Carol Swain Warns the Political Left’s Bullying of Conservatives Might Make Polls Less Reliable in 2020


Former Nashville mayoral candidate Carol Swain warned this week that people on the political left will undoubtedly cause even more civil unrest during the 2020 presidential election — until and unless they face consequences for their behavior.

“Until there are consequences then they (the political left) have no incentive not to engage in socially undesirable behavior,” Swain told The Tennessee Star this week.

“There are consequences for conservatives (who do that), but there are not any consequences for people that are leftists. On university campuses, the security personnel just turn a blind eye to what is taking place. They allow them to be unruly and to trample everyone else’s rights.”

As reported, Swain is involved with a new organization called Black Voices for Trump, launched earlier this month in Atlanta. Members say they will share stories about U.S. Republican President Donald Trump and his accomplishments.

Matters with the political left are so out of hand that Swain says she is “not bold enough” to put a ‘Trump for President’ sign in her front yard or a similar bumper sticker on her car. She said she fears vandalism if she does.

The Star asked Swain if she thinks Trump supporters who fear retribution might hold back next year when talking to political pollsters — thus influencing poll results against the president’s favor.

“I’m sure some of that goes on. People give what they think is the socially desirable answer and, according to the mainstream media, it is not socially appropriate for people to support Donald Trump because he’s all the names and epithets they level against him. So for some people I think they would be very reluctant to admit to a pollster that they don’t know or even to other people (that they support Trump),” Swain said.

“It is maybe one of those things you keep to yourself unless you are someone like me who has enlisted to work for the re-election for Donald Trump. I realize that when I agree to take positions and work for organizations who work for his reelection that I was putting myself out there for more of what I have received in the past, but I think I have experienced so much harassment and pushback for other things, for just being me and different and being an individualist. I find it very difficult to believe that they could do much more to me unless there was something physical.”

Leading the Black Voices for Trump Board of Advisors as co-chairs are: Herman Cain of Georgia, Lynnette “Diamond” Hardaway of North Carolina, Rochelle “Silk” Richardson of North Carolina and Pastor Darrell Scott of Ohio.

Other key members include Elbert Guillory of Louisiana, Niger Innis of Nevada, and Stacey Dash of Florida.

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