s not like it’s once or twice.

You could fill up an entire hour just talking about all of these things and they keep popping up. And they’re going to keep popping up. I don’t know who discovered this one. I think it was a small website, this latest one. It wasn’t like it was again dusty old newspaper stories from microfilm.

I mean they had video of her totally contradicting what she’s saying. And the other thing about her, I think she knows what’s she’s doing. She began apparently tailoring this not saying she was shown the door. She began a kind of dialing it back a little back in the late summer as she began rising in the polls.

And I think she began to understand that probably people were out sniffing around and they realized that this was more spreading bull from sitting bull. (Leahy laughs) And so, of course, she had to tell CBS News, ‘Oh I didn’t realize I was changing my story subtly like that.’ Right.

What is the Cherokee word for Pinnochio? (Leahy laughs) Where is the fact-checker at the Washington Post when you really need them? They’re giving this story a good leaving alone, aren’t they?

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