Rep. Mark Green on Democrat Efforts to Impeach President Trump: ‘I Am Yawning’



U.S. Rep. Mark Green, a physician, has taken a scalpel to this week’s impeachment hearings, and he’s tearing apart the case Democrats’ are making to remove U.S. Republican President Donald Trump from office.

Green is doing so on both mainstream media news outlets and Twitter.

Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives, of course, are investigating whether they have a case to impeach Trump.

Green, a Republican who represents Tennessee’s Seventh Congressional District, was direct while speaking to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer this week.

“If this is their shock and awe then I am yawning. A staffer overheard a phone call in a restaurant,” Green told Blitzer. “It’s absurd that we’re even having that conversation. That would not even be admissible in any kind of court proceeding. It’s just ridiculous. This is the best they’ve got.”

On Twitter, meanwhile, Green blasted Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and U.S. Rep. Adam Schiff, a Democrat who represents California’s 28th Congressional District.

“The@SpeakerPelosi’s and @RepAdamSchiff’s of this world want to control our voices, our power, our freedoms, and our rights. They are framing the President and will continue to undermine the American people at every turn if we let them,” Green said.

In another post, Green said “Democrats have wasted everybody’s time” and that “This is exactly what President @realDonaldTrump was sent to the swamp to fix.”

Green faulted Schiff for calling two witnesses who had neither spoken with Trump nor witnessed him doing anything illegal.  “They relied on hearsay from others,” Green said.

“And they’re trying to impeach over this?”

Green went on to say “there was no crime described by anyone yesterday. Instead, partisan hacks and swamp creatures seemed upset that they don’t make America’s foreign policy decisions. @realDonaldTrump is standing up for the people and the swamp hates him for it!”

Green also warned that “impeaching @POTUS@realDonaldTrump for winning an election is fundamentally unjust and destructive to the very foundations of our Republic. It only shows what a crooked and dishonest system we have here in Washington and why it desperately needs to be fixed!”

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
Photo “Mark Green” by CNN. 





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4 Thoughts to “Rep. Mark Green on Democrat Efforts to Impeach President Trump: ‘I Am Yawning’”

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  3. Robert Roark

    I would advise Congressman Green not to yawn at this impeachment charade. Remember Troy. This impeachment is a trojan horse for the election campaign of 2020. The Dems are tolling up points for their constituents while the Republicans seem to be ho=humming the issue and the whole process. The truth is not the issue; the constant barrage of lies will have an impact because it has the support of the media. If Republicans yawn through this process, they will be unprepared for the assault when it comes. And it will.

  4. 83ragtop50

    I am disgusted with the ploy to oust the President. But at least the Democrats in the House are showing the nation their true colors.