Commentary: The Bribery Bait-and-Switch, Explained

Rep. Adam Schiff

The president’s enemies remain unable to find any “smoking gun” – any clear, irrefutable and publicly compelling proof of “Treason, Bribery [or] other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.” Ordinary, decent folk in search of actual crimes, having not found any, would have backed off long ago. But our Javert-Democrats are having none of that. Well aware that the public wasn’t buying the product they’re selling, they’ve kept the product – there’s nothing wrong with New Coke! – and changed the marketing.

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Yet Another Tennessee Public Entity Has to Pay Obamacare Penalty Costs

  Rockwood, Tennessee’s public utility officials didn’t file the proper Obamacare forms with the Internal Revenue Service on time, and now the utility must pay the feds more than $25,0000 in penalty costs. This, according to an audit Tennessee Comptrollers released about Rockwood Electric Utility on Monday. REU officials did…

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Ohio’s AG Yost Tells OptumRx ‘We’ll See You in Court’ for Overbilling the State’s Bureau of Workers Compensation Millions

Attorney General Dave Yost announced Monday he amended his lawsuit filed against pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) OptumRx, claiming the PBM excessively charged the Ohio Bureau of Workers Compensation for generic drugs. The overcharge totaled nearly $16 million. It is now “significantly more.”

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