Neil McCabe Connects the Dots of Esper, Spencer, Gallagher, President Trump, and the Deep State Pentagon


In a weekly interview on The Tennessee Star Report Michael Patrick Leahy – broadcast live Tuesday morning on Nashville’s Talk Radio 98.3 and 1510 WLAC weekdays from 5:00 am to 8:00 am – Leahy welcomed One America News Networks own investigative reporter, Neil McCabe to the show to talk about the recent dismissal of Spencer and the ongoing disloyalty of the deep state Pentagon.

During the show, McCabe went into detail about how Eddie Gallagher did not murder anyone but actually tried to save a 15-year-old insurgent’s life. He also noted how Esper and Spencer were actually working against one another as Esper maintained defiance to President Trump’s orders.

He states, ‘Esper fired Spencer not because he was disloyal to the President. Esper fired Spencer because he was disloyal to Esper as Esper was being disloyal to the President.’ Nearing the end of the segment, Leahy and McCabe addressed details about the ‘Anonymous’ author who’s book is hurried for a Christmas delivery in an alleged response to a Democratic impeachment that’s losing air.

Leahy: We are joined now by our very good friend, a One America News Network correspondent in Washington, D.C. Neil McCabe. Neil, good morning.

McCabe: Michael, glad to be with you.

Leahy: Neil, what is the deep state up to these days. My goodness. Every time we turn around there’s a Secretary of the Navy who doesn’t want to follow the President’s orders. And supposedly now…

McCabe: No, no-no. Hold on, it’s more complicated than that. But go ahead.

Leahy: No, elaborate, please.

McCabe: OK.  So, Esper…

Leahy: Esper is the Secretary of Defense.

McCabe: Mark Esper, Secretary of Defense has been undercutting and undermining the President since he got there. And he’s just going along with what the Pentagon has been up to ever since Trump became President of the United States.

Leahy: When Mattis was the Secretary of Defense.

McCabe: Because remember, Esper was Secretary of the Army with Mark Milly. So it wasn’t planned this way necessarily, but basically you took the Army team. So, you had the top officer in Army and the top civilian in the Army, they’re now running the Pentagon. So Esper and the Pentagon brass were gunning for Gallagher.

Leahy: Now Gallagher, to explain to our listeners..

McCabe: Eddie Gallagher.

Leahy: Navy Seal.

McCabe: Eddie Gallagher was charged with murder. He was acquitted of those murder charges.

Leahy: Because he killed a bad guy basically?

McCabe: No! He didn’t kill the guy. In fact, someone else testified that they were the murderer. The Navy gave immunity to one of their witnesses, and the witness says actually ‘I killed him.’ There are videos of Gallagher trying to save the guys life.

Leahy: No kidding! This is why we have you on the program.

McCabe: So going back back, US forces bombed a building that had terrorists in it. One terrorist survived. Like a 15-year-old kid. He climbed out of the building. The Iraqi army, the IA guys, grabbed him and bring him to the compound. They can’t get anything out of him because he’s dying.

The Iraqi soldiers were just going to let him go to his Lord. Gallagher is actually trained as a medic. He then goes to the guy and tries to save his life. He takes extraordinary steps to try to revive him and try to stabilize him.

There is a video of Gallagher administering combat first aid to this insurgent that was withheld by the Navy until the very last days of the trial. And in the end, Gallagher was accused of horrible things but he was acquitted of the murder charges and in fact, the one thing they got him on was that he posed with the corpse of a dead insurgent.

Leahy: But not this 15-year old that died that he was charged of murdering?

McCabe: It’s a little cloudy. It may have been with the 15-year-old. I’m not sure exactly who he posed with.  I’ve never posed with a corpse. But it’s a lot more common than you think. And I think that when you’re walking in the theater of death it’s not the same as the way things are back home.

Leahy: Gotcha.

McCabe: So, having said all that, the Pentagon brass is torqued because they demoted the guy to petty officer first class from a chief petty officer and Trump gave him back his chief petty officer anchors. And so then, they said, alright we’re going to do an administrative board to take away his trident so that it’s illegal for him so when he does retire he cannot identify himself as (Inaudible talk). And so basically Trump then Tweets out Thursday, the Navy’s not going to take away his trident. But Esper and Spencer are like still…

Leahy: Esper, Secretary of Defense. Now the former Secretary of the Navy.

