The Tennessee Star Report: Neil McCabe Pays a Visit to Alleged Whistleblower’s Family Mansion in Connecticut


In a weekly scheduled interview on The Tennessee Star Report Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast live Tuesday morning on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am – Leahy welcomed One America News Network’s own investigative reporter, Neil McCabe to explain his recent trip to the family Connecticut mansion of Eric Ciaramella. Ciaramella, who is known as a CIA analyst and former National Security Council staffer that served in both the Obama and Trump administrations as a career intelligence officer.

During the segment, McCabe described how he and OANN camera crew went to the alleged home of Ciaramella and questioned a man who drove up to the home while they were on the property and added that his next visit will be to his home in Washington, D.C. next week.

Leahy: Right now we’re going to talk to our good friend Neil McCabe, One America News Network correspondent in Washington, D.C. Neil you’re looking to cause trouble there for that whistleblower. You’re trying to find out who he is. Tell us about your adventures there.

McCabe: The people have a right to know Michael.

Leahy: I agree. So the name of this individual is out there in a number of publications. It’s been reported. What’s the name you’ve reported the kid’s name. It’s like a 30 something-year-old Yale grad who was sort of a John Brennan type at the CIA.

McCabe: John Brennan acolyte who was recruited to the CIA. I’m just going to say it, but it might now be true. But I’m just going to say it. I think there is a federal law that caps the size of the White House staff OK? And so what they do is they say, ‘OK, you can only have 50 staffers for the President.’

And so agencies all over the government then cast people to the White House for their staff. So at the national security council staff, they might have 300 people working there but a lot of them are from the CIA and the state department, and the Pentagon. So their salaries are charged to another agency. There’s a young man, Eric Ciaramella who has been associated with the so-called whistleblower complaint.

Leahy: Yes.

McCabe: And who knows if he’s the whistleblower or not.

Leahy: He’s been associated with that complaint. What do we know about this young man? He’s a Yale graduate, early 30’s?

McCabe: Right. So he was the Yale class of 2008. He went to a prep school in Connecticut called Chase Collegiate. He grew up in Connecticut. Once he joined the CIA and then was assigned to the White House he was working on the Ukraine desk. He is fluent in Russian and Ukrainian. And he traveled with Vice President Joe Biden.

Leahy: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. He traveled with Vice President Joe Biden?

McCabe: He was a senior analyst for Joe Biden in the context of Joe Biden. Joe Biden was deputized as being in charge of American policy in Ukraine. Remember there was a made on revolution was 2013-2014.

Leahy: Right.

McCabe: Biden made his first trip to Ukraine in July 2009 so for the four years leading up to that revolution with the corrupt oligarchs. Biden was the guy in charge of American policy there. And in fact, Paul Manafort as a US political consultant working for politicians in Ukraine was coordinating with the American embassy in Kiev.

But that’s another story, with the Ukraine you go down so many roads. So anyway this kid grew up in Connecticut and some people I rely on (Leahy chuckles) told me that the kid was hiding out at his parent’s house in Connecticut.

Leahy: In Connecticut. So what did the intrepid Neil McCabe do?

McCabe: So we took a walk down that street.

Leahy: So you went up to Connecticut. By the way, you have a YouTube video of you and your cameraman and you’re walking down the street in your determined military reservist sort of way, the guy who can run four miles in 8.5 minutes or 9-minute clip?

McCabe: Four miles I’ll do in about nine. But for my four-mile PT test I did 8:40.

Leahy: I’m impressed. By the way, I still have a challenge out for you this summer. I got to train for it. I’m not quite there. I’m going to challenge you to a four-mile race. (Laughs)

McCabe: So we went up and rang the bell. Knocked on the door.

Leahy: And it’s a big Connecticut house. It’s a huge house. It’s a big house.

McCabe: It’s a wonderful house.

Leahy: It’s a gorgeous house this kid grew up in.

McCabe: Oh, wonderful. I don’t know if it’s the house he grew up in but it’s the house his parents live in now. There was no answer. Right? All the lights are off. So we didn’t’ know what to do. Then you know all of a sudden this BMW  drives up and a man gets out in sunglasses. And I don’t know if it’s the kid’s father. He identified himself with the same name as the father.

Leahy: So let me just say. This is very careful reporting on your part. I love this about you, Neil. Because most people would say, ‘Oh, it’s the father.’ Well no. What are the facts that you know? You know the guy has the same name as the kid’s father and that’s what you report. That’s real reporting.

McCabe: Well you know it’s tough. I learned my journalism from the US Army. The Defense Information School for George EG.. Maryland. So when you’re writing for an Army newspaper you can’t play the same tricks as everybody else. (Leahy laughs) I asked him, I said, ‘Do you know him?’ And he said, ‘Yes.’ And I said, ‘Is he here?’ And he glances to the house and then glances back and says, ‘No.’

Leahy: Maybe, maybe there was a little of “oh I don’t know.”

McCabe: Like a tell.

Leahy: Like a tell. A poker tell. (Laughs) No, no he’s not here. (Laughs)

McCabe: He asked us to shut off the camera which I then did.

Leahy: Of course, you did because you’re on their property. And it’s their property.

McCabe: I’m very close to Jason Mattera and I was at Human Events when he was the editor of Human Events. Jason does the hardcore videos.

Leahy: He does. (Aggressive voice) “When did you stop beating your wife?” That kind of stuff right?

McCabe: I know Nick Dalacy who’s at PJ Media who does what I call it the “soft ambush.” (Leahy laughs) And I’m sort of like, softer than Nick Dalacy.

Leahy: The softest ambush possible by Neil McCabe. (Laughs)

McCabe: Listen you know. Right, and if the kid is involved with the CIA I don’t need to be disappeared. (Leahy chuckles) I don’t need somebody throwing me in a van. So anyway, (Leahy chuckles) we made ourselves known. He asked for my card. He told me he would give my card to Eric.

Leahy: Give your card to Eric.

McCabe: Yeah, so we’ll see what happens. Hold on. Let me just check, my ringers on. I usually shut it off for the interview so that in case he calls while I’m on the phone with you, Mike.

Leahy: Let me just borrow a line from Howie Carr. When the phone didn’t ring we know it was the whistleblower calling for Neil McCabe. (Laughter)

McCabe: I love Howie Carr, by the way. Are you serious? Are you a Howie Carr guy?

Leahy: Yeah, Howie’s a good friend of mine.

McCabe: Ahh!

Leahy: We actually began the whole Elizabeth Warren “Pow Wow Chow” Cookbook adventure back in 2012 and found out that she has zero Native American ancestry. But that’s another story for another day.

McCabe: Absolutely.

Leahy: So this kid, this 30-year-old kid who worked closely with Joe Biden, who some reports indicate may have been involved in this whistleblower thing. Some reports indicate that he may have actually talked with Adam Schiff or his staff before filing the whistleblower complaint which I don’t think is legal right? I don’t think it is. Maybe it is.

McCabe: Well, it is a problem. What’s legal is that when Schiff got the complaint on August 12th, he was supposed to immediately notify members of the committee. Instead, for more than a month he held it as a close hold.

Leahy: Oh, no.

McCabe: I’m guessing. I don’t know, I’m guessing that he told the Democrats on the committee.

Leahy: Yeah.

McCabe: However, he was tweeting during that sort of quiet time. (Leahy laughs) He was tweeting word for word from the complaint.

Leahy: Oh gosh. Hey Neil, will you come back next week same time same place and tell us more about this?

McCabe: We’re going to his Washington house, Mike.

Leahy: Oh, I’ve got to hear about this!

McCabe: Thank you, Mike.

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