Commentary: Trump Fuels Rise of Black Conservatives

by George Rasley


As regular readers of CHQ know, we don’t do identity politics. Our one and only test of a candidate’s fitness for office is their adherence to the principles of the modern conservative movement – fidelity to the Constitution and the preservation of liberty under God’s laws.

However, as observers of the political environment we would be remiss not to observe and remark on an underreported phenomenon of the Trump era – the rise of a new and outspoken generation of conservative African American political candidates and political commentators.

The Democratic Party has long taken the African American vote for granted and practiced a vicious form of plantation politics through which the votes of African Americans have been harvested to elect and re-elect corrupt Democrat politicians who have left Black-majority cities and rural areas devasted wastelands of poverty and neglected infrastructure.

Donald Trump’s campaign question to Black communities: What have you got to lose? Seems to have empowered and embolden this group of younger African Americans to run for office and offer conservatism as the alternative to the Democrats’ long record of neglect.

And on Tuesday, one of the stars of this generation of Black conservatives was elected as Kentucky’s Attorney General.

As our friend John Gizzi reported, Daniel Jay Cameron is the Bluegrass State’s first-ever black attorney general.

Mr. Cameron is an unabashed supporter of President Trump, and for his standing by Trump, John Gizzi reports Cameron faced highly personal attacks from Democrats and the civil rights establishment.

During the summer, civil rights attorney and radio talk show host Dawn Elliott wrote a much-publicized op-ed warning the Republican nominee to “stop eating the ‘coon flakes’ the White House is serving.” Rather than distancing himself from Trump, Cameron wore his support of the president like an Olympic Gold Medal.

“The president is not racist — he is not!” he told Gizzi emphatically. “I assure you of that.”

Cameron added he and Trump agreed on issues such as “the sanctity of life, the need to stop socialism in the U.S., and to stop illegal immigration.”

President Trump enthusiastically endorsed Mr. Cameron, tweeting:

The Republican Party has a new STAR, his name is Daniel Cameron (@djaycameron), and he is running for Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Kentucky….

And contrary to what the establishment media would like you to believe, Cameron’s conservatism and close relationship with President Trump were not the kiss of death at the ballot box.

While making no secret of his conservative views and his support of President Donald Trump, Attorney General-elect Daniel Cameron rolled up 57% of the vote against a household name in Kentucky politics: former state Attorney General and liberal Democrat Grady Stumbo.

However, you won’t see much of anything about Daniel Jay Cameron and his victory or his support for President Trump in the establishment news media. We entered Attorney General-elect Cameron’s name in the Google News search engine and got exactly one hit about the election – John Gizzi’s article.

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Photo “Daniel Jay Cameron and President Trump” by Daniel Jay Cameron.





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One Thought to “Commentary: Trump Fuels Rise of Black Conservatives”

  1. Steve Allen

    Fortunately, intelligence knows no racial boundaries. This is bad news for the Left, who’s goal is to keep people subservient to them through government assistance. President Trump has shown that people don’t want a free handout, they want to work for a living.