McCabe: Correct. Now the Secretary of the Navy, Spencer was at the Halifax security conference this weekend hanging out without his fancy friends up there. And he starts telling reporters, yeah, we’re going to do it. We’re going to take away this. You know the President sent out a Tweet but a Tweet is not really an order.

There’s all this sort of craziness coming out of Spencer at this conference in Halifax. But publicly he is saying, I agree with whatever Esper wants to do. Esper finds out that behind his back Spencer called the White House and said, listen, if I rig this administrative review so that Gallagher keeps his trident will he retire peacefully and are you cool with that?

Somebody at the White House told him, yeah, no problem. So Esper finds out, this is the point Mike out of all of this. Esper fired Spencer not because he was disloyal to the President. Esper fired Spencer because he was disloyal to Esper as Esper was being disloyal to the President.

Leahy: Wow.

McCabe: And, this whole thing is now case closed from sheer exhaustion.

Leahy: (Laughs) Speaking of sheer exhaustion. That’s so enlightening Neil. This is why we have you on. Nobody knows the inside story of what’s going on with the deep state and the Pentagon like you do. Let me shift gears.

McCabe: Sure.

Leahy: There was a report in the New Republic today about a guy, I’m going to call him Thurston Snodgrass III. (Laughs) Did you see this?

McCabe: Yes. He’s my chief commander. (Chuckles)

Leahy: This guy is supposedly the anonymous guy. He’s a speechwriter for a former Secretary Defense James Mattis. He’s supposedly the anonymous guy writing the critique of the Trump administration. Have you seen that report?

McCabe: Yes. And it’s interesting because you know who Snodgrass’s attorney was or is?

Leahy: No. Who?

McCabe: Mark Zaid.

Leahy: Oh, Mark Zaid is the attorney, oh, Neil.

McCabe: Hello?

Leahy: Neil. My friend.

McCabe: You got it? (Laughs)

Leahy: Yes. Mark Zaid who is the attorney for the whistleblower and who said in January of 2017 the coup has begun and CNN is going to lead and the attorneys are going to lead it. He Tweeted that.

McCabe: Correct ‘o’ mundo. Correct ‘o’ mundo.

Leahy: Wow!

McCabe: Isn’t that funny?

Leahy: What a coinkidink as they say. (Smithson chuckles)

McCabe: What’s interesting about the whole anonymous thing is there’s not a lot of money in being anonymous. (Leahy laughs) At a certain point if you want to start getting speaker fees you’re going to have to, I don’t know if you’re old enough to remember the Larry David Curb Your Enthusiasm,Micheal.

It’s like Larry David and Ted Danson in this episode where they both give money for some wing of some building. Larry David puts his name on it, Ted Danson gives the same amount of money but it says anonymous but he tells everyone it’s him. (Smithson laughs)

So he comes off as a nice guy. (Leahy laughs) I think Snodgrass needed to get it out there because he is sensing that the air is coming out of this balloon for the impeachment and the removal of the President.

Leahy: And if he’s going to make any speaking fee money he needs to make it now.

McCabe: Right.

Leahy: Wow.

McCabe: Right. Because you’ve got to sell that book. Remember, the Beatles would release a new album every Christmas right? It’s good business for books to come out for Christmas. And so (Inaudible talk). Is coming out with a book.

Leahy: What happens to Esper? I mean, does the President know that Esper is you know not necessarily in his corner?

McCabe: Of course.

Leahy: Really?

McCabe: Of Course.

Leahy: So why does he keep him?

McCabe: Because the problem that you run into and this is something we learned from Napolean Bonaparte is that when you are against six different people, they all get together against you. So don’t go to war with six or seven people at the same time.

You sort of pick off your enemies one by one. So, unfortunately, the President has other fish to fry right now so he has to sort of let the deep state run the Pentagon. He’ll wheel around. Like he knows but he’s got other things to fix.

Leahy: Wow, Neil McCabe with One America News Network. That is probably one of the most compelling  12 minutes of radio we’ve had in some time. Thanks for joining us, Neil.

McCabe: Alright, be good.

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