Michigan University Student Government Votes to Ban the Pledge of Allegiance

by Celine Ryan


Student government leaders at a Michigan university have banned the Pledge of Allegiance from meetings. The student senate, which had previously made time for the Pledge each meeting, deemed the verbiage to be non-inclusive.

Video of the Thursday night meeting shows a weeks-long controversy coming to a close as the student senate discussed the vote on the removal the Pledge from the standard meeting agenda.


“A senator brought it to the attention of the general body about three or four weeks into the semester, ever since then it’s been a pretty continuous conversation,” said GVSU Student Senate VP of Public Relations Ryan Fritz.

Students who backed the initiative claimed that the Pledge of Allegiance is not inclusive to all individuals, and reportedly took issue with the mention of the word “God.”

“It’s important when we’re talking equity and equality and social justice that we are having those kinds of measures taken,” said Student Senator Lansing Sánchez-Castillo, adding that the language in the Pledge “doesn’t sit with this diverse population and fully representing them.

Student Senator and College Republican Dorian Thompson called the decision “very upsetting especially on the week of Veterans Day,” calling it indicative of being at “a sad point in our country where we are having debates on things that we should be talking about what unites us instead of divides us.

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Celine Ryan is the Investigative Reporter for Campus Reform, reporting on liberal bias and abuse on campus for Campus Reform.








Appeared at and reprinted from campusreform.org

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23 Thoughts to “Michigan University Student Government Votes to Ban the Pledge of Allegiance”

  1. Terry Merlo

    For about 5yrs my husband served in the foreign legion of America.before becoming a citizen. Every morning he recited the pledge of allegiance before starting his days work in the chapel. Never once did I ever hear him complain about not feeling included ! In fact it made him feel good .. So good that he chose to become a citizen while serving in the National Guard Army Reserve. Perhaps those children need to go to a country where they are forced to pledge their allegiance to a man or government that gives them nothing and will take everything.

    1. Nina

      Anti-America brats ! Shame on you democrat communists for pushing this hate and disrespect on kids ! Hope we can return to civility and normalcy again under Trump next term!

  2. Sheila Gill

    Dumb Ass, brain washed, wet behind the ears, clueless kids.

  3. Paul mM. CLIVER

    I wonder if they could say the allegiance without (under god) and go on. Would satisfy all or not?

    1. Ok, then they should not accept or be granted Federal funding

      1. Cynthia P

        I totally agree with Jean C

  4. Richard A.

    Of course it’s non-exclusive. For example, it excludes foreign nationals as their allegiance would reasonably be to their own country and they would not be expected to participate in the p,edge. I wonder to whom or to what the student leaders at this Michigan university have allegiance. Are they ignorant of the source of the freedoms they are enjoying in their leadership meeting?

  5. Sam Cole

    Shame on them and the ones that allowed it, afterall these are students. And obviously need more learning especially history.

  6. Joseph j Delano

    Every comment made, I agree with. If they want these ideas, then they should leave. And I also agree, don’t give them federal aid.

  7. Jim Forsythe

    Expel the young jerks! They are too stupid to learn anything from school.

  8. Karen Bracken

    These students are the communists of the future and I cannot wait to see them on the bread lines.

  9. Mark

    Booger eating morons

    1. Mike Bryant


  10. Polly

    These smart Know it alls need to go to some history class to see how they have everything they have and how America was built. Then if they don’t have the courage to stand up to the people that disgrace our country needs to pack up and go to one of the other countries that have the values they are looking for and stop trying to change the country we love and will stand and fight for. America is great because of the constitution, God and the Pledge of Allegiance.The very people that want to change of county came here for a reason ask your self why and see what you come up with. If you don’t like our country the way it is then just leave.

  11. Karen

    Then they should loose all Federal aid!!


    Expel them all. The army is hiring but they are obviously incapable of passing the ASVAB.

  13. JJ

    Disgusting!!!! They should be ashamed of yourselves!!!!!!

  14. Michael C. Fulghum

    The beginning of the End!! When these idiots get all their asking for! they will find they have made a terrible error ! but! the Ship will have sunk and thus their fate is cemented!! None of them have had to fight to ensure their freedom and thus like being born with to much money have no realization of what will happen!!

  15. DeeAnn Ogle

    Stop all government support to the school. Also scholarships, etc.

  16. Ron Welch

    So they oppose “liberty and justice for all”?

    1. Raymond

      Maybe those students should go to another country that doesn’t believe in God at all. They don’t belong here these students are idiots and have no clue what they are doing. If you don’t like it here pack your bags and leave. Education is a waste and nothing dumb people running it

    2. Grady

      What do you expect from communist?
      My son was told by a professor and the other students if they voted for odumbo they would get an xtra 15 points on their next test. My son called me. He then asked what he should do. I gave him the law that prohibits that.The professor, smarted off, I told my son that i was going to call SLED and the election commission. He, my son got the added 15 points.