Trump Admin Wants to Deny Work Permits to Migrants Who Entered the US Illegally

by Jason Hopkins


The Trump administration is proposing a new rule that, if implemented, would make asylum seekers ineligible for work permits if they entered the U.S. illegally.

United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the federal agency tasked with managing the country’s immigration system, is introducing new employment rules for migrants. Namely, the agency is aiming to bar work permits for asylum applicants who crossed the border illegally, and also applicants who have committed a felony or a number of misdemeanors, including driving under the influence.

The proposal is intended to force asylum seekers, who currently make up the bulk of migrants arriving at the U.S.-Mexico border, to arrive in a legal port of entry instead of crossing the border illegally.

In addition to denying work authorization to illegal aliens and those with serious criminal records, USCIS is proposing to lengthen the time it takes for eligible applicants to secure a work permit. Currently, asylum applicants must wait roughly five months to become qualified and able to apply for a permit. The agency wishes to extend this five-month period to a year.

The chief of USCIS says the reforms are needed to stop asylum seekers from taking advantage of the U.S. immigration system.

“Our immigration system is in crisis. Illegal aliens are gaming our asylum system for economic opportunity, which undermines the integrity of our immigration system and delays relief for legitimate asylum seekers in need of humanitarian protection,” Ken Cuccinelli, the acting director of the agency, said in a statement released Wednesday.

“USCIS must take steps to address pull factors encouraging aliens to illegally enter the United States and exploit our asylum framework. These proposed reforms are designed to restore integrity to the asylum system and lessen the incentive to file an asylum application for the primary purpose of obtaining work authorization” Cuccinelli continued.

There will be a few exceptions to the new rules. Immigrants who reached the border at a legal port of entry, and applicants who are already living in the U.S., will not be affected by the change.

The move is the latest by the Trump administration to manage the illegal immigration crisis at the southern border by eliminating a key incentive. For a long period of time, migrants were able to enter U.S. territory quickly by simply crossing the border illegally, where they would then immediately lodge an asylum claim. They were then able to work, sending remittances back to their families living abroad, while their asylum claims lingered in the backlogged immigration court system.

The Trump administration has been able to mitigate these incentives through a series of programs, such as Remain in Mexico, metering, and adding roadblocks to work authorization.

Earlier this month, the Trump administration proposed charging a fee for asylum applications, and increasing fees for work permits, DACA renewals, and citizenship applications.

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Jason Hopkins is a reporter for the Daily Caller News Foundation. 





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19 Thoughts to “Trump Admin Wants to Deny Work Permits to Migrants Who Entered the US Illegally”

  1. Michael

    The Trump administration is proposing a new rule that, if implemented, would make asylum seekers ineligible for work permits if they entered the U.S. illegally.


  2. Jd

    All ILLEGALS period should be gathered & place on a barge & sent to Asia, to be house pennies on the dollar w/ penaltys of up to 1-3 decades depending if they have a criminal record, this would get the word out in every region including Canada, Germany, & Mexico the seriousness of offences, now company ceos would also receive the same judgment if they hire ILLEGALS including ranchers, w/ allll land being taken, & allll people being evicted….

  3. Barb

    That’s the way it should be if we had sensible, non corrupt lawmakers. Been going on way too long. The “we know it’s happening but (wink, wink) we are going to ignore it” should have been stopped in its tracks.

  4. RN

    No American s/b without a job that wants one and is willing to work hard because a non-citizen has that job.

  5. Susan Dronet

    I agree 💯 with President Trump. Illegals are given too many things, that’s why they are all coming into the USA. Illegals should not get work permits, food stamps, free medical or anything else. Send them home and let them enter the USA legally.

  6. Hermam Jones

    Hell yes become CITIZENS first or stay home! !!

  7. Amy

    I must applaud President Trump , for this action will help discourage illegals if they cannot get jobs in the US…. thank you POTUS Trump, for defending jobs for legal and for Americans…..thanks for doing exactly what we elected you to do ! Clean up the crooked government made up of professional politicians, many greed influenced and not for the people.

  8. Terry Steward

    TRUMP 2020!
    Finally we got a Immigration bill President!
    Everyone needs to vote Red in November 2020!
    God Bless America and God Bless our President!
    He’s doing the job the American People voted him to do! DRAIN THE SWAMP NOW!

    1. Jeri Genevrino


  9. Jeff Martin

    There we go “common sense” talking … I love that & we dont get near enough of that!!! Thanks Trump for all you do… we got your back!!!

  10. James Paulitska

    I agree 100%, but the lawyers will make millions at tax payer expense defending the illegals… ARREST the PEOPLE that hire the illegals and fine the corporations that hire them many millions of $, and freeze their stock so it can’t be bought or sold for 6 months..

  11. Minxmum

    Good. The key phrase here is “entered the US illegally”. Enter legally and you will be welcomed with open arms. We were.

  12. Donna McCleary

    I’m so glad Trump is taking steps regarding illegal aliens. He continues to Make America Great Again with no help from democrats. He deserves respect not abuse. I am sick to death of Pelosi, Schiff and the rest of the criminals in their little party.

    1. Jerry.bates

  13. Elaine

    I agree! It would be less need to enter America illegally

    1. Gerri

      Come here legally or not at all. Too many illegals already here and driving without licenses or insurance and killing Americans! Can’t come and obey laws then don’t bother coming! Too many legal Americans in need of assistance who need to be cared for BEFORE allowing a limited number of immigrants to come legally. Should NOT reward them for entering illegally.

  14. 83ragtop50

    Gosh. Someone actually wants to keep illegals from being blessed with a work permit. Sure hope it happens. Maybe they will go home.

    1. Ramona Davis

      Amen I hope it happens. I’m an American and am looking for a job in Baton Rouge, La. For the first time in my life at 64 I’m having trouble getting a job. Americans should have first chance at jobs.