Letter to the Editor: A Warning from Maine About the Taxpayers’ Role in Refugee Resettlement Programs


Dear Tennessee Star,

I sympathize with Tennessee citizens who oppose Republican Governor Bill Lee’s decision to increase refugee resettlement quotas.

My home state has been ground zero for America’s failed, taxpayer abusive resettlement schemes for decades. Thousands of welfare dependent refugees, migrants, and illegal immigrants have been forced on our overburdened taxpayers in economically deprived cities, and the results have been disastrous. If Tennessee citizens fail to act, you will endure the same fate.

My group launched an initiative entitled “No Resettlement Without Representation.” Essentially, it seeks to empower local citizens with all resettlement matters, removing these vital decisions from unelected immigration bureaucrats and corporate politicians.

First, all resettlement plans shall be presented to local voters of towns that are selected for refugee resettlement. In order for resettlement to occur, two-thirds of local voters must authorize such plans.

Second, all initial and subsequent costs of refugee resettlement shall be covered by private, non-government funds.

Third, all refugees must have financially sustainable sponsors who are a legal American citizens.

Fourth, refugee resettlement shall not be considered a pathway to citizenship.

Tennessee Patriots, take back your state from corporate politicians like Bill Lee who do not have your best interest at heart.


Robert H.
Portland, ME





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5 Thoughts to “Letter to the Editor: A Warning from Maine About the Taxpayers’ Role in Refugee Resettlement Programs”

  1. JUDY Floyd

    I too will not vote for Bill Lee again. The GOP better come up with a true Conservative to run against him. He has confused his role as the chief elected official in the state with his former role as a participant in a refugee program with his church. Very different roles.

    Another aspect of this “refugee resettlement” program is the resettlement of people into Red states from Blue states by the use of federal housing laws. Leftist monied groups approach a developer and show him how to get housing built by the taxpayer, and the leftist walk them through the process of filling the housing with low income/rent subsidized residents and how to walk around the local planning/zoning/codes administration. This is destroying neighborhoods and the neighborhood long time residents have no idea this is being done to and against them. This should scare the absolute hell out of all of us.

  2. scary times

    Why is Donald Trump slogan AMERICA FIRST ? because the last 60 years its been about destroying the middle class for the democrats who are bringing refugees into a country where WEALTH is the name of the game, this WILL only send communities further into moral decay. Do you want to see how quickly Islam will rule the world ? Look at this so called Christian Bill Lee agenda. Bill Lee run on STOPPING immigration, and just look at what he has done, SO FAR !

  3. Sherru

    Unfortunately, I voted for Bill Lee. That mistake will not happen twice. I do not want any resettlement in this state. It is a democratic ploy to destroy red states at the voting booth and financially. Whatever citizen action plan is being organized against this resettlement count me in.

  4. Dal

    Looks like some good points to be incorporated in upcoming legislation.

  5. Concered for our State

    Yes and Amen! Why re-invent the wheel! Its good to learn from others mistakes. If we can’ stop Bill Lee (this Gov. has some really bad counsel bless his heart) Then the above puts guidelines that are reasonable and good.