Scott Johnson Says New Omar Revelations Have ‘Added Insult to Injury’ Among Somali Constituents


Scott Johnson, an attorney and contributor to Powerline, joined Tucker Carlson on Fox News Tuesday night to discuss the latest revelations in Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN-05) secret affair with a campaign aide.

The Minnesota Sun reported this week on a new story from The Daily Mail that shows Omar spent at least six nights in her DC apartment with Tim Mynett, a political consultant who has received hundreds of thousands of dollars from Omar’s campaign committee.

Omar denied the existence of their relationship in an August interview and paid Mynett’s consulting firm another $146,713 in the third quarter of this year.

Johnson said the question raised from Omar’s affair with Mynett is “whether she is using campaign funds for personal purposes.”

“And that harks back to her time in the State Legislature. We learned this year at the conclusion of a year-long investigation by the Minnesota State Campaign Finance Board that she freely used campaign funds on a penny ante type basis for personal purposes on at least nine occasions and they ordered her to pay back the funds and fined her for it,” Johnson said.

Johnson noted that multiple complaints have been filed with the Federal Election Commission regarding the matter, but he believes “it’s going to take some time for that to play out.”

“In the meantime, I’d encourage your viewers to take a look at what can be learned from this state Campaign Finance Board investigation that incidentally discovered that she had filed two years—at least two years—of tax returns with a guy who she is now married to, but wasn’t her husband at the time while she was married to her brother, whom she married in 2009,” Johnson claimed.

Johnson said he’s in contact with a number of sources from Minnesota’s Somali community and has learned that the new Daily Mail story “has had a huge impact.”

“I’ve been talking to Somalis all day, this segment is live on my friend Zerda Sheik’s Facebook page tonight because of interest in the Somali community about this Daily Mail story,” said Johnson. “I thought this story was more of the same. This is the second or third Daily Mail story, Tucker, on her affair, but this one had a photo of the guy carrying in what looks to be like a six-pack of Stella Artois in their apartment in DC.”

Johnson said that “has really added kind of insult to injury,” especially in the Hawiye clan that her husband belongs to, which forbids alcohol consumption.

“Let me just say she is a fraud in every respect,” Johnson concluded.

Watch the full interview below:

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