Commentary: Algorithms Are Only as Fair as Their Authors

Machine and human intelligences bring different strengths to the table. Researchers like me are working to understand how algorithms can complement human skills while at the same time minimizing the liabilities of relying on machine intelligence. As a machine learning expert, I predict there will soon be a new balance between human and machine intelligence, a shift that humanity hasn’t encountered before.

Such changes often elicit fear of the unknown, and in this case, one of the unknowns is how machines make decisions. This is especially so when it comes to fairness. Can machines be fair in a way that people understand?

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Tennessee Now Has Body Cams on EMS Workers, But There Are Privacy Concerns

  Cheatham County is the first Emergency Medical Service provider in Tennessee to provide its staff with body cameras, but there are privacy concerns as members of the public could potentially view what these cameras record. This, according to, which reported these videos can remain confidential as long as…

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