Michelle Malkin Joins the Tennessee Star Report to Talk About Her New Book ‘Open Borders, Inc.’ and the Silencing of Conservatives on Social Media


Special guest Michelle Malkin joined The Tennessee Star Report with Michael Patrick Leahy on Monday morning’s broadcast on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC. Leahy spoke to Malkin about her new book Open Borders, Inc. and discussed how so many conservatives are being de-platformed, disappeared, or de-personed on social media. “And so this social media which is so critical to helping the Tea Party succeed is now being rigged by its owners and CEO’s and many of the social justice warriors inside the company,” added Malkin.

Near the end of the segment, Malkin talked about a chapter in her book that describes how billions of dollars are being used and leveraged by the United Nations and transnational organizations, and NGO’s in Europe and Africa to dump hundreds of thousands of refugees not only into Tennessee but also in flyover country.

Leahy: Welcoming our good Michelle Malkin. Welcome, Michelle.

Malkin: Thanks for having me.

Leahy: First, I have to say some very good things about you. The author of Open Borders Inc. We’re going to talk about that in a bit. When the Tea Party launched in February of 2009 no one did more to promote it and to talk about and write about it than you did Michelle. So thank you so much for that.

Malkin: Well, thanks for helping to ignite it and showing how grassroots conservatives, limited government Americans can make a difference. Of course, it’s been 10 years. Many of the grassroots Tea Party’s that haven’t been high jacked by the establishment are still around today. It was an incredible time to be involved and engaged in politics. And it can happen again.

Leahy: You and I last met on the 4th of July in Dallas, Texas. You were the headline speaker at the largest Tea Party in the country at that time at the Old South Fork Ranch. You gave a spectacular speech to 37,000 people. Great job there. By the way, before we get to your book.

What on earth is happening with this vile lying group called Southern Poverty Law Center that is bullying folks and not allowing ACT for America that the very courageous Christian immigrant journalist Brigitte Gabriel has put together? They were going to have an event at Mar-a-Lago in Florida and it was canceled. What happened there? You were going to speak there, weren’t you?

Malkin: I was going to speak about the themes of Open Borders, Inc on November 7th. And the Southern Poverty Law Center got wind of it. Issued one of its hate watch bulletins which were regurgitated by the Miami Herald, The Guardian, and The New York Times.

And within hours of the regurgitation of that the inflammatory propaganda, Mar-a-Lago which is run by the Trump organization informed Brigitte Gabriel and ACT for America that the event that I was going to speak at was going to be canceled. It’s their annual banquet. It would have been their 11th.

Many mainstream Republicans have been passed on a reason speakers at these banquets including many current members of the Trump administration. For example, Mike Pompeo and Jim Bridenstine respectively the cabinet members in the Trump administration and yet Mar-a-Lago swallowed wholesale the smear that ACT for America was ‘anti-Muslim.’ You mentioned Brigitte’s background.

Of course, she has been one of the most outspoken and vigilant activists against radical Islam and Sharia. These are topics that I have covered over the last 25 years as well. And it illustrates something that is in Open Borders, Inc.

I have an entire chapter on the smear machine of Southern Poverty Law Center which works in concert with the council on Islamic Relations to smear every last effective spokesperson for national sovereignty and against Jihad and radical Islam. They are now literally almost in bed with the Silicon Valley CEO’s who allow them in their inner sanctum to help design algorithms and artificial intelligence to target Trump’s supporters online.

And we know that these people have an explicit goal to deny President Trump’s re-election in 2020. That’s why you’re seeing so many people de-platformed, disappeared, de-personed, whatever you want to call it. And so this social media which is so critical to helping the Tea Party succeed is now being rigged by its owners and CEO’s and many of the social justice warriors inside the company.

We’re not talking about the rank and file engineers. They’re the ones that are leaking all this information to our friends like James O’Keefe and Project Veritas. But these are the people who are the managers who run the companies that are virtue signaling and using their power against us.

Leahy: We see that all over the place. We’ve seen that with our own Tennessee Star and our various outlets that are just reporting the truth. Google and Facebook will not list you. They’ll try and de-platform you. Facebook will threaten you on and off.

But their long term plan is exactly as you say to de-platform anybody that reports the truth that’s not part of the shall we say, the left-wing party line. About your book, Open Borders, Inc. Let me just say, I have looked because this is an area I reported on at Breitbart myself.

I’ve looked at your documentation. It is stellar. I went into each chapter and your footnotes. Very very strong. What’s the most important piece of information for our listeners on Open Borders, Inc.?

Malkin: Well, George Soros couldn’t do it alone. And that is a message that I’ve been bringing across the country to many of the people who are my fans and followers who are very familiar in general with George Soros’s domestic agitators from Move On to the Answer Coalition to Code Tank.

The usual suspects that are jamming up the works in the Beltway. The people who’ve been running the impeachment-palooza since the Bush years. He couldn’t do it alone. In fact, this is not going to be shocking news to people who are well informed.

But the billions of dollars of taxpayers subsidies that are going to underwrite these Soros United Nations agendas I think is going to shock the average listener, viewer, or reader. And in Tennessee of course, you’ve seen the fundamental transformation of so many of your communities at the hands of the refugee resettlement racquet.

