Facebook Flags a Doctored Video of Sen Lindsey Graham Praising Democrats’ Green New Deal

by Chris White


Facebook nixed a political ad Saturday that contained a doctored video of Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham proclaiming his support for the Green New Deal.

The ad was the brainchild of Really Online Lefty League, a left-leaning political advocacy group that opposes Facebook’s ad policies. The ad falsely claimed Graham supported the GND, a radical approach to tackle climate change that failed in the Senate in March.

Really Lefty League’s ad was eligible for review because it was paid for by a political action group rather than a politician, Facebook spokesman Tom Channick told Reuters Saturday. The company decided in September to exempt politicians like President Donald Trump from a fact-checkers’ gavel.

The group’s ad came after Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez grilled CEO Mark Zuckerberg at an Oct. 23 congressional hearing about his decision. Zuckerberg said the New York Democrat might be able to create an ad on his platform suggesting a Republican supports the GND.

Democratic presidential candidates have lambasted the company recently for allowing Trump to make purportedly false claims about former vice president Joe Biden. Biden himself asked Facebook on Oct. 8 not to permit the president’s campaign to publish an add exploiting his work in Ukraine.

“It shouldn’t be up to one man or one company to decide for a country what truth in advertising in politics looks like,” Adriel Hampton, The Really Online Lefty League treasurer, told reporters Oct. 25.

Hampton added: “And we need to have a robust conversation around that, which includes where Mark Zuckerberg is not the decision-maker.”

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