Lyft Scooters Will Leave Nashville’s Streets Next Week


Lyft will remove its scooters from Nashville’s streets next Friday, according to the Nashville Business Journal.

In a statement released Friday, the ride-sharing company thanked the Music City for its partnership and the people who rode their scooters.

“We’re grateful to our scooter riders in Nashville as well as our partners in Metro. We’re shifting resources and will be ending scooter operations on November 22. We look forward to continuing to provide riders with other modes of reliable transportation.”

Lyft is the latest company to pull its scooters from Tennessee’s largest city. In August, Gotcha Mobility removed its scooters after Metro Nashville Council regulated the fleet sizes and operating hours of scooter companies.

Gotcha Mobility’s Public Relations Director Caroline Passe told the Tennessean that the company planned to focus on “exclusive markets.”

“We founded Gotcha on a commitment to partnership and collaboration with universities and cities to help solve fundamental transportation challenges through sustainable mobility options,” she said. “While we aim to offer these solutions in as many places as possible, we can’t do it all. We need to focus our resources on cities where we can make a more effective and lasting impact.”

Nashville lawmakers, in the past, have sought to regulate these scooter companies. Back in June, then-Mayor David Briley wanted to remove all these companies from the city’s streets. His decision for this was to protect the “safety of Nashville residents.” However, the Nashville Metro Council overwhelmingly voted down his idea.

Briley reacted o the death of Brady Gaulke who died in May after being hit by a Nissan Pathfinder when he made an improper turn.

Just recently, Nashville’s Transportation Licensing Commission want scooter companies to hand over tracking data so the city can track people in real-time.

According to Fox 17, Nashville wants to limit the number of scooter companies to three. Currently, there are five operating in the city.

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3 Thoughts to “Lyft Scooters Will Leave Nashville’s Streets Next Week”

  1. not2day

    The sooner they are gone, the safer it will be for pedestrians.

  2. 83ragtop50

    Sure would be great for we pedestrians for all of the scooters to be removed. Tired of dodging them.

    1. Christina thatcher

      Agree,seems dangerous to me to have scooters everywhere.