Bill Hagerty Commentary: Stand With President Trump for the Right to Life

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by Bill Hagerty


As a fourth-generation Tennessean, I am proud of the Christian, conservative values that my parents instilled in my life and that I continue to hold dear. One of those values, that is so important to me, is the right to life. Tennesseans value life; we believe that all people – born or unborn – are valued.

Being a father of four, I understand just how precious life is, but as I look at the direction our country is heading, I am alarmed by how fervently radical liberals are fighting for abortion as a key tenet of their socialist agenda. Now, more than ever, we must stand up for the values that are fundamental to Tennessee. We must remain dedicated to the truth that every life is given by God and should be treated as such.

Our God-given rights to liberty and the pursuit of happiness are meaningless without a right to life. It is the first right, and sadly, it has become increasingly threatened by the radical Democrats in Washington. It’s deeply troubling to hear them argue that abortion is a human right. Abortion is not a human right; it takes a human life.

From the radically liberal House of Representatives to the Democrat presidential debate stage, these Democrats push for abortion at every turn. Ilhan Omar – a member of “The Squad” – advocated for taxpayer-funded abortions for illegal aliens. Socialist Bernie Sanders went as far as to say that an increase in abortions is part of his plan to combat climate change, referring to them as a method of population control. Even worse, the Governor of Virginia supported infanticide during a radio interview last year. This attack against America’s unborn children by the radical left cannot be tolerated.

Fortunately, we have a strong pro-life advocate in the White House. Earlier this week, President Trump declared January 22 National Sanctity of Life Day. President Trump understands that every life has immeasurable worth and potential, and he is leading our fight for the right to life.

While in office, he has appointed 187 constitutionalist judges to the courts who will help guard our constitutional rights, including the rights of the unborn. He is working on the international stage to eliminate the concept of abortion as a human right by leading a coalition of 24 nations.

President Trump is taking a stand to secure the rights of the unborn in our country. Today, he will become the first president to speak at March for Life, the largest annual gathering of pro-life activists. He is fighting for the rights that the radical left seeks to take away, and I will stand with him. I will support him in his pro-life agenda and his judicial nominees, who will respect the rule of law in order to protect the most vulnerable among us.

In our home state of Tennessee, Governor Bill Lee and General Assembly leaders announced one of the most comprehensive, pro-life legislative packages to date. Once again, Tennessee is leading the way when it comes to advocating for the right to life.

Now more than ever is the time to be a voice for the voiceless. It is time for those who believe in the intrinsic value of life to fight back against the threat that is abortion, and Tennesseans are ready. I am grateful to belong to a state with conservative, Christian values, and I carry these Tennessee values with me as I seek to represent you in the U.S. Senate.

– – –

Bill Hagerty served as the United States Ambassador to Japan in President Donald Trump’s administration. He is running for U.S. Senate in Tennessee, with President Trump’s “complete and total” endorsement. You can learn more about him at
Background Photo “March for Life” by James McNellis. CC BY 2.0.






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5 Thoughts to “Bill Hagerty Commentary: Stand With President Trump for the Right to Life”

  1. Robert Roark

    His words are bold and his claims should be persuasive, but, without action to fulfill the words and the claims, they come across as hollow. If life is truly valuable and given by God and guaranteed by the Constitution, where is the demand that taking a life, especially a life in the womb, must be murder and dealt with as such in our criminal codes? Absent such a demand, how can claims of conservative and pro-life be anything but hot air?

  2. Lance Persson

    My motto in politics is “WHAT PEOPLE DO IS MORE IMPORTANT THAT WHAT THEY SAY”. This certainly applies to the candidates that conservatives have to choose from when they elect the next Tennessee senator for a 6 year term. Hagerty’s support in the last Republican Party started with supporting Romney, then to ……. He never supported Trump until AFTER Trump won the primary election. That tells me he is not a conservative at heart, he is a progressive. His endorsement from Trump can only be because he was able to raise significance contributions for Trump during the election. Think carefully before backing Hagerty. His past actions show he is likely to be another wishy washy Alexander.

    1. Lance Persson

      …… left out that …. after supporting Romney, Haggert then became a Jeb Bush delegate and then switched over to Marco Rubio after Jeb Bush withdrew.

  3. Sim

    I think it’s kind of Strange how people can become so focused on one subject,

    they allow that subject to dictate their course of action even if it places everything else in peril.

    They look for one good or bad thing about a candidate to justify voting for/against that candidate,

    but totally ignore the whole doctrine/beliefs of the Candidates.

    Many people voted for Obama just because he was black, is a good example,

    But this “Stupidity” crosses all party lines.

  4. Kevin

    “we believe that all people – born or unborn – are valued”? Valued?

    A pound of chopped liver has “value” too! To me, this sounds exactly like the big corporate mentality which in the 1990’s switched from “Personnel Department”, to “Human Resources Department”, as they shipped factories over to China and Mexico! Human resources which were expendable! Kind of like the old joke about the three-legged cow!

    Hagerty will probably turn out just like Gordon Sondland. Trump should run from any association with him!