Marsha Blackburn Says FBI Misconduct ‘The Epitome of the Swamp’



U.S. Republican Sen. Marsha Blackburn posed questions to Inspector General Michael Horowitz on his report highlighting FBI misconduct and alleged abuses of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act.

Blackburn did this in her role as a member of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday.

“The perception from the American people from reading your report is that this was intentional. It was deliberate. It was malicious. It was premeditated and well thought out. It was conducted by people who were desperate. In essence, it is the epitome of the swamp. It is murky and muddy,” Blackburn told Horowitz.

“People weren’t getting their way, and this guy who was going to win and then did win didn’t deserve to win. And it does have the appearance of intentionality. Because you would not have this series of unfortunate coincidences. That is not what it is. It is the surveillance state at work. This is what they did. And they took their professional place and those tools that they had at their disposal to go spy on a campaign and on U.S. citizens, which is unbelievable.”

Blackburn went on to say that her constituents in Tennessee “cannot believe the maliciousness of this.”

Blackburn also said she was infuriated that the people involved “still get a taxpayer funded benefits and vacation time, when they take off for Christmas they will be on the taxpayer dime.”

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
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One Thought to “Marsha Blackburn Says FBI Misconduct ‘The Epitome of the Swamp’”

  1. Ron Welch

    ALL the FBI officials, agents AND FISA judges involved in the 17 violations in the FISA abuses should be brought before the Senate Judiciary Committee and questioned under oath.. “The rule of law” and “no one is above the law” must be applied to them!