Michigan Trump Republicans Hold Rally at Rep. Slotkin Community Conversations Event


Supporters of President Trump held a rally at a “community conversation” event held by U.S. Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-8-MI) at Oakland University on Monday. The representative recently published an editorial in the Detroit Free Press voicing her support for the impeachment, as well as a follow up piece defending her decision.

“Trump supporters are fed up with the impeachment process. The do-nothing Democrats need to be reminded by Michigan voters that President Trump is doing a great job,” said Meshawn Maddock, co-founder of Michigan Trump Republicans, in a statement.

Maddock added that Trump won Slotkin’s district by more than seven percentage points in 2017.

“Now, Slotkin appears to listen to Nancy Pelosi more than voters in the 8th District,” Maddock said.

Roughly 360 people attended Slotkin’s community conversation event, including 75 attending with Michigan Trump Republicans.

“It was boisterous and effective,” Maddock wrote in an email to Battleground State News after the event. Attendees with the rally held signs reading “Impeach Slotkin. Keep Trump.”

Members of the crowd jeered at Slotkin when she spoke about why she changed her mind on impeachment, according to Fox News.

Slotkin, who has previously served as a CIA analyst and in the Department of Defense, said that while “presidents regularly wield their power,” Trump’s relationship with Ukraine was different because he acted “for his own political gain,” rather than in the interest of the U.S.

Michigan Trump Republicans pushed back on the idea.

“Slotkin follows the Democrat machine’s ‘marching orders’ and says she will support ‘impeachment’ based on ‘results’ of a secret ‘investigation’ that produced no fact witnesses and no specified ‘crimes’!” said Maddock in a statement. “Elissa Slotkin needs to consider the reality that she won an election when President Trump was not even on the ballot. Slotkin’s lock step with radical and do-nothing Democrats to support the ‘impeachment’ hoax is a poor decision.”

Jordyn Pair is a reporter with Battleground State News and The Michigan Star. Follow her on Twitter at @JordynPair. Email her at [email protected]  









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