William Weeden Resigns as Executive Director of the Metro Nashville Community Oversight Board


William Weeden, the executive director of the Metro Nashville Community Oversight Board, has resigned after just seven months on the job.

Weeden cited “extreme stress” and the position “no longer being a good fit” for him as the reasons he resigned. The Chicago-native plans on returning to the Windy City after his final day on December 2.

“Mr. Weeden’s decision to resign and end his service in such an abrupt manner is both startling and disappointing, but it will no way disrupt our process,” stated Board Chair Ashlee Davis. “The indispensable work of the COB and MNCO staff will continue to move forward because the city and communities of Nashville have that expectation and we all remain committed to this work. We have made incredible progress over the last year, and I look forward to continuing this work as we move forward.”

Going forward, Assistant Director Jill Fitcheard will be the executive director of Nashville’s community oversight board until the city finds a replacement.

During his brief time as executive director, Weeden clashed with Nashville police officers. As The Tennessee Star reported last month, these two entities failed to create a memorandum on how they would successfully work together.

Tensions between both sides increased in recent months as independent police policy investigations stalled and record requests were denied, according to Nashville Public Radio.

President of the Nashville Fraternal Order of Police James Smallwood issued a statement to The Star last month about the ongoing clash.

The only thing I can think to add, is that we informed Mr. Weeden and the board, that the FOP intended to wait until the MOU draft was complete to offer our suggestions or thoughts. They failed to mention at that time that there would not be any additional opportunities to have discussions or have questions answered by them.

It is certainly interesting that they are complaining about the police department not attending their meetings when they themselves refuse to meet with the rank-and-file representatives of the police department. It’s a two way street.

I would also note that, as I understand it, Mr. Weeden was reprimanded by unanimous vote at yesterday’s community oversight board meeting.

I keep hearing this phrase “I don’t like the tone” from board members. It’s a professional request for information. There is no tone. It’s almost as if they believe they should not be questioned by anyone.

Last year, Nashville voters passed a referendum that created the Metro Nashville Community Oversight board. The purpose of the board is to “provide an accessible, respectful, independent and effective forum for community participation in the investigation and resolution of complaints of Metropolitan Nashville Police Department misconduct.”

On Tuesday, the Tennessee Star Report reacted to Weeden’s resignation and the current feud between Nashville’s community oversight board and the city’s police officers.

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  2. lb

    Great news! One less SJW–wish the rest of them would flounce back from where they came too!

  3. Pissed Off Nashvillian

    He realized he wasn’t that important.

  4. Chitown Cap

    Awesome news, I’m sure Chicago has room for another Social Justice Warrior, what the heck, the rest should follow!!! What a waste of time and money, money that Nashville doesn’t have to waste, get your house in order a Nashville.

    1. Fireguy

      Exactly. Great news for Chicago that he will be going back to that classic example of how boards and liberal politics don’t work. This board will never work. You can tell from statements from it’s members, that they will never accept truth. Disruption and agitation are something they feed on. Anyone with one bit of walking around sense knows where the root of the problem is. Fireguy

  5. rick

    The Minority Review Board is a useless joke. They are only causing policeman, who already have a difficult enough job, to leave the force.