Virginia County Refuses to Identity as A Refugee Sanctuary


Officials in Appomattox County, Virginia recently voted to support a resolution saying they refuse to identify as a refugee sanctuary.

This, according to the Lynchburg, Va.-based WSET, which reported the Appomattox County Board of Supervisors voted to support the Appomattox Town Council’s decision “to refuse to become a refugee sanctuary because they don’t have the funds to provide services to refugees.”

President Donald Trump’s executive order – Signed in September – allows county and state governments to say whether or not they will accept refugees in their respective jurisdictions.

Appomattox Town Manager Gary Shanaberger (pictured above) reportedly said the area does not have the infrastructure to handle a large group of people coming in, especially in terms of safety, education, and housing.

Appomattox County Chairman of the Board Samuel Carter, meanwhile, “said the county is economically depressed.”

Residents told WSET that the board’s decision pleased them.

The station also reported that more than 70 Virginia localities voted to become a Second Amendment Sanctuary “sending a message to state lawmakers they want to protect their right to bear arms.”

“Leaders in Appomattox County approved a resolution in November. By becoming a Second Amendment Sanctuary community, the Board of Supervisors says it will oppose, within the limits of the law, any efforts to unconstitutionally restrict gun rights and use legal means to keep it from happening,” the station reported.

“The decision to start declaring localities a ‘Second Amendment Sanctuary’ comes after Virginia Democrats took control of the General Assembly in the latest election. Governor Ralph Northam said he plans to pass stricter gun laws that include universal background checks.”

As The Tennessee Star reported this past weekend, members of the Tennessee Alliance/Tennessee Grassroots Patriots are asking Tennesseans to engage with their local and other elected officials to make sure their areas are not refugee resettlement areas.

They ask that you also contact your local elected officials to make sure they do declare your area a Second Amendment Sanctuary.

Members of the Tennessee Alliance/Tennessee Grassroots Patriots made this request in an email to their members Sunday.

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Chris Butler is an investigative journalist at The Tennessee Star. Follow Chris on Facebook. Email tips to [email protected]
Photos “Gary Shanaberger” and “Appomattox Train Station” by Town of Appomattox.







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One Thought to “Virginia County Refuses to Identity as A Refugee Sanctuary”

  1. Betty

    Hmmm…maybe we in Nashville should follow this example. From all I have heard in the news and from the Mayor, we are, at best, in a dire situation financially. Furthermore, our schools can’t school and our police can’t police what we already have. Our once wonderful downtown is now unsafe and populated by many homeless people that we need to tend to before bringing in more. Perhaps it is time to call a timeout until we take care of the health of of our city. It is not as if we are not and have not been very charitable and welcoming.