Minnesota DFL Says It ‘Can’t Keep Up’ with Trump Campaign in New Fundraiser


Minnesota’s DFL Party launched a new “money blizzard” fundraising campaign this week and admitted in an announcement that it “just can’t keep up” with President Donald Trump’s campaign efforts in the state.

“Trump is coming to Minnesota this week to break our blue wall and flip our state red in 2020. That can’t happen. We’re launching a #MoneyBlizzard to make sure we have the resources to fight back against his hateful campaign,” the DFL wrote on Twitter Monday.

The party called the Trump campaign efforts “bad news for Dems everywhere,” noting that the president lost the state by just 1.5 percentage points in 2016.

“That’s the second closest Democratic state in the country after New Hampshire,” the DFL said. “Trump almost winning Minnesota was not a fluke. Minnesota, one of the last bastions of progressivism in the Midwest, has been trending more and more red in the last few presidential elections.”

The DFL claims that President Trump is “personally obsessed” with flipping Minnesota red in 2020 and said the president’s reelection campaign considers it the top flip opportunity in the country.

“Minnesota has the longest unbroken record of voting blue for president, and they’re putting everything they’ve got into flipping this state red,” the DFL continued. “The Trump campaign is staffing up in Minnesota in ways we’ve never seen before, and frankly we just can’t keep up. Trump and the GOP already have over two dozen staffers on the ground, and are promising more, and they have already trained over 600 volunteers in Minnesota.”

The party concludes its fundraising pitch by declaring that “there is no path to a Democratic victory in the presidential race without Minnesota in the blue column.”

“If Trump flips Minnesota red by flooding our state with money and campaign staff, we are guaranteed to have four more years of President Donald Trump,” the DFL said.

The DFL reached its goal of activating 1,000 new donors “who are committed to keeping Minnesota blue” after receiving support from a number of celebrities and politicians on Twitter.

“You know what I love about Minnesota? They elect very few jerks. Donald Trump wants to change that. These people are trying to stop him. You can help,” actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus wrote on Twitter with a link to the DFL’s fundraising campaign.

“Great job Minnesota! This goes a long way to stopping Trump’s attempt to de-nice-ify the nicest state,” she later said after the DFL reached its goal.

“Minnesota is too nice for Trump’s bulls—, but that won’t stop him from trying to change it. Support this organizing,” actor Don Cheadle wrote to his followers.

President Trump is scheduled to appear at a rally Thursday night at the Target Center along with Vice President Mike Pence. Second Lady Karen Pence and Lara Trump, the president’s daughter-in-law, were also in town Wednesday night for a panel discussion with Women for Trump.

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