Kroger Donates One of Their Former Facilities to Competitor


Kroger officials will donate one of their former stores to one of their competitors in Memphis, so that a certain neighborhood in that city will continue to have a place nearby to purchase groceries.

Kroger spokeswoman Teresa Dickerson confirmed to The Tennessee Star Monday that company officials are donating the property to Superlo Foods.

“We made a promise to the City of Memphis and the Orange Mound community to help bring a grocer back to the community. We wanted to keep our promise and by donating the building to Superlo, we kept our promise,” Dickerson said.

“Our purpose is to the Feed the Human Spirit and we wanted to stay true to our purpose.”

According to, residents of Orange Mound have gone without a good grocery store for a while. The former Kroger facility closed last year, and that meant local residents had to travel a greater distance for their groceries.

“But city leaders and two competing grocery chains worked together to come up with a solution that will restore a full-service grocer to the neighborhood,” the website reported, adding that Kroger officials wanted Superlo Foods to occupy their former facility.

“But Superlo was not in a financial position to purchase the building and open another store. Kroger hoped to find a buyer for the facility, but ultimately, corporate leaders put the needs of the people above the need for a profit by donating the $500,000 vacant building to Superlo,” reported.

“City leaders, including (Memphis City Councilwoman Jamita) Swearengen and Memphis mayor Jim Strickland, worked with the presidents of Superlo and Kroger to make the deal happen. The city is assisting with the deal, giving Superlo a $100,000 grant to get the store up and running. Kroger Delta Division President Victor Smith said this is the first time that Kroger’s has donated a building to a competitor in the company’s 136-year history.”

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
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One Thought to “Kroger Donates One of Their Former Facilities to Competitor”

  1. Horatio Bunce

    Another Jesse Jackson extortion success story.

    I’m sure the “smallish” Save-A-Lot and Family Dollar across the street as well as the Dollar General right next door appreciates Memphis giving corporate welfare to their competitor.

    Also kinda funny there are AutoZone, Advance Auto and O’reilly stores literally within sight of the place….you know where allegedly nobody has cars and have to walk to their “full service” grocery.