And it’s a lot of these religious non-profit, tax-exempt organizations, catholic bishops, the Lutheran Immigrant and Refugee services are the two big kahunas in the refugee resettlement space. That’s billions of dollars that are being used and leveraged by the United Nations and transnational organizations, NGO’s in Europe and Africa to dump hundreds of thousands of refugees into Tennessee and in flyover country.

This is not just happening in the coastal bubbles without any kind of local input that is required by our system of governance.

Leahy: Absolutely.

Malkin: Now, President Trump is trying to change that. And of course, in the book, I flag the effort of your good vigilant government officials in Tennessee who waged an unprecedented and I think much-needed and overdue effort in the courts to assert Tennessee’s 10th amendment right in this regard.

I think every state in the nation needs to try to do it. And of course, you’ve been stymied. But there is going to be an appeal and there are these pockets of resistance. I mean let’s take that word back in communities that have been completed overwhelmed and transformed by the refugee dump.

But you look at a place like the Twin Cities and people scratch their heads and wonder why that happened. Well, you’ve got to follow the money to find the truth.

Leahy: Absolutely. And you have an entire chapter, Unholy Alliance the Pope, Catholic bishops, and Amnesty profiteers. And other religious groups like Lutheran. And you’re quite right here in Tennessee. The Tennessee General Assembly has filed a lawsuit against the federal government for placing refugees here forcing Tennessee taxpayers to pay for it.

A federal lawsuit as you note has gone through the court systems and thrown out for lack of standing. But they’re appealing it. And I think the final outcome may be quite different from that. We also have here in the studio with me and good friend Crom Carmicheal. Who’s been a conservative in Nashville for years. And Crom is a big fan of yours and has a question for you.

Carmicheal: Michelle, I am very interested in the, I know you are because you do it every day, the 2020 election. The Tea Party was instrumental in the 2016 election even though the Obama Administration did everything it could to stifle the Tea Party organizations across the country.

Where do the Tea Party’s stand now? Will they be a big part? And then how do the Tea Party’s communicate with each other with all of the work that the left-wing folks in the media are doing to try and stifle them?

Malkin: Yeah. It’s a great question. And I’ve been traveling all across the country for my book tour. And everywhere I go there are folks who have become politically ignited because of the Tea Party movement. And there is obviously a lot of overlap between the Tea Party and the Trump Train I guess you could call it.

Because the roots are distinctively populist. And you know we always have to note that the Tea Party didn’t just rise up in opposition to the far left and Obama. It was against the Republican beltway swamp establishment in disgust with many of the left-winger’s of the party.

Or the people who have been elected, gone to DC and forgotten why they were elected in the first place and got absorbed by the Beltway Swamp board. And I think you’re going to see the same type of activism be very crucial in this election because of course, Trump is not only battling the usual open borders far-leftists in the Democrat party.

There are so many people within the Republican party that want to see him fail. And I’ve always said that fragging inside the tent that is so much more dangerous than the bombs that are lobbed from enemies outside the party.

Leahy: Absolutely.

Malkin: And I think that that is going to play a key role. And then I’ve been holding Stand with ICE rallies in major cities and it is in large part many of the Tea Party people who are willing to put their boots on the ground 10 years ago are now showing up and doing the public civic engagement that’s absolutely necessary in an era where you’ve got ANTIFA and Abolish ICE radicals that are physically threatening the men and women on the front lines.

Leahy: Michelle Malkin author of Open Borders, Inc. Thank you so much for joining us. Will you come back and give us a report on how your book is doing and you’re next projects?

Malkin: Absolutely. Anytime. I appreciate you. Thank you so much.

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2 Thoughts to “Michelle Malkin Joins the Tennessee Star Report to Talk About Her New Book ‘Open Borders, Inc.’ and the Silencing of Conservatives on Social Media”

  1. Charles Schumacher

    I don’t know what Mr. Delzell has been smoking, but it has seriously impaired his cognitive ability. Or maybe he is just so far out on the left wing that everything he sees appears to be to his right. Or maybe he’s really a conservative trying to discredit the leftists by writing this preposterous nonsense.

    “Anyone under 30 who isn’t a liberal has no heart; anyone over 30 who is still a liberal has no brain.” (attributed to Winston Churchill) Presumably, Mr. Delzell is over 30, and his posts are strong evidence of Sir Winston’s wisdom..

  2. William R. Delzell

    Oh, you poor conservatives are breaking my heart! You practically OWN the mainstream (or is it lame-stream) media. The PBS programs that pretend to be either liberal or objective are secretly conservative-lite. They do not really show any disagreements with Fox News. My gripe about the media is its SHORTAGE of genuinely leftist media to balance out the Rush Limbaughs, the Judy Woodroff’s, etc. All of these people have either subtle or blatantly right-wing biases.

    The only truly leftist perspective that one can find in the U.S. are Amy Goodman’s DEMOCRACY NOW!, Christopher Hedges’s REALITY ASSERTS ITSELF, etc. One has to hunt around on the channel dial or radio dial to access these unless you use YOUTUBE.

    It’s just like the two parties, both of which are really varying shades of right-wing Republicanism. The so-called Democrats are merely Republican-lite with the exception of genuinely progressive rank-and-file Democrats like Bernie Sanders and AOC. The leadership/establishment Democrats, in contrast, such as Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer only PRETEND to be liberal and leftist so as to manipulate the progressive rank-and-file to impotence.

    No, you don’t fool me about any left-wing dominated news media in the U.S., because it does not exist! The corporate right wing owns and dominates most of our news and entertainment media.