Manny Sethi Commentary: If Republicans Lose in 2020, We’re Headed for an Illegal Immigrant Invasion

by Dr. Manny Sethi


I believe that if Republicans lose in 2020, we’re headed for an illegal immigrant invasion. The Democrats are going to give this country away. As the child of immigrants who came here legally, I’m not okay with that.

But let me back up.

As children growing up in India, my parents saw their homes burned to the ground due to sectarian violence.

It took them seven years to immigrate to America. They said goodbye to everyone they’d ever known, and came here, determined that their future children would never know the crushing poverty they did.

Because of their sacrifice, I was born here in America. I grew up in Coffee County, where Mom and Dad were country doctors. Mom was an OBGYN, the only one for miles. She delivered over 7000 babies there. Dad was one of the only family doctors in our area, often taking patients to the hospital in his blue Oldsmobile since our area didn’t have too many ambulances.

Dad used to say, “America has given our family everything. Be grateful you were born here.”

I lost him when I was 22, but I can still hear Dad’s voice. I still remember his love of our country, the gratitude he felt for this place. My family has always felt that deep gratitude. That’s why they worked so hard to give back to the country that’s given us so much.

I believe our current system is deeply unfair.

My family obeyed the law. So why do other people get to come here illegally, break the law, and get welfare benefits? And if you have a problem with this, the radical Left calls you racist. It’s outrageous, and it’s just a means of silencing conservatives and shutting down debate.

Well, I am not going to be silenced, and this is a debate we are going to have in this campaign.

Despite an immigration system that favors chain migration (low-skilled immigration) over merit-based immigration (high-skilled immigration), my parents were able to come here. Through their work as physicians they added tremendous value to our country and assimilated into American culture and life.

But our immigration system is completely flawed by a combination of liberals that simply want to import Democrat voters from Central America, Big Business Republicans in Washington who only care about getting more cheap labor, and a liberal media that makes people who know better too afraid to speak out.

This isn’t hard: We should prioritize getting people like my parents into this country, while keeping people who want to break the law from ever getting in here.

Instead what we’ve got is an invasion of our borders by illegal aliens. It’s a mess, created by our politicians.

I know immigration affects us all, but I am the only candidate in this race for whom this is deeply personal —and that’s why I’m so serious about fixing it.

Here’s my three-point plan to tackle our immigration crisis:

1. We need to support President Trump and build the wall. We need to have a wall not only to keep out illegal immigrants from Central America crossing the border at record numbers but also, to keep out the violence and drugs that are plaguing Mexico’s landscape on a daily basis. In the month of May there were over 144,000 arrests of people crossing the border illegally, and there would have been nearly a million crossings had it not been for President Trump getting a deal with Mexico to stop the caravans. If you can’t control your own borders, you’re not a real country. Period.

2. We need to end chain migration. I’m a Christian, a humanitarian, and a doctor. So, when I look at the basket case that Central America is today, it’s heartbreaking.

But why should American workers and taxpayers have to pay the price for that? We can’t absorb immigrants at the pace we’re currently on and retain our American identity. We have a broken system today that favors chain migration, and that leads to people coming here illegally, becoming welfare recipients, and then importing their family members who will also go on welfare. This isn’t sustainable.

We need to switch to a merit-based system that prioritizes immigrants, like my parents who will work to improve the nation that we know and love, whose children will grow up understanding the American Dream, and whose presence will make America stronger.

3. We must end birthright citizenship for illegal aliens. We must put a stop to illegal aliens sneaking into our country, having kids who automatically become citizens, and are able to gain access to all welfare programs. We must protect the rule of law, and end incentives for criminal behavior.

You can’t swing a dead cat in D.C. without hitting a gutless politician who says one thing about stopping illegal immigration, to get elected but then does another when the chips are down. I’m not a politician, and I’m never going to be one of them. I will always tell the truth. No matter what the Left wants to call me.

I am running for the United States Senate to stand firm, defend our conservative Tennessee values, and support President Trump in setting things right.

Trust me, I know the Left and the GOP Establishment don’t like me saying these things. But I’m not backing down. I’m not running to please them. I’m running for every single Tennessean who wants a conservative outsider who is unafraid of the PC police.

We’re going to fix this problem when I get to the Senate.

We don’t have any other choice.

Dr. Manny Sethi is a trauma surgeon at Vanderbilt and candidate for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate in Tennessee 







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5 Thoughts to “Manny Sethi Commentary: If Republicans Lose in 2020, We’re Headed for an Illegal Immigrant Invasion”

  1. Saba

    It’s already started. Over the past few decades the Republicans have not had balls enough to stand up for the American People. When they controlled Congress, Senate and Presidency when President Trump was elected they did not stand up, they cowered and did not back President Trump. The Republicans let their constituents down big time.

