Neil McCabe: Republicans Take an Offensive and Emotional Stance as Democrats Search for ‘Reason’ to Impeach


In a weekly interview on The Tennessee Star Report Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast live Thursday morning on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am – Leahy welcomed One America News Networks own investigative reporter, Neil McCabe to the show to discuss the impeachment process.

During the conversation, McCabe explained how Nancy Pelosi although disliking Trump, doesn’t want to really move on the impeachment because it’s disturbing her agenda. He also stated that he believes the House will move forward with impeachment between Veterans Day and Thanksgiving based upon bogus articles of maleficence and mal-administrative practices.

Leahy: We are joined now on the line by our good friend from One America News Network in Washington, D.C. cleaning up the swamp for us. Neil McCabe. Welcome, Neil.

McCabe: Hey Michael. Good morning.

Leahy: A crazy day up in Washington. So yesterday the Republicans put together a proposal to censure Shifty Adam Schiff for lying about the President’s phone call at a committee hearing. And in a partisan vote, it went down. One of the good things that are being accomplished in Washington today. (Chuckles)

McCabe: Ok. The first thing is that a loss is a loss. The Republicans were not able to pull off a censure of Adam Schiff. However, and let me make the point, the vote itself was not over the censure.

Leahy: It was tabled.

McCabe: They were able to table it. however, you had zero distractions from the Republicans’ and obviously Justin Amash voted with the Democrats but that was a foregoing conclusion. So the House Republicans are absolutely in line and they are on the same team and you don’t have sort of people going on their own.

Even though sometimes you’ll see them on CNN or MSNBC talking about how uncomfortable they are about this that or the other thing. They’re on board and on duty. And it’s interesting to me that in Clinton and Nixon impeachment fights, the President’s party on Capitol Hill was always playing defense.

But in this impeachment fight, the Trump side is absolutely on offense. So imagine if it was in the middle of the Clinton or Nixon impeachment the other parties are like imagine if in Watergate the Republicans said, ‘Oh really? You want to impeach our guy. Why don’t we just censure the guy that’s leading this.’ But it’s happening now. House Republicans are convinced that Adam Schiff lied to them.

Leahy: Oh yeah.

McCabe: Led them. And has been unfair to them. And this is real. It’s an emotional thing with them. This isn’t some stance or some act. The fact that Schiff read that crazy transcript that he made up. The fact that Schiff has boxing them out of proceedings. And now we know Bill Taylor is testifying today who is the acting ambassador of Ukraine.

Now we find out that one of Schiff’s staffers traveled to Ukraine and was meeting with Taylor right around July and August when all this stuff was going down as they were creating the quid pro quo narrative. Almost had a whole cloth because they needed something to impeach the President. They want to impeach the President. They’re going to impeach the President. They just don’t have a reason yet Mike.

Leahy: Yeah. They’re still working on that reason. And what strikes me about this is the brazenness with which the Democrats from Nancy Pelosi on down, are sticking to their secretive star chamber type approach to impeachment. It strikes me that although it may play well in the parlors of the swamp in Washington, D.C., it doesn’t seem to go well with the Americans who still have a sense of fair play. What do you make of that Neil?

McCabe: Right. People expect to know what’s going on. So Schiff makes a big deal and says that he was a federal prosecutor. Yeah.  Right out of law school he was a junior prosecutor at a US attorney’s office. So yes, he was once a prosecutor. But he was the kid who sort of handled the parking tickets. (Leahy laughs)

So he is running this like a grand jury where everything’s in secret and the people who are being accused do not have the opportunity to present counsel. None of the President’s people or staffers or attorneys are allowed to participate in this process. And I’ll mention two things. One, Hillary Clinton was on the Democratic house staff during Watergate.

She was fired because she had written a memo and she was making the case that President Nixon should not be allowed an attorney or lawyer representation during the impeachment fight. And it was so obnoxious and so against the sense of fair play that House Democrats, fired Hillary Clinton because they’re saying, ‘You know what? You’re being unfair to President Nixon.’ So imagine that?

And the second thing is, Schiff was elected to Congress in the 2000 cycle. He beat a guy named James Rogan. James Rogan was one of the prosecutors in the House who led the fight to impeach Clinton. And Rogan was one of the guys who made the case to impeach Clinton on the Senate floor when it went to the Senate. And Schiff criticized him relentlessly for his efforts to impeach Clinton. And here we are now.

Leahy: Yeah. Here’s what I find astonishing. This is such a violation of fair play. But within Washington, D.C., if you really asked Nancy Pelosi about this, if you could tap into her true thoughts.

McCabe: Like the truth serum question?

Leahy: Yeah, give her the truth serum. Would she say it was a good idea to do it this way?

McCabe: Absolutely not. Nancy Pelosi does not want to do impeachment at all. She personally loathes the President.  And remember, this is not about foreign policy. This isn’t about the Biden’s. This is about keeping the abortion industry legal. This is about going after guns. This is about keeping control in Washington. This is about keeping taxes high.

Not for revenue purposes Mike. Democrats want taxes to be high so they can sell tax breaks and tax loopholes right? So it’s that system that the Democrats are trying to protect but they don’t want to say it’s about abortion. It’s about guns. It’s about taxes. It’s about keeping the state strong. They want to tell you it’s about a constitutional crisis and dystopia or whatever that word is they use all the time.

Leahy: The opposite of utopia.

McCabe: Yeah. So Nancy Pelosi is being pushed by the progressive caucus and a congressional black caucus to impeach and she is desperately trying to stay one step ahead of them because she knows that it’s not going to do well in the Senate.

She also knows that it is eating up her agenda. And so they aren’t able to pass bills to embarrass the Republicans and embarrass Trump which is what she wants to be doing going into the election. So this thing will wrap up by Thanksgiving.

Remember, there are only 24 days left for the House to be in session between now and the end of the year. So that’s not a lot of time. Maybe you get December, January for the Senate. But remember too, the Iowa caucus is February third and the New Hampshire primary is the 10th. So you can’t have impeachment stepping on top of your presidential election.

Leahy: Now how does that work? Rush Limbaugh thinks there will never be actually an impeachment vote. Let’s say, we’re October 22nd right now. What is the game plan to bring this to a vote on the floor to impeach the President? That’s a month from now and there’s been nothing that’s been opened in this process. What are the mechanics of this Neil?

McCabe: Remember, so much of what’s happened in Washington has nothing to do with politics or policy. It’s all about the calendar. They’re obsessed with the calendar because it’s the calendar that decides everything. What’s going to happen is they’re going to come back from their recess for Veterans Day that’s the second Monday, right?

Leahy: Of November yeah.

McCabe: When they come back from the Veteran’s Day break, they vote for impeachment before. So between Veterans Day and Thanksgiving is when they have the vote to impeach. And they have the votes. I mean it’s going to happen. And then it goes over to the Senate.

Leahy: But they’re not going to have any articles. There’s not going to be any evidence presented right?

McCabe: They’ll present an article saying he manipulated foreign policy for his personal gain or political purposes and it was maleficence. And it was mal-administrative.

Leahy: So you think they’ll pass and it will go to the Senate.

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