  2. Ron Welch

    As I’ve heard it said many times, “when you’re taking flak, it means you’re over the target.”

    KOKO, Dr. Manny!

  3. Ralph

    Dr. Sethi has missed the point. He is attempting to ride the coat tail of outrage about illegal aliens, saying we may be headed for a crisis. Really? Did he actually say that? That train left the station a long time ago Dr. – precipitated by immigration legislation passed in 1965 that put our country on a path of self-destruction.

    That crisis is ongoing and what we need is the political courage and wisdom (gasp) to manage the crisis. As a physician, he is undoubtedly well-schooled in crisis management. How has the crisis impacted the state of Tennessee, specifically, and what does he plan to do? What is his plan to work with the state’s Governor and legislative body to ensure that the plan provides the optimal approach? What will he do to repatriate illegal aliens currently undermining the socioeconomic pact and provide further opportunity for our legal residents and our citizens? That’s a good start.


    President Trump’s administration put forward a plan that would provide $2 of developmental foreign aid to Central American countries for every $1 spent on the border wall. Simultaneously, he demanded that the countries in the region address the problems they have with corruption and concentration of wealth – a problem we have in this country too BTW – and insist that Mexico work with us to stem the tide. Mexico has stepped up to the plate, and now it’s incumbent upon Guatemala to step up as well. But there is deep and long-standing enmity between Guatemala and Mexico, so that needs to be addressed in a tactful and effective manner. What are Dr. Seth’s credentials regarding diplomacy?

    (And no, I’m not stumping for Hagerty here either, although as I write this, I have to say I’m convincing myself that he’s the better candidate for U.S. Senator, by a goodly margin.)

    Mexico has job opportunities and they offered those to the so-called refugees – they refused. What they want is to invade the U.S. and further undermine the country in accordance with the globalists’ design. The same globalists that are financing airplane trips from the African continent to Central America and cruise ships from Northern Africa into Europe – where is the investigation of that pipeline and what would Dr. Sethi do to craft legislation that would spell an end to it? Will Dr. Sethi investigate the Tennessee Immigration and Refugee Rights Coalition and how their actions might be undermining existing immigration law? To the detriment of our legal residents and citizens I might add.


    Since trade policies and foreign developmental aid provides needed leverage (and President Trump is all about leverage), what are Dr. Seth’s bona fides on that dimension? Not much. Being an “outsider” can also be synonymous with being clueless and ineffective.

    President Trump’s administration is doing the right thing to repatriate industry and revitalize the middle class in our country through tax and trade policies, which are the tools at his disposal. He appointed a forward thinker at the U.S. Dept. of Education to terminate the great social experiment and prepare young minds for the restored opportunities. What’s Dr. Sethi’s plan to see that Tennessee leads the way on that, consistent with Gov. Lee’s initiatives and how does he view his role a a U.S. Senator toward that end?


    So President Trump’s administration is not simply addressing symptoms (i.e., the flood of illegals) but the root cause (lack of basic needs and opportunity in their native countries which makes it impossible to survive, let alone thrive.)

    And from Sr. Sethi? Crickets. Just throw out some red meat and the stupefied populace will eat it up.

    As a registered voter in the state, I expect candidates with specific plans and I well and truly don’t care what their party affiliation is. In fact, I’d much prefer an independent candidate – one who puts the country first, not the party.

  4. Ron Welch

    The United States SHALL guarantee to every State in this Union a republican form of government and SHALL protect each of them against invasion… ((Article IV, Section 4)

    Manny Sethi states what is precisely pursuant to one of the “few and defined” powers which have been delegated to the United States government that it SHALL do! Conserving and obeying the words of the Constitution instead of the status quo; that is what true conservativism is!

  5. Stuart I. Anderson

    Chris Devaney is a magic man. For years we have had problems with immigration so that there are between 20 and30 million illegals living among us and there is no record of Chairman Manny doing or saying anything about immigration or in fact acting in any way to help the conservative movement. Now the Chairman has plunked down at least $1.5 million to buy himself a Senate seat and hired Chris to make it happen and suddenly we have a table pounding conservative allegedly writing detailed policy statements about immigration. It’s magic I tell you.

    There is no proven solid conservative running for the U. S. Senate in Tennessee in 2020 so the only thing conservatives can do is vote so as to help the conservative movement in the future. Voting AGAINST Chairman Manny because of his utter lack of conservative bona fides would be a fine step in that